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The Last Hundred Meters

On January 12, 2009, in Personal Development, by Neculai Fantanaru

Prevent the erosion process of your potential, by creating a positive impact on your actions.

Being the best, to reach the top position is not exactly the easiest thing to do. At the stamina test, the athletes who are always on the first places on the podium are those who are truly determined to win. I mean those who act with more intensity, with more desire and giving everything especially in the last moment, at the end of the race. Just like at the stamina test, high level performers increase the speed exactly on the last hundred meters on their way to excellence.

Before reaching the summit of success, top performers had to confront a lot of obstacles and went through a lot of attempts which have not resulted so well. But for them this was the stamina test, the big training which leads them to success.

Leadership: Can you add value to the role you undertake, constantly claiming that you are someone other than you really are?

Our personal and professional value flows from the depth of our own being. By this, I mean the extent that gain our trust, faith and will when we exercise our competencies. We can prevent the erosion process of our potential (which ensures that differentiating note that we need in order to function effectively) by creating a positive impact on our actions.

The analysis of the map of our being comes to help us, allowing us to find out the weakening of our own powers of resistance and persistence (which give force and brilliance to our potential) and to eliminate those extreme situations, in which we cannot highlight our qualities. Such a map is called the "map of depth" because it fragments every element of personality, eliminating those factors that influence the character in a negative way and impede your most efficient functioning.

Therefore, for a more accurate assessment of those parameters that do not lead to the optimizing of your functioning, it is needed for you to resort to the analysis of a special map, in which are rendered the differences between attitude, character, talent and intelligence. Do you know how to orient yourself on this map? Do you know where to direct your attention and energy so that your performance to grow and to achieve your goals?

To constantly claim to be someone else means to assume an identity that is not sufficient for itself but is rather defined by the relationships with the trophies of the victory gained by identifying a direction of action placed in the middle of the "unexpected".

Just as the flu is caused by a virus, not by low temperatures, so the decrease of your potential it is due to the erosion of your value creation leverage, not necessarily of your poor professional capacity and performance. This lever has an "arch" that pushes you forward, which helps you do some jumps in your own development - only if you define your attitude towards life, towards those qualities that you really need, towards their effectiveness in practice and the compatibility with their own skills.

Count Zeppelin has remained in the history of conquering the air, not so much by the famous discovery – the flying airship – but by imposing a creed that echoes around eternity: "Defeated is only the one who thinks he is !"

Failure exists only for those who give up in the last hundred meters. Like the gypsy at shore, they drown even when they are very close to the goal they have established. As a consequence, everything they did, everything they have been through was in vain. Everything was hard work without meaningless. And I'm not referring to the lazy people and lacking in ambition, but those who work hard and capable of much more, who really had the desire to affirm, but who didn't have the needed "strenght" to reach final, to achieve the intended goals.

The role a leader assumes is like the good star of the discoverers that emerges when you experience the whole unity of life in the very unity of the mission God Himself has set for you.

Winners are noticed on the last hundred meters. Winners go on even when they think no power. Nothing brings them down; nothing makes their rhythm slow no matter how hard the situation would be at a time. They are so stubborn and firm in their decision, to win, to succeed in any circumstances that they are willing to do many efforts. Therefore, in their case, success has nothing to do with destiny, but with a determination to be winners. And winners know that the result of their last efforts is noticed at the end of the course, on the last hundred meters.

Prevent the erosion process of your potential, by creating a positive impact on your actions.


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