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The Last Confession Of An Assassin

On February 21, 2012, in Leadership Plus, by Neculai Fantanaru

Optimize your emotional personality, by focusing the antennas of your soul towards the inner depths of the other people.

The past was mingled with the future and there was nothing else besides that last moment that the greedy time could not snatch it without leaving a trace - the moment when God gives you from his plenitude of good will one last chance to confess your thoughts and hidden feelings.

The bullet went through Leon, but did not kill him immediately. Stansfield, the corrupt cop, cold-blooded approaches his victim, finally pinned on the ground. The two killers were face to face.

Suddenly, the memories returned alive in the mind of Leon and he saw again the image of Mathilde - more beautiful, more charming from all his memories. For the first time in his life of an assassin, there was something bigger and more ambitious than the crime. It was the sensation of the clean conscience. Love, its thrilling story, opened the secret depths of his being - because once, a judgment of God forced him to fall in love.

Leadership: Is the hard part of the denouement predicted to you by destiny the "paradoxical courage" of giving up on yourself in the use of the meaning you give to life?

The essence of the last words. Stansfield has bowed over the exhausted and the full of blood body of his victim. Then Leon, with his last powers, removed the safety pin from one of the grenades attached to his vest and put it in the hand of his rival. Then he told him in one breath, with all the humility from his heart: "This is for Mathilda ! "

He said these last words as if he wanted to reveal the content of his soul, to wash his sins, as if he wanted to absolve himself of all the crimes committed, by his awful guilt before dissipating from this world.

As if the soul of Mathilda had thrilled into his consciousness and, filled with a pure love to this little being, who had made a place in his life, pushed by the most pious thoughts, by the warmest feelings, to avenge the death of her parents murdered by Stansfield, by making in this way a service for her. This was his only good deed in a lifetime - to kill another criminal out of consideration for his dear being. Through a genuine act of conscience, Evil defeats Evil. BOOM !

Leadership: Did your reality become an unwanted experience, to which only the opposite manifestation of your personality can resist?

If you want to add meaning to your life, first add meaning to the world revealed to you by your attachment to someone or something. For approaching the principles of the art of leadership, you must always remain yourself – deep in the way of thinking, honorable deep down in your soul, which is to love intensely your being, with and all the attributes and qualities of an image of a "The Other" too little taken into account.

The opposite manifestation of your personality, through the forced creation of a parallel reality, is achieved through the permanent pressure exerted on you by the obligation of placing yourself first in someone else’s life, or vice versa, to place someone else first in your life.

If are not glimpsing nowhere in your being those beneficial emotions, which aggregated to give value to your existence, guiding you towards a better way, if you are not animated by the ideal of self-knowledge, then your leadership will lose expressiveness and reliability. In another train of thoughts, you will become blind and insensitive to what is going on within you and around you.

Just as the kidney eliminates substances, which are no longer useful to the human body, thus participating in the detoxification process, so and you, in order to ensure the spiritual foundation of your being, you must obey your leadership to a process of "detoxification" - that is to eliminate those personality traits that harm your Ego.

To thrive when you get to the steep slope of a height does not offer the amplitude of vision, first seek to surpass yourself by returning to those feelings that draw attention to the inability of recovering the memories of a past that stubbornly ceases to pass.

Leadership: Can you manifest your personality in an environment devoid of an echo, without forgetting about everything that is inside of you?

An environment devoid of an echo is a space in which you feel both at home and alienated, without anyone fueling it with life passion in the patience of the present moment. It is a closed space where emotions exist, yet are never brought to light. It symbolizes forgetting yourself in the hands of the will of a Providence that gives meaning to life only when you make out of love the point of reference of the center called "deviation from the ordinary".

Do you remember the poem " Manfred" by George Gordon Byron? The spirits are offering Manfred certain advantages, but the Byronic hero remains at the only thing that he wants, forgetting: "This is all I ask, not to forget all that is in me."

Precisely what did Leon, the hero of the movie "Leon - The Professional (1994)" – has not forgotten all that was best in him in the last moment of his life. Mathilda has contributed to the return of his human feelings, by inducing him the capacity to express those feelings, which had the force of ordering his inner world.

How do you fortify the personality of those around you? Do you manage to make from a person a better human being, by enriching and completing his intense feelings, and humanizing the essence of his nature? Do you have the capacity to express feelings that can induce to others the same or similar feelings?

Do you manage to imprint in people's consciousness, by the means of your leadership, those three pulses of human becoming: the spiritual ideal, the ideal of reason and the ideal of knowledge?

Be everything you can be, no matter the context you find yourself in and in which change takes place, following your strongest feelings.

The last confession of an assassin highlights the element that explains and makes us understand the soul of the one close to us, putting us forward, in a concrete way, the sensitivity and the emotional state that dominates his thoughts and actions, that is his spiritual existence, of which these thoughts and emotions are dependent.

Are you the owner of that extraordinary power of penetration of the individual human ego?

This force is mainly the result of a special consideration for those who do not know their true Ego, for any vibrant feeling and for how this feeling it is externalized.

Accept the equality. Look at the people without prejudices, without hatred, but with the passion of a skillful leader concerned mainly with the human nature, cognitive or behavioral. Optimize your emotional personality, by focusing the antennas of your soul towards the inner depths of the other people.

Conclusion: It is said that the heart knows ways that the mind does not suspects. Understanding people, knowing their innermost secrets of the soul, you can direct them, by speculating those hidden qualities, of which even they are not aware, in favor of achieving the excellence.


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