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The Highest Peaks Of Appreciation In Art

On October 27, 2014, in Human Resources, by Neculai Fantanaru

Come with precise ideas on the work you intend to bring to life in order to find the most expressive form of uniqueness.

Sergei Eisenstein starts shooting with precise ideas on the work to be done with a clear vision. It is his first sound film and he seems to want to apply the products of the whole theoretical meditation in recent years. Although he starts without sound equipment - it should have appeared only in Kharkov – he shoots all the time taking into account the sound solutions of each scene.

He explained his collaborators: "During the montage this episode will be treated the same way as a composer works on a run on the voices. The material we shoot now is just one of those voices. Most will be used for rear projections and transparency, while close-ups will create a second voice in the foreground ... The third and fourth voice (or theme or reason) are the sound - sound and words."

The whole audio-visual construction of the film - and every shooting follows it - is intentionally making a sound film become an expression of specific artistic form and the psychological expression of reality. Likewise, towards finding the most expressive form, the sets are built: sometimes within exaggerated perspective lines, sometimes stylized with metaphorical intentions.*

Leadership: Do you start at achieving an "update setup" with some subjective elements that confer originality to the treatment of reference composition?

The content of the art expands not because of what results from the mixture or combination of several forms of creation, but because of what more original thinking has to offer, relative to an axis of the resultant of forces acting simultaneously: a structure force, a transformation one, continuity force and valuation force. And capitalizing on artistic potential is not just an objectivity-associated form that provides certainties, it is also a form derived from the subjectivity of what "significant" is, from the activation of what can be played in another form and from the acceptance of what we call the imaginary projections.

Total art, designed to combine new contrasts of the forms of expression that admit a linear approach of relations between concepts and notions, under the effect of parallel inspirations intersecting in the stable reference point of creation, require a certain freedom of spirit - supported somehow by searching the absolute. It claims, in particular, a certain independence in the face of a reality that does not hear and speak, but always opens further, against appearances (damaging perception of what "improvement" means) before becoming permanent.

In this case the "update setup" is an accentuation of the trend of associating the innovations, which pushes forward the boundaries of what can be achieved through science, sometimes by exaggerating the perspective of looking at things - between intuitive and logical. This setup defines and shapes your creative work, helping to generate expectations and predictions of items of expressivity by adding a mix of innovations that facilitate the discovery of the rigorously designed laws, correlations and relations between meanings and forms.

The creation that becomes a psychological expression of reality stems from the fact that the separate elements placed in relation amortize the space inherent to the formation of an image that tries to answer the question: "How did it get to this?"

Starting to achieve an "update setup" with some subjective elements that confer originality of treating reference composition actually means trying to express an idea suite adjusting its effects by doing research on how it can be enhanced and exploited at its maximum. In short, it means easily adding extra value to your creation because of the rarity and uniqueness provided by thinking that seeks for itself, which introspects, always formulating new findings and interpretations.

Finding the form of expression of personal identity, through the idea linking productively two distinct worlds of art - vision and interpretation - by deliberately exploring theoretical trends, starts where the intention is manifested not only as a lost connection between thoughts and questions, but as the essence and structure of a work that is required to be investigated before it is shared.

The appreciation owed to you is a plus of respect for what your authentic essence means in exercising the act of creation, even in the absence of defining elements of the final "form" of the work.

The Highest Peaks of Appreciation in Art dominate everything you try to project on others, everything you try to convey through creation, in order to meet the clearly defined and recognized self-imposed performance criteria. Appreciation is a form of respect for what you do based on what you are.

* Note: Ion Barna - Eisenstein, Youth Publishing House, 1966.


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