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The Indeterminate Character Of The Genius

On May 31, 2014
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Leadership Plus by Neculai Fantanaru

Allow people to define you based not only on your exceptional performance, but rather based on how you channel your "vibrations" into their lives.

Some people were surprised by his appearance: a large, disproportioned head, or his unusually reedy voice. Others were hypnotized from the first meeting with the director. The cinema critic Leon Moussinac describes his first meeting with Sergei Mihailovici Eisenstein, whose personality "ransacked" him completely: "He dominated you physically and intellectually at the same time. Physically, by the mobility of his face and hands, by the power of the bust on which the massive volume of his head was inserted, by the glow of the energy and intelligence emanated by his whole person."

Eisenstein was well aware of his huge value, of his genius, being the same artist who created the strongest work in the history of cinema and whom Picasso’s words would rightly fit: "Impressionists wanted to portray the world as they saw it. It does not appeal to me. I want to portray the world as I perceive it."

Asked on the first impression made on him by Eisenstein, the American film historian Jay Leyda said: "I was afraid. Eisenstein resembled Jupiter, a wrathful god. He was always trying to impress, as if he wanted to test you. Which, of course, upset everyone. But Eisenstein’s attitude was only a mask. If you survived it, everything would go well with him, and despite his very complicated character, he was a wonderful man and teacher." *

Leadership: Can you eliminate the drawbacks of being a role model built on the idea that you don’t have to be perfect?

Is it possible for a man of extremes, both promising and disappointing, to exist? A man providing synchronizing pulses of Ego’s functions with negative valences, which can also be structured and projected on a brighter background?

It is an improved version of the man with high aspirations, as are those who never ask for anything, but know how to get everything, moving whatever happens around them, of the man partly using an automatic driving system, directly influenced by the exceptional features that allow individualizing or establishing his uniqueness.

Such a man understands when something is wrong and does not immediately activate the "emergency brake", but lets other people define him based not only on his exceptional performances, but rather based on how he channels his "vibrations" in their lives.

These vibrations are nothing but a manifestation of the spirit, caused by the load of current beliefs at different times in life, an overcoming of one’s own limits by creating a superior intelligence, nurtured by culture, leaving other people speechless.

Leadership: Are you an innovation or a loophole of the final "version" of the same individual who can be entrusted with being a symbol of the challenger spirit?

In my study of the human dimension, fighting the incompatibility suggested by some people between the different versions of the same individual, penetrating into the deep layers of his being, I pursue the constant formation of his ability resources and his originality in promoting certain concepts regarding the construction of science.

And what do I find on an ever larger scale? That such an artist, who lives the day to day life under the successive discoveries of thoughts assailing him, can only be sympathetic with those continuously contributing to his progress, increasing his science.

Leadership means managing to impress people without testing them or them testing you. That, if you can. This is the mastery to arouse interest, to get close to others, creating a consensus, not conditioning, inviting people to know you even when you are harshly judged, even when you are not on top of the mountain, even when you accompany yourself in the changing process.

The innovation of your final version is an effort to relate to the added value that is felt in the overall look that your reputation gets. And to link yourself to a lapse of your final version means to accept your tendency to limit yourself to the essence of your being: that of remaining an artist who has understood life and captured it in his creations, but who does not turn away from making art out of the way others see him.

Liquid water, placed in an environment with a temperature lower than 0 degrees Celsius solidifies, turning into crystalline form. So a clever man who is placed even in a malevolent and hostile environment manages to gain the advantage of being the ideal recommendation for a strong leadership, creating a certain mood and good-humor only through his competence and performance resources – acting as a lever for creating influence, but also for maintaining the power balance between these two poles: uniqueness and group membership.

The impression you give to others should be directly proportional to the value you attribute to yourself in a context of the type: "I live and guide myself after the qualities I am perfectly aware I possess."

The indeterminate character of the genius highlights the side of your inner life that can keep your mind clear and open, safeguarding it as much as possible against the experience of the inability to understand the surrounding reality. Uniqueness helps you distinguish yourself in a world of diversity, causing you to be a role model for those around you, even if their attitude towards you is like "we will see".

* Note: Ion Barna - Eisenstein , Youth Publishing House, 1966.

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