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The Mirror Of Nature

On April 03, 2018
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Leadership sX-Experience by Neculai Fantanaru

Expand your options for understanding life as a first-rate teaching on how you manifest yourself as a part of nature in the midst of society.

Perhaps nothing is more tiring than waking up every summer morning at six o'clock to sprinkle the flowers and trees in the garden. Perhaps nothing is more tiring than staying up late in the evening, tending the soil and weeding it. And last but not least, maybe nothing is more tiring than the thought that tomorrow you have to start all over again.

The idea that work is tiring never occurs in the mind of the gardener, who loves this occupation so much that he would sometimes be willing to work for free. The passion he puts into everything he does ensures his perfection in work. He takes so much care of his garden that he gets to know each flower and no corner of the earth is unknown to him. Yes, that’s right, a gardener must know very well the perimeter of the land he has to take care of.

However, being a gardener is not an easy task. Because the care of a garden requires first of all attention, you must be animated by a certain feeling, by a certain attitude, you must feel that plants are part of your life. You have to know how to plant them, how to water them, how to change their soil.

Each plant requires special care, some need more water, others need more light, some should be sprayed on the leaves daily if the atmosphere is not humid and others should be sprayed with certain insecticides to control pests - to protect and grow them. Moreover, you need to know when and how to cut and graft them if you want to get new, more aesthetic and resistant varieties.

Leadership: Can your appreciation of a small part of nature subsequently determine the degree of adherence to an ideal living environment extended to a transformation of the level of consciousness?

You can contribute to expanding people’s horizons and finding the inner flame that gives energy, leading to their transformation as efficiently as possible, only if you are animated by a certain feeling, a certain attitude, only if you feel that they are part of your life and if you strive to intervene in their development. As a leader you must serve as a change of consciousness, by manifesting your own values, ideals, feelings and activities, by increasing your contribution to the functioning of their whole being.

Do you see in people that part of nature which manifests its autonomy through you in the very bosom of nature? Are you and they part of nature, which is made up of vectors of different forces cooperating with each other, including your feelings and thoughts? Can you perceive yourself as a part of nature that emerged only because of the balance in a stable environment that sustains life?

Reaching a higher level of consciousness from a new philosophy of nature that illustrates your interdependence with the biological matrix of life, with everything around you, actually means expanding your awareness of the area called “oasis of relaxation” that helps you calibrate your feelings as a result of favorable occupations on your mood.

Consciousness comes from the soul of nature that gives you life, being called by the ancient sages as “esoteric work on the self”. Can your consciousness expand into a spiritual reality by accepting the teachings drawn from the management of nature?

Great truth spoke the one who said: “Consciousness is undoubtedly one of the best parts of being human. We do not exist only as living organisms: we know that we exist, we think about it, and we enjoy life.”

That small part of nature that can later determine the degree of adherence to an ideal framework of extended life, as a kind of oasis of peace and inspiration, represented by a recreational activity, must be a necessary lesson for your soul. It must be a first-rate teaching on how you manifest yourself and how others see you in line with the fundamental attitude of the one who practices the discipline of mind, knowledge, work, wisdom.

Leadership: Can you envisage a philosophy of nature that will paint your entire activity as an extraordinary manifestation of the inner reality, for the reasons of the manifestation of a spiritual principle?

The relationship with yourself is very well mirrored by the way you relate to the philosophical study of nature. You can imprint an educational discipline of the profession behind which is guessed the concern for value, authenticity and, above all, an exemplary consistency, when you come to adopt a philosophy such as: “the first requirement in leadership is not intellect or vigor, but the patience with which you take care of nature.”

Let us remember that for Hegel nature was the other side of the spirit, for Goethe nature was an instance of correcting self-confident thinking. And the Kantian identification of nature and art imposes, however, the preeminence of the beauty of nature over the artistic beauty. (Voia Vasile – The temptation of the limit and the limit of temptation).

With the same passion with which a gardener takes care of plants, and sometimes with the same effort and patience, a manager must take care of the staff in his company. He must select people according to well-established criteria, guide and instruct them in order to develop and improve them. A series of measures, investments, care and special attention – meant to ensure an abundant “harvest”, a renewal of relations, the establishment of a clear, safe, reference direction, leading to the affirmation of a unitary conception in the end.

This conception must be based on the definition of a spiritual principle, such as: “if you want to have peace of mind, then you must learn to be one with nature” or “the patience you have with other people is an extension of time spent in the midst of nature” .

Is the bright part of your nature conditioned by the fruitful fulfillment of the effort made in the process of caring for your personal garden throughout time?

The Mirror Of Nature is what we call a witness or the conscious presence of an inner comfort springing from the serenity with which man accepts his life, good or bad, just as the garden accepts all the tools of the gardener as benchmarks in assessing the quality with which it was endowed natively with God and which he knows how to value.

Expand your options for understanding life, rediscovering the pleasure of being in the bosom of nature.

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