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The Law Of Supremacy

On November 19, 2010, in Leadership Laws, by Neculai Fantanaru

Be the master of your whole little world before being the master of the whole world.

The Count of Monte Cristo, thanks to the wisdom gained from abbot Faria during the thirteen years when he was imprisoned, he managed then not only to build a strong image and a sound name thanks to his skill, but to rise above all, exercising his influence in society, in the economic field, social and especially in the political sphere.

Fervently wanting to reach the main goal - to punish with a vengeance on those who threw him in prison without mercy - he changed many destinies left adrift. Monte Cristo has become a person of influence so great that one of his gestures, one word can change a life.

But eventually, after he managed to "solve" all problems of the soul, only then the Count realized that the world is full of sublime whom he had built with much craft, it was not a perfect world, was by no means a world to express his true values, a world that would not heal his remorse which gave him no peace. He wrote a farewell letter to his good friend, Maximillien:

"Tell the angel who will watch over your life, Maximillien, to pray sometimes for a man who, like Satan, thought a moment equal to God and then recognized that - with all the humility of a Christian - that supreme power and wisdom is only in the hands of almighty God. The prayers of your beloved Valentine maybe will sweeten the remorse's that he bears at the bottom of his soul."

Leadership: Do you concern for your own world before changing other worlds?

Words full of lessons and reflections of the Count of Monte Cristo, where you can feel the impulses, memories, pain made me remember what once said the great English writer Aldous Huxley: "There's only one corner of the universe that you can be sure you can improve, and that is really your own person."

If you detach from your own world, your own "inner rampart" that protects you from negative factors to fight your way through uncharted territories, with the sole purpose of satisfying personal interests based on emotion, you venture to go in the same situation like that of Monte Cristo - to fall into a deep feeling of guilt.

Your way towards the freedom of being better is an attempt to position thinking and ideals in a context of exploring the possibilities of repairing what happened caused by the pride of believing yourself to be God.

To overcome remorse, instead of living with it, is proof of the validity of progress based on a decrease in dependence on affirmation of superiority, on a culture of forgetfulness and forgiveness that highlights a profound spiritual and moral rise.

As a leader, be confident that you will take a personal struggle with what is true and what you want to be in the world's eyes. You will often be in a position to choose: between being a victim - a victim of your own - and being a man of character who knows how to cope with all the emotions, fears and concerns that arises in life, and all the desires that can hurt his heart. Something within you must be so strong that any event cannot mentally break you down.

Can you represent your leadership as a means of determining the future that the very force of the feelings of forgiveness and gratitude reserved for you after communing with God?

A man with a weak mind insists with ferocity only on reaching a goal, supporting with strength and pride his own views, opinions by arguments that cannot be neglected. But because of how he interprets things and situations might be tempted to believe that his world is the only one that exists. And this is a deceptive victory; the negative effects will be seen later.

Leadership: Are you your own biggest enemy?

Muhammad was quite right when he said: "The strongest man is the one who wins the battle with himself." This is a great truth. You can soar to the heights, you can conquer the peaks, but you can crash into the darkest depths if you do not conquer the battle with yourself.

The fortunate to meet happiness will be smaller. Your world will fall apart if you do not gather strength, if you do not arm yourselves with patience, understanding, courage, willpower and, above all with wisdom - against blows that can make life getting lost in your world to another - without them it's like a big surf where pirates freely roam without taking drastic measures to get your defense.

The inclination towards the craft of polishing your character has as its basis the merit of man's victory against vanity when there is a progressive accentuation of dependence on superiority.

The law of supremacy refers to the ability and capacity of the leader to rule over his "world" in its immediate vicinity, including the one by himself - and only after she "works" at full capacity, he can aspire to other peaks. I mean, first of all, the leader needs to be the master of his little world, before being the master of the whole world.

* Note: Alexandre Dumas - The count of Monte Cristo, Youth Publishing House, 1957.


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