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The Maximum Point Of The Human Alienation Of The World (part II)

On February 01, 2013, in Leadership Fusion, by Neculai Fantanaru

Contribute with ideas and suggestions to the symbolic representation of the “New Man”, passing all creative experiences through personal analysis.

A necessity, an experiment? In the previous article I was telling you that Harold J. Morowitz tried to assess in money the value of a man at the price of the biochemical product catalogs. In my turn, I tried to recreate the world and universe, through the promotion of an alternative vision.

The only thing that separates me from this bio-physician, because a comparison is always made between two uncommon minds, between two mental images that guide cultural contacts and determines their content, is that I have always used my pen and ink to figure out a reality, without reference to the value of a reference constant.

How can you evaluate the share of your progress? Through what is defined your vision? Is it through a complaint of the real present? How can you accurately represent "the local color" of your own work? Are you heading towards an unexpected destination, inaccessible to others that aspire for a leadership status? What are you in the bosom of the great course of transition towards perfection, which flows from one infinity to another?

It is so easy to pull the curtains and limit your horizons, someone said. However, the excellence in leadership occurs when you unleash these three constants of yours, vision, imagination, creativity, the core of your transformation, the key of your progress, the true demonstration of the immense influence magnitude that your "doctrine" has over the modern human society.

Leadership: What goes beyond your preferences for a particular style of thinking and how do you relate to the supreme value that could give meaning to your life, so that to keep the most important constant of your performance?

If I wanted to define my vision, I would redirect my attention to what wrote on her blog, the journalist, Raluca Rebedea Zenga, the wife of the famous Italian football player, Walter Zenga. She said the following: "Nothing is more enjoyable than to mix colors on a palette, to see the pigment migrating in spectacular fusions, perfectly mirroring the image that I had in mind."

The lack of art’s performance is partly due to the impossibility of "mixing colors" into a single creation, on a single surface, in order to obtain a uniform composition.

In fact, what characterizes an artistic style of great value is the style of thinking you usually use to explain and express reality: power, reason, interest, quality. And behind the preferences for this style are the creative experiences passed through personal analysis, through the symbolic representation of the "New Man" or by altering the end of some actions through a metaphor or hyperbole.

The supreme value a scientist can give to the meaning of his life lies in the boldness in which he expresses the word "tolerance" in rendering any horizon advancing on the path of progress, without condemning the virtue of making a symbiosis between imagination and innovation.

His creative experiences, embodied in blueprints or patterns of thought used to perceive, understand, and interpret reality, retain the most important constant of his performance: the ability to see farther than others and to verify the truth of the premise upon which his demonstrations of vision are based.

Leadership: Can you define your vision through a breakthrough that would appear unitarily at first glance in terms of its context of interpretation, so that your reason rises above the common perception of the world?

Be like the one of the great innovative spirits: keep yourself in the ruler platoon of the performers. Let your mentality be crossed by that active power, exponentially growing: opening towards new. Do not subordinate yourself to a conventional system of thinking with thin branches, dense et inégale. In leadership, what matters is the vision you make from dreams, not the one that is shaped by the development of scientific theories, just for the sake of proving you have the IQ of a genius.

Adapt your leadership’s "menu" to suit those aspirations and preferences much wider, less classical, and closer to the future. Continually add new ingredients to your vision, a little pepper, or to your taste, a little cinnamon, make it spicier or sweeter. Shed a new light over the foundations and principles, with which you sow your leadership through discoveries that would appear at first sight unitary in terms of the context of interpreting the vision.

Such an interpretation of vision can be formulated as follows: "Stay faithful to the image that you have of yourself in a future to which you belong by affinity to the requirements of an autonomous thinking."

Your reason can rise above the common perception of the world if it dares to be a different pattern of awakening to a reality that is taken into account by the sensitive intuition in favor of the imaginary who, in increasing intensity, gradually gets the outline of a successful lesson on the impossible (under the protection of an immortal story).

The maximum point of the human alienation from the world symbolizes the most important step towards future, the symbol of your professional progress, which can resize your own limitations. A small part of an alchemy, of which well-kept secrets emerge after you get used to the "new and unknown". It is the compensation that you need towards the feeling of "abandonment" of a unanimously accepted reality.


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