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The Impenetrable Mystery Of Fate's Ponderings

On April 11, 2014, in Leadership N6-Celsius, by Neculai Fantanaru

Adjust man’s moral and spiritual height with great precision, to cancel his status as a weak player.

It’s only a personal opinion here. But to say everything we think, we believe that Jean Valjean, in the mood he was in when he started to love Cosette, needed this refreshment to not stray from the path of good again. He had the opportunity to see human wickedness and the misery of society in many aspects, fragmented aspects and which, undoubtedly, only showed one part of the truth. Other sorrows overcame him. Disgust and fatigue again laid hold of him.

Who knows whether Jean Valjean was about to lose courage and collapse again? He loved and felt strong again. Alas, not even he was more sure of himself than Cosette ! He offered her his support, and she gave him her strength. Through him, she managed to make her way in life. Through her, he managed to remain a good man. He guided her steps. She brightened his days. Oh, divine and impenetrable mystery of fate’s ponderings ! *

Leadership: What kind of person would you be if you didn’t know the shadow of life, referring to a of differentiating yourself from your old personality model through the effect of a special event due to destiny?

Cold reconstitution of the "lost" world that man faced, of these troubled times that required complicated and painful choices, in terms of uniqueness, but especially of the resistance only the soul can measure, in an unspoken record, but both assumed and accepted, reinforces the present and exalts it. Jean Valjean’s destiny suited the encounter of a so-called villain with the soul of an innocent child, which determined the force of the action to allow things to happen based on a higher reason, that reason of being able to interpret the past through a plus of meaning in a glorious present.

Leadership aims at changing oneself in a framework of rejecting any guilt or tension, motivating that unquenchable thirst to control the reality of a new approach to life. It is a reflection of our moral and spiritual height, maximum or minimum of man, due to separating from the past, to which he can get in the stage of evolution.

Leadership is a central nucleus, made of imperfect matter, which will become energy, coming towards you from other directions. A light energy that makes you open yourself to life after having gone through many trials and experiences. For it is very had to get attached to a mode of "being" to motivate yourself, after your thinking has been altered by a position of inferiority, by the status of the weak "player" that you believed you were on the playing field of life.

What kind of man would you be if you didn’t know the shadow of life, the history of the past? For only because of it can you see things as they are, as a whole, more in depth, more advanced than if you don’t accept your concern for it.

And this shadow, felt through its direct effects that it spreads over the whole horizontal line of life, blowing over your own nature and over your own reality with the strength of a hurricane for which no barriers exist, only consequences, leads to total dependence on another variable, such as attachment to a special person. Which, in turn, generates a superior power, a clearer vision, covered with gentleness and light, which overlaps your initial duties and goals.

Leadership: Can you reform yourself through energy transfer at the level of change of the whole state of mind in a context like “Remind yourself in all those things that weren’t supposed to happen”?

But who can demonstrate his quality and originality of the model of leadership through the opportunity presented to the player to take on an active role in the script of life?

Just when you’re about to lose your courage and crash forever, something or someone puts you on your feet, becoming the master of the form embodied within you, the spark of genius that gives meaning to your new identity. It reforms your relationship with life under other terms, in the immediate vicinity of leadership that truly develops the collaborative spirit.

This means that you have reformed after the negotiation between a partial agreement with life, based on an oppressive past, and one totally connected to the present that you live through a "transfer of energy" towards something or someone, that brings you fulfillment.

Leadership captures that reason of the existence of being able to interpret the past correctly, in the light of the fact that you are able to forget that you were once able to do something beyond your dignity and conscience.

Man has the moral right to reform, to rectify himself, even when his only guilt is due to the fate that prevents happiness from achieving its purpose.

The Impenetrable Mystery Of Fate’s Ponderings reflects that form of knowledge beyond understanding, only with an accumulation of trends, contained in specific cases, produced without the help of reason, but only in a spiritual way, which develops the sense of joy that completes man and his reality.

* Note: Victor Hugo - Les Miserables;


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