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The Key That Opens All Doors

On January 11, 2010, in Leadership That Lasts, by Neculai Fantanaru

Transmit to people what you have in mind and soul, without reducing the content of truth on which is based the authentic leadership.

The beautiful words that are uttered by someone are like pleasant sounds in the ears of people. They have an unbelievably great value, and often succeed to influence their mind and decisions.

On an improvised stage, the candidate for presidency is fast approaching the microphone in order to keep the last speech. He is fretting his mind, weighs one thought in all manners: how could he revive people's confidence as quickly as possible, of the future voters. In order to impose his authority, for his idealistic message to be understood and taken into account, it is imperative to reach the most sensitive chord of the human soul. A final meeting with them is certainly an opportunity for inspiration. For only in decisive moments, when he had to bring into play all the resources of his being, he becomes more creative and original. Only now, in the last moment, when everyone are all attention on his words, he gets that unique inspiration that warms his heart and motivates him to make a completely and totally exceptional speech.

The truth, sometimes painful, is like a boomerang, and may turn against the one who knows it. Aware of this thing, the candidate for presidency cannot afford to say false things or too "commercial" but things as reliable as accurate and as practicable as possible. Even so naturally without diminishing his personality, and his chances of being elected. His message, in order to electrify the crowd, must be the one of the fulfilled facts.

Leadership: Do you justify your decisions or choices by virtue of a reason that gains its attribute of dominance by validating the "Call to faith"?

Only one thing can save the candidate for presidency from defeat: to provoke in time a trigger on people's thinking. To show them what are the great features that are hidden in him: absolute determination, iron will, undaunted courage, but above all faith. And, suddenly all his forces are gathering in a real vital energy: "I am a God-fearing man."

This statement made in an artistic way, with the voice drowned in tears, with a look into the sky and one in the ground, reaches the hearts of most people, deeply implanted in their souls, being sensitized, moved in a very special manner.

Such a statement, which always has rating, does not force the candidate on anything, and opens to him all doors. Hence, this exculpates him from all sin, he is absolved of any guilt, prompting people to believe that nothing bad is in his soul, that everything he does is for their benefit, and - most important – for the glory of God . Without a doubt, in the minds of most people, the one who lives in fear of God must be necessarily honest, hardworking, ambitious, generous, honest and innocent. It is God, who will guide his steps and will lead him, and so he - the new leader - will achieve the impossible.

Any way of seducing people is, at turning points, lawful and justified. With that lightning genius who bursts into the middle of a danger of death, the leader builds his plan. A plan that should not fail. A plan, by which he would try winning the trust and goodwill of all. And, fortunately, is not so hard to build. Because people trust more in the words of one who claims to live in fear of God, than what is actually hidden and unknown to anyone. That's right, people can be easily won if the driver is enough skilled and calls for faith.

Leadership: What you are transmitting fundaments a „game mind" that rises a whole mountain of prejudice about your characteristics?

The tight connection, existent between the level of experience and the structure of the Rating privileges assembly – for whose accomplishment you can use ideas streaming from your quintessence, from the forms of conscience that your own decision system maintains and strengthens through communication – it appears in its clearest and most poignant way where attention is at its highest, where there is a search for the authenticity effect.

The leadership level grows according to the tendency to mask this authenticity effect in the benefit of personal image, sending people certain information – that is later on transformed into mood.

In a deep analysis of the authenticity’s progression, which places information in emotions and feelings, a few of its fundamental "parts" are well highlighted, illustrating, in the demonstration of an orientation towards leadership, that exact side of morality from the personal value registries – through which the capacities to redefine the perception standards of sent information are distinguished. These fundamental parts represent unexplored areas of you, which intertwine and consolidate each other under the impact of a rich thinking that tends to prove its long-acclaimed superiority.

No matter how the things looked in other circumstances, the leader-followers interdependency itself, by means of the sent information, paradoxically highlights a certain intelligence of the emotions out of which some taste reflections, impulses, values, motivations. These are benchmarks for learning from the leader’s experience and for valorizing a thinking or vision that fundaments the adept’s convictions in time.

Failure or success in leadership appears as being generated by differences between the information you diffuse and the attitude of those who absorb information.

Someone gave an advice on the web: „Think that everything you send, as information, fundaments a „game mind" that rises or collapses a whole mountain of prejudice about your characteristics."

Through speech you activate the "cookies", those suspicions or confirmations fragments – used by individuals to store information about you, managing them in the context of their own consciences, lives and personal interests.

Leadership: In what half of the field you are found out?

Every skilful leader has learned to pretend himself. To be cunning like a fox. To play theater. And to tell again and again what people like to hear, whether it is true or not, whether he believes in what he says or not. The trust is built over time, but can be gained quickly if the leader is creating a good reputation, always invoking the name of God, and appealing to values ​​such as truth, fairness, and honor. Only in this way he can do sensitize people, and can win them by his side.

Just as a football player cannot be penalized for offside when he is found in his own half of the field, so you cannot be penalized by the people if your leadership is found in the area of truth, which they realize and accept it.

On the other hand, if you are caught offside, even if you scored a goal and raised the crowd of joy, all your chances to raise in the leading position will be canceled, and you will be punished with a red card that will remove you permanently from the game called leadership.

Transmit to people what you have in mind and soul, without reducing the content of truth on which is based the authentic leadership.

The key that opens all doors is actually the way, by which a future leader comes to determine people to elect and support him. It is not a key that fits to all the categories of people, but must be constantly "adjusted" according to the educational level and even of the prejudices of the concerned categories.


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