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The Law Of Value

On March 03, 2010, in Leadership Laws, by Neculai Fantanaru

The more a player registers more performances, the more his own value and the one of the team he's a part of grows; and the more players a team has, the more its authority grows.

One of my passions was football. During college, I played almost every day with my class mates. We all had the same vision and will to get involved and because we were pretty good, we soon made up a stable team. We met on the playing field of the Faculty of Sport and, hour after hour, often till late afternoon, we played against different teams.

Of all, George Hahui, currently the football coach of a team in the USA, stood out the most; he was the best striker I have ever known. He scored consecutive goals, with his head, his foot, from penalty shots, one better than the other cross passes and goal passes, he made fast and fantastic dribblings, and, thanks to him, the match became a veritable show. He made the running of the team, he ruled the matches, he set the strategies, he was the captain.

In less than a semester, many schoolfellows had heard of him. Sometime, one evening, one of our PE Teachers, seeing him play, asked him if he wanted to enter the academic football championship. He accepted without taking too much thought. When he gave us the good news, he didn't omit pointing out: "We must keep up seriously with our trainings. We had our fun till now, but, as of tomorrow, we're all going to start playing better, giving a taste of our quality."

The one who proudly shows his attraction to what represents a style of transition between present needs and values ​​open to the future will always be willing to demonstrate that he is the best model to follow.

From that moment on, everything changed. The intense training George was supervising was pretty hard and tiresome, but we got into our strides. When the academic championship started, out of the dozens of teams registered, ours wasn't twice-told. But with every match we won, our fame kept growing. We all played to the best of our abilities, everybody admired our dynamic and well-regulated game style. We were definitely the team with the highest chances to win the title before the finals; its value had enormously increased.

Unfortunately, we lost at the penalty shootout. We came out second place. The opposing team was very well organized, with many valuable players as well, but technically we were more endowed than them.

The benchmark of leadership is given by the player who scores the most goals even when he starts out in smaller teams.

Success is not an accident, nor a matter of luck. It's not a miracle or a goal, but a consequence. If we wouldn't have had George on our team, whose talent we all appreciated, if he wouldn't have encouraged and prepared us for victory, we certainly hadn't qualified insomuch as for the quarter finals. George was the key-player, he started the whole thing. He proved more than once his competence on the playing field, he grew in favor of everybody, he soon became famous, which determined the PE Teacher to suggest him to enter his team in the championship.

It was certainly his talent and performances that allowed us to ascend so close to the title. He formed the team, gave us hope and the needed training, supported and inspired us, improved our potential and encouraged us till the last moment, knowing that merely every player's impulse, desire and talent brings up a team's amazing success. We also struggled hard to evolve and to come to the same level as his. And our team, which wasn't twice-told at the start of the championship, ultimately became the most appreciated, with a dominating and well-defined game style, having very valuable players.

Leadership: Can you raise your attitude to what you have to do through a delimitation from the ideal of perfection?

A leader who likes to do his job as well as possible and wants to achieve success at any cost, to gather around him efficient and utterly reasoned people, and then he helps them evolve. He acknowledges the abilities of those he leads, he sets the tempo of the team, and just like a sailor, he looks for the less difficult way in order to reach the final destination.

Past all doubt, a winning team has a leader who sets things in motion. The more gifted the leader, the more the members of his team will be gifted. The more valuable he is, the more so becomes the team. And the more valuable his team is, the more its authority increases.

Perfection in football does not necessarily mean to score the most goals, but to hit the ball with so much power as to break down any negative feeling the team is going through.

Conclusion: Value is hard to achieve when there's no will of improvement and one indulges oneself in mediocrity or even impassivity, when instead of being competitive and "coming to the fore" we indulge ourselves in playing the invisible, remaining unknown, hiding behind others better than us. And especially the value is hard to achieve when there's no one setting things in motion, through his vision shared with others and through his personal example.


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