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The Intangible Treasury Of The Finest Senses

On June 20, 2012, in Top Leadership, by Neculai Fantanaru

Perfect the knowledge of your own ego your own self by contemplating thoughts born of true experiences that only in appearance seem to be the same as yours.

It seemed to be a secret law of my life, terrible by its provisions, but applicable and tacitly accepted by my ego. Each time the road that I was taking led me beyond the long-sought mysteries, old and significant of the soul’s alchemy, opening realms, which spontaneously I had never dared to break them.

A whole world, new, hard to understand in terms of the two types of relationships: direct and indirect, and of the two links: temporal and causal, was born. A world more and more alert, fuller by issuing the finest impulses, by generating very high frequency waves by a totalizing transmitter. That was connecting to the network tangled of perceptions, representations, relationships and reactions, which were manifesting almost simultaneously. I could not remove them, not even stop from their speed. I was trapped in high voltage cables of an inexhaustible source of energy. And irresistible.

It was a world that was not meant to be real, like the one of Par Lagerkvist. In which, I had to experience a little of all, to check what would become and where it might lead. It was a kind of workshop, a field of experience, in which new characters constantly wove threads of a new reality. They gain new rights, new features, and new states of mind that characterized the proper mode of a real person. I came to know myself better. More and more intrigues, backstage games, suspense, tangled threads were clarifying, turning into a long feature script, more or less optimistic. Into a "The neverending story".

Stephen King or Marion Zimmer Bradley would have envied me beyond measure, trying to imagine something beyond their knowledge. Like some simple mortals who try to imagine the Universe.

Leadership: Does the opportunity to explore new areas of information processing that you have at your disposal allow you to distinguish aspects that redefine the value of elements of the type "introspective rationality" in building a new reality?

Just as the Wizard of Oz, with a pair of scissors cut a small square hole in the left of the Tin Man’s chest, placing inside a tiny silk heart, I attached a "distinguishing mark" for each character to which I assigned unique qualities, transcendental, superior, by offering a complex role in the mosaic of changes, interactions, connections with the past, present and future.

With a single effort of imagination, I awoke all the senses that put in motion the installation called "life". With a single touch of magic wand, I gave a new form to their ego, an extra life, and of energy. A bizarre way to create a world. With one condition: to be vigilant.

I was heading into immeasurable, as a man desiring to enjoy his eyes and soul with the most magnificent panoramic views of a city lost and never seen by thousands of years, comes to do almost anything.

Introspective rationality results from exposing one’s own experiences to different experiences of encompassing within acts of creation many special things from several angles. In other words, what you are trying to discover about yourself must be a projection of the imagination that can change the reality you are going to experience.

With the boldness of the most skilled mountain climber, I turned on the great ascension towards a higher dimension - the alchemy of the soul, the purest form of matter transformation from which is constituted the human being, the factory of the most exquisite persuasive preparations, the intangible treasury of the finest senses, the highest peak of the mastery to be yourself.

I wanted to acquire a more detailed knowledge; more nuanced of the human nature, to get a possession of the most hidden resources, by the discernment, even temporarily, of the mechanisms which determine the human individuality. Nevertheless, without letting myself at their will, without plunging too deep into their darkness. I did not want to lose myself so much in them, as to be transformed by them.

However, leadership implies transformation. And the alchemy of the soul, the hardest to get bastion, the most coveted, through which wants to be turned all of the human ego, was the only means by which could be achieved this rapid transformation. Even, it was hardly applicable.

Leadership: Can you cast a look upon your life from a great height so that you decipher the meaning of an evolution determined by the intensity with which you correlate the means of expression of an image that is meant to be framed in an "Open Space" type area?

Leadership, the real engine of performance, not that "commercial activity" of implementing a temporary change just to quickly ensure a certain high position, prioritize the existence of an objective reality regarding the human ego. For everything he invent, all that gives him some expressiveness, a certain authority, is projected and reflected in the representations it makes about life, reported to a palpable reality. However, in a greater or lesser extent also in the ego of those which are led.

What I want to say, in simpler words, is that leadership cultivates a certain kind of values​​, an entire horizon of perspectives, perceptions, representations, relationships and reactions, allowing your own development. The art of self-discovery implies to understand that the opposition between what is profound and what is not, between what you are and what you want to be. And this is discovered, is learned, and is used only with the consent of your own self.

In the act of knowledge, in this kind of backbone that continually supports your leadership, whose extremities are soundly fixed to the personality that defines you, the self most reliable fulfills the reality for which you were programmed to manage and coordinate.

Leadership becomes "cheap" when the self performs an unnecessary function, like a digital camera clogged by many setting, which do not have a purpose. For the self develops its own individuality, acquiring a certain form, on the extent of your personal striving, towards perfection.

Open Space is a distinct process of information processing and use that focuses on expanding perceptions of reality transposed into a work of art called "the soul of the world", from which a new being emerges.

The untouchable treasury of the finest senses is the inner heritage of each of us, which we acquired, earned and increased our whole life, and which can provide a special aura to our leadership.

A performing leadership depends not only of the leader, but also of other people. It depends on the inner heritage of everyone. Discover and rediscover the man and his own self, and at some point you might say: "Ecce Homo".

And so you can easily sort people into three categories: those that help you and develop together with you, the indifferent and inadaptable ones, and those who do not want or cannot change themselves and pull you down.


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