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The Last Ray Of Light In The Dark Hell

On March 06, 2011, in Successful Leadership, by Neculai Fantanaru

Come back to yourself, so that you can relate to what others feel about you.

She suddenly realized that she was facing the biggest test of her life and she didn't really know how to cope with it. The people's law, the masked ones from the SWAT troops, grabbed her on the corridor that led to her apartment, where "her foster-parent", Leon, the professional killer, was in. One of the men put his hand to her mouth and asked her in a tone that inspired only fear.

- Is he alone ? Does he expect you ? Is there a code or a way of knocking at the door for him to know it's you?

Mathilda quickly understood what other misfortunes she should await. "Leon will die if I don't help him somehow", she told to herself. This thought threw her into a boundless despair; she oscillated for a second. It was impossible for her not to give heed to the voice that frightened her soul. Therefore, calling for help all her power, all the courage of her heart, showed the man a (fake) code that she allegedly use for Leon to recognize her.

Leadership: Can you accomplish your modeling traits with the contribution of all those items that you complete in the culmination of your existence?

She didn't remain insensitive to his influences. Through her loving gesture of that turning point, Mathilda gave proof of her valuable traits that she had, like humanism, mercy, compassion and loyalty. Without a doubt, she was for Leon that kind of friend that you're sure you'll always find, inspired by the desire to be useful and help you at any time.

If you watched the movie "Leon – The professional", you know that only Mathilda managed to enlighten Leon's soul, being close to him in all difficult moments. And that's because he had the power to make her like him and believe in him; he had the power to bring forth in her the desire to understand him, accept him in her life and conceive affection for him.

To be perfect in your being is to attract in your life the admiration of compromised people that gives you a different alternative to living. And the highlight of your existence is when moral consciousness and sensitivity develops fully, allowing you to assume full responsibility for your actions and for the way you make your willingness to revive the shadowy world that inoculated to you by the fear of being rejected by others known.

Leadership: Do you exercise authority over men by a continuous validation of inner value that they possess in a high degree of strength of enduring a hard life?

The man with leadership qualities has the ability to expand the evolving conception of the possibilities of building a virtuous lifestyle, based on a form of self-transmission to individuals relating to him, he isn’t a bore bringing anything good. And by this, I think a function to represent a new perspective, which attracts new experiences and attitudes, triggered in stages, avoiding any inconvenience of constructing a new direction, is fulfilled also by leadership if the leader’s authority is not undermined.

In this regard, of a new beginning, a new approach wanting to be superior, combining respect for life efficiency with sincerity and affection, it could be argued that leadership serves widening man’s moral, emotional and behavioral "repertoire" – as a factor of becoming.

The leader makes possible the intersection of several alternative forms of future actions, aiming a greater thoroughness of what his authority means and how it is exercised over people, by a continuous validation of their inner value.

Therefore, leadership probably serves the adaptive function in times of accelerated transformation, such as for instance that of impact with a difficult mentality, within whose limits a new vision cannot fit.

It is what I call "a transfer function" of the model of representing world and life, differently dealing the new conception of the relationship between the appearance and disappearance of a new conscience, felt like a blessing, a time invariant.

Leaders with a huge amount of warmth manage to produce these key factors of human experience, providing significant evidence of support with which they can generate a new light on people’s lives. In this regard, we can say that leaders are part of the society’s "guidance system". No wonder they work diligently in this respect, because they are often perceived as sources of light shining amid the world darkness.

Leadership: Do you put emphasis on "who you really are" in a continuous chain link that binds you to an "I" that is perhaps the hardest thing to define?

The criterion by which leadership can be considered good or not is given by the extent to which it expresses in a new and personal form your feelings for others. Regardless of your final goal, you should always emphasize your real self. Come back to yourself so that you can relate to what others feel for you.

Just as the image of a painter is formed by the reaction of his senses towards the model - so the people's perception about you is formed by the reaction of their perceptions towards the plus of humanity you manifest towards them. If you want the reaction of those around you to be a positive one, don't ever overlook the human element in everyday life and the importance of your inner voice, which helps you express your affection for others and cries for you to do the good think, expected by all.

The ability to build and maintain healthy relationships is determinant for the way people will relate to you in difficult moments.

Even if Leon seemed like a man who failed to get along with anyone, his heart widely opened for Mathilda, just as the flower opens its petals in the sun. You can determine the appearance of mutual trust if you interact with people and only if you physically fulfill them.

And especially if your Ego places you where it has the greatest chance of being noticed, enchanting a situation where attitude and emotional state relate to the identification of a pattern of behavior and a vision of the world whose existential values and paradigmatic reality can be recognized as being emblematic, defining and representative.

The last ray of light in the dark hell is the voice in your head you must give heed to in difficult moments. This voice tells you : « Be kind and help ». It's that inner voice that emphasizes all the best in you and illuminates your soul and your life.

Do you obey this voice? Or you find it very hard to believe in it?

The most skillful leaders make much of people's ability to express their emotions and feelings in the most beautiful ways, during the darkest hours.


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