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The Last Status Of A Convict

On April 08, 2012, in Real Leadership, by Neculai Fantanaru

Maximize your potential of relating to the people around you, without breaking the continuous line of your own greatness.

Through the '90s the "Lionheart" made a great impact among the lovers of action movies. In short, Lyon Gaultier deserts from the Foreign Legion and reaches the United States of America. He finds his brother between life and death and his wife without the money needed to heal her husband and to take care of her child. For helping her, he gets involved in illegal fighting, at the urging and under the guidance of Joshua, with which he binds a close friendship.

Towards the end of the movie, Lyon is having as his ultimate adversary, Attila, a tremendous fighter with an impressive stature, who had never been defeated. Lyon, despite all efforts, could not cope with him. Being posted twice to the floor, he looked finally defeated.

All seemed lost, especially since Joshua dispelled any of his hope, by saying to him:

- Lyon, does not worth ! Stay the hell off ! That dude’s gonna kill you ! I made ​​a business, we will share everything as I promised ... Lyon, listen to me, I bet everything on Attila !

And these imposing words, painful, this shocking news - perceived by Lyon more as an offense somehow against his performances - coming from the one who owed his whole trust, loyalty and obedience, have had the opposite effect, by stimulating his internal energy and his physical resources.

A scream came from the bottom of the heart "NOOOO" has triggered in Lyon that anger, the reaction of refusing any restraints. Accumulating in a single moment a hatred, a huge thirst to win, as would be absorbed all the energy and all possible Human Resources, Lyon has raised for the third time from the floor and applies the coup de grace to Attila, followed by other several decisive blows. The great titanium was defeated.

Access to the most painful realities is conditioned by how you perceive defeat on the scale of your own limits, and depending on how you define your victory in a vaguely defined self-image.

If you cannot get close to a complete defeat, you will not be able to figure out its value. Because defeat preaches the proud exchange of one belief with another, giving birth to a completely autonomous mind and feeling, not only removed from God, but even excluding Him.

It may happen that in assessing your own leadership model to orient yourself after some values​​, ideals or principles that may not meet properly your status or of the other people, and thus to omit the "signaling points" which indicates your position towards them.

These signaling points are nothing but a succession of feelings, reactions, decisions, thoughts, experiences - interrelated, which optimizes your process of transformation in its entirety, being more a deterministic process - that conditions your access to the inner realities of other people.

Leadership: Do you demonstrate the opposite of a good by the result of a selfish bet?

The convict waits for his sentence. After the fight against Attila, the two friends Lyon (the winner), and Joshua (who bet against him), meet face to face. And only in this moment of supreme honesty and hard test for both - of inner reconciliation for Joshua, of forgiveness and understanding for Lyon - can the best be seen the proper depth of leadership, like a constant of development and transformation of the human character.

Joshua’s face lost his touch expression and become sad, as if a higher authority would be found him guilty and convicted of high treason. Leaving his eyes with that slowness characteristic to people who hide their dark thoughts, overwhelmed by a speechless remorse, burned like the same guilt that Judah had to himself after he betrayed Christ, plucking up his heart, he said to Lyon, who was watching him with excitement:

- Indeed you have a big heart, Lionheart. Do not lose it, because you will never regain it.

And these last words were pronounced so softly, so shy, that Lyon seemed moved. In the moment when Joshua, overwhelmed with shame, wanted to move away, Lyon, in tears, laid his hand on his shoulder and hugged him as the best friend, absolving him of any guilt. What charges can he really bring? Because Joshua proceeded without faith, but in the spirit of friendship after all; for if he had really lost, his only gain would come from the wrong bet.

Leadership: Do you test the potential of transforming the duty of reviewing attitudes towards others through a statement of guilt, indifference or regret?

The convict was not denied, but forgiven and still accepted as the best friend. Here is the true essence of the man who embraces the leadership, calling for reconciliation, even when the others disappoint him by the lack of loyalty and commitment, who manages to expose their emotional side.

Victor Hugo and Honoré de Balzac, said at one point: "You must go down deeper when it comes to the depth of a wound."

We must understand that people are great only because of their inner value, and not due to the position they may occupy by chance. It is the evidence of true greatness of succeeding to connect to the emotional resources of those who despised your faith and to remedy any inconsistency between your feelings and theirs. The failure or the success in leadership does not depend on extrinsic causes, but to what it is in our being by itself.

Maximize your potential of relating to people around you, without breaking the continuous line of your own greatness.

Being tolerant means looking at things from the psychological perspective of the potential of transforming a conflict situation into a gratitude to the truths of a higher reality that is revealed to you. For example, the fact that you can prove the opposite of a good by the result of an egoistic bet.

The last status of a convicted reveals the position which holds an individual in your leadership and the way he manages to make peace with himself when he reveals the true face and his true values.

In guiding people, you must orient yourself by the way they act, but also by the decisive factors who have contributed to their transformation. Just as a writer transmits his feelings in words, so do you, transmit what you really are by calling for leadership, to the depth of your own feelings - and more precisely to the dose of greatness that points out your evolution.

The leadership can be promoted and optimized only by that category of individuals, who are willing to accept compromises in delicate situations. Namely, by those who stop any kind of pride and resentment, by grouping their forces, experiences, and values ​​around some well-defined principles and approaches, so that they could fit in the dimension of a high-quality leadership.


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