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The Handler Of Souls

On February 15, 2010, in Leadership That Lasts, by Neculai Fantanaru

Direct with precision people's emotions, so that they perceive your leadership characteristics at a higher intensity.

There are days that will remain forever imprinted in your memory. I will remember for a long time, very clearly and enjoyably, that beautiful day of my childhood. I was about 13 years old, I was on the summer holiday, and my friends had convinced me to accompany them to an illusionism show which, I tell you with all my sincerity, fascinated me like no other. Let me tell you briefly the most successful representation of the great illusionist.

The magician took off his black cloak and put it down. He called his assistant, a pretty tall, skinny and agile young girl, covered her eyes with a scarf, so that she could not see a thing, and then he asked her to lie down on the specially-prepared table. The magician closed the table in a certain way, making a box out of it. It could be seen only her head, hands and edge of her feet.

Somewhere behind the scene, in the shadows, you could see the silhouette of a man whose dark face was impossible to distinguish. He appeared after a few moments, bringing six very sharp steel swords. The magician took one of the swords and raised it above his head with its top down.

Leadership: Are you confronted with a reality to which you are part of only when the unity between the idea of a glimpse of the experience and the image behind what you communicate about yourself reigns?

As you can easily understand, this act aroused a strong sense of curiosity in us, the audience. Our wish to see the most bizarre situations became true. Very nervous, we were ready for what was about to happen. I realized by looking at the magician, understanding the silence broken by his nervous traits, that something strange was happening in him. Probably, he was very nervous or perhaps that is what he wanted to make us believe.

The magician stood unyielding, triumphant, like an angel of evil, with the sword raised above his head and the box containing his assistant. After a long pause, with force and unyielding determination, he stuck the sword in one of the specially built holes in the box. The tip of his sword seemed to go through the body of the girl and came out on the other side of the box. However, the girl, facing us, smiled, without giving way to the slightest emotion, and waved her hands as if nothing had happened. We, those in the audience, on the contrary, were all trembling.

In a very short time, the other five swords were stuck in the box and, apparently, in the girl's body, without her suffering the slightest wound. Then, the girl was released from the box. We all applauded. It was a spectacular illusionism show. Moreover, when you are not used to seeing such a show, it can create strong emotions in you.

You experience authenticity when you accept a challenge, but it is given by the image you assume in secret, behind what you communicate about yourself.

The key to an illusionist's success lies in the art of making a show, in the power and dexterity of his hands, in the way he builds his illusions and the ability they are staged in. Only if he succeeds in creating a tenseness, emotion and suggestibility atmosphere, people will be able to enjoy the mysteries he creates. The people's interest in watching the show is even greater as the illusions created by him are better performed.

Dominant, trustful, determined to win, having a very good understanding of the human nature and possessing the techniques on which optic, acoustic and psychological illusions are based upon, the illusionists manage to create unforgettable shows, inducing the audience a state of inhibition that affects the perception of reality. Are you half artist, half master?

Making use of their personal charm, taking a curious and playful attitude at the same time, and using methods that only they know in order to deceive people, they surely manage to attract everybody on their side. They always find a way to obtain what they want, creating that electrifying atmosphere of mystery and miracle. In popular terms, they have the cookie that you will not find anywhere and from which people want to eat avidly.

Leadership: Do you take the risk of listening to your instinct and accepting a challenge without limiting yourself to the role of promoter of the enigmas you feel you are made up of?

The one who is truly interested in developing his leadership abilities can learn a lot of things from an illusionist, especially how to draw and keep the people's attention. And that is because the illusionists are the only ones who manage every time to catch the people's interest and emotions, setting at an emotional level a direct and powerful connection with them by visual contact, making them live everything at a higher intensity.

Illusionists completely dominate the situation, the connection with people, precisely directing their attention, perceptions, emotions, thoughts as they wish and where they wish, towards the reality that they create. They are the world's best manipulators, the only ones always able to control and coordinate people by their own will.

In order to reach the maximum level of success in leadership, you must raise your level of efficiency, to meet people's needs, to respond as effectively their desires, making everything necessary in order to get the desired results.

To accept a challenge without limiting yourself to the role of promoter of enigmas is to redefine how you are perceived as the sole content of the highest knowledge, when the real cause of this lies in the precise distinction between "miracle" and "imposture."

Just like a talented illusionist, by perfectly delivering his act, gets in people's minds and incites their interest, more and more - so do you, as a leader, you must communicate your vision to others, put your mark on them, making them understand that you are a very creative thinker, that you think only of their future and the organization's future, imposing your ideas, beliefs, visions and points of view, giving your leadership an electrifying shade, beyond what seems impossible, enjoying them with your "magic".

If people are not efficient, means that you have failed to impose your own model of leadership, it means you failed to capture their attention and make yourself heard, and then you have not been able to target accurately the emotions so that they perceive your leadership characteristics at a higher intensity.

A talented leader resembles in many respects with an illusionist, but he should not be confused with one of them. The profession of an illusionist is trickery, and, as a leader, you cannot lead people on a wrong path, because, if you do so, you will eventually be abandoned.

Leadership is the magic number that conquers not through suspense and well-crafted effects, but with admirable naturalness with which you show your dominance and unrestrained ambition to provide dynamic sensations in an unforgettable atmosphere.

The Handler Of Souls, in the good meaning of the word, is the one who manages to bring people together around him and lead them in the direction chosen by him, always catching their attention, keeping their interest awake for a long time, and they, being aware of their place and role in the great machinery, to work perfectly in order to achieve the intended purpose.

Direct with precision people's emotions, so that they perceive your leadership characteristics at a higher intensity.


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