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The Leadership Score

On May 21, 2010, in Total leadership, by Neculai Fantanaru

Enter the corridor of champions, by adjusting your potential to the optimum value.

Yesterday afternoon, I enjoyed the visit of a family friend, who is a manager at one of the largest consulting companies in Romania. I invited him to play ping pong with me because I heard he was a huge addict of this sport in his youth. Could I try my strength against him in the game-style and tactical schemes?

After we exchanged a few balls, I realized that I was better than him. I said to him with a slight tinge of regret that I did not want to play for scores, lest he felt offended in case he might lose. However, he, with a smile that showed that he was very confident in himself, looking at me with a thoughtful expression and, at the same time, I think, full of admiration, immediately answered me with great joy:

- Nicu, I can't enjoy myself only with exchanging balls with you. I'm only interested in the final score. Since, I was little, I was dominated by the spirit of competition, the desire to throw myself in the battle and fight, and, in order to prove to myself that I am able of so much more, I always played for scores with everybody. Besides, I can't even play well if I don't play for scores; I play with inattention, carelessly, without being urged by anything.

A brief moment of silence followed, a silence which he again interrupted:

- Nicu, I like the results. I want to see results. Regardless of the game, regardless if I lose or win, I want to see results. Even if I lose, eventually this is a result as well, but good to reflect on. I can't ambition myself and do my best if I don't really have anyone to compete with.

Saying this, he wanted me to understand that the final score is very important to him. The final score makes the difference between winners and losers. The final score encourages people to win.

Leadership: Do you try to ensure yourself of a position of inferiority or superiority in relation to yourself, depending on the result of the difference between "acquired value" and "the pressure of trying"?

The area of contention between what is innate and what is acquired, between what you own and why you fight to get more from yourself in situations where you are not confident, involves a touch of distinction, setting a standard that helps you identify, prioritize and manage perception differences of what it means "to be better".

In these conditions, the presence of leadership is felt even more than ever. This explains why leadership is insistently claimed today as necessary presence not only in competitions conducted by professionals, but also outside of them, so "at home", to ensure the desire for personal affirmation and expression.

An unmistakable dimension, related to interpersonal trends, is that position (of inferiority or superiority), with a dominant note of interest for what remains to be discovered: the quality of personal performances.

Sometimes the view that you build and adopt in relation to others around you by eloquence in expressing the value of what you feel for a particular achievement can be qualified as a desperate gesture or act of courage in the conditions in which you must accept and follow certain rules in a game called: "Do not be upset, brother !"

In addition, you need to make an objective analysis of your winning potential by the quality of the free regime performance, from a desire to prove your potential when you contribute to a genuine process of redefining what it means to be good.

That is, given that you have come to some performance in shaping or building a form of power that originates in your need to produce a new type of resource that can change your inner state. The great challenge is not to make sure that you are better than others at any time, but to regain that part of you that deserves to be supported and promoted.

The value you have gained over time in the context of various attempts to overcome certain records, which in fact are attempts to overcome the human condition, recommends you as a better candidate than others to win the winning position. But what will always pull you down like a boulder thrown into the sea is the pressure of trying you exert when you have to adjudicate your victory laurels.

As a leader, the real test you can be subjected to is to see victory as a trivial kind of happiness that you cannot experience, to use it as an old coat put on the hanger, which you would neither throw away nor wear it.

Leaders always play for scores. When you play with someone by score you adjust your potential to the optimal value - the result can raise you, or can descend you in your own eyes. Only then you prove yourself what you can, only then you prove your real respect for your leadership, and only then emerges that real confidence that you have in you. Only then, you make progress.

Do you amplify your potential, or you decrease it to the value of rest? What exactly gives value to your leadership?

It is difficult or even impossible to be a leader, "a seed", if you confine yourself only for exchanging balls with each one. In order to reach the top of the hierarchy, and to maintain there, you must be prepared to play for scores with everybody, but especially with the most tenacious enemies.

People who never get to be "a seed" are those who do not play for scores, and are reluctant to participate in competitions. Thus, they show hesitation and uncertainty, they are definitely not worthy to enter "the corridor of the champions".

A leader must be a tenacious player, iron willed, dominated by that crazy desire to fight in order to obtain the first place. Only the one, whose single aim is to win, will be able to get involved with more dedication to the game, and to rise above others.

Leadership: Do you undertake the consequence of winning based on the "Only results count" clause or based on a screenshot called "Once upon a time"?

Just as the buildings are depreciating, just as the cars become worn, just as systems expire - so your potential decreases if it remains in its current form. Do you improve your potential by improving your skills, or you keep it to the normal limit?

Leaders want to achieve results, that is why they systematically focus on the "game" they play. Is it possible to be a leader without being interested in the results? The answer is NO. Leaders analyze their potential according to the results obtained from them and from those obtained by other "competitors". Those who are not interested in the results are moving away step by step from the "corridor of champions."

Making a winning screenshot called "Once upon a time" so there is no longer any conflict between you and what is happening in your life, or between what you can achieve and what is tormenting you, is similar to asking "How can I live authentically?"

It is like climbing with confidence in something or in keeping with personal values, but without straining the rope around the middle.

And yet it is possible, especially when you present yourself as something you are not. When what ties you to a strong man is an unmerited victory, obtained by mistake or by luck. Or when what fulfills you is not near you. When what rejoiced you before, gives you no emotion. When what has fascinated you for so many years, must take another form.

The most necessary form undertaken by full victory is the life you gain through the experience called "race" or "battle".

The leadership score is closely linked to the stake of the "game" and the stake is nothing but the success achieved before other competitors of the market. There where it is not a stake, there can't be a fight, respectively a competition. "The game" is considered to be finished when one of the competitors has achieved the goal pursued by all others, and the final score shows which is the position of each competitor.

Losing does not always mean a failure. By analyzing and correcting the causes of failure, bringing improvements and innovations, the score can be changed in your favor, and from a beaten to become a winner.


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