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The Mirror Of The Soul

On June 05, 2021
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Leadership Z3-Extended by Neculai Fantanaru

Turn your gaze towards the inside of your being, to the point where you are trying to face a world you have to conquer.

Thanks to the science of writing, from which I extracted the essence of a new spirituality, since all that differentiates science from religion is that science seeks answers to all the mysteries of the world, I understood how feelings live and how they act in the presence of a Creator who made all that can be seen and all that cannot be seen. This is also a quality of the writer, to decide on a thing, based on a deep knowledge of the issue in question, especially when feelings are involved in “textual engineering”, intertwine with matter and form a unitary whole.

This point of view can also be embraced by a chess player who imagines a game of chess, first as a spectator, then as a player. Like the writer, a chess player can pass as a “compliment receiver”, but his mind is focused only on achieving results and self-improvement, which can give him the value of being unique or different, even after the “queens” were exchanged.

Well, in a moment of lucidity I came to the following finding: you need to introduce more avant-garde science into your work so that you can think differently. To arm oneself with that science of life, without which writing or chess could not be transposed into a Creation, into a self-analysis, into a new self-consciousness, and at the same time to see yourself accompanied by a sacred feeling, born from the area of growth and education of your intelligence. This is what it means to be a writer !

And if in the game of chess, the king can only move one square after leaving the initial position, well, in the great puzzle of writing, the writer never leaves his initial position, remaining flanked by mental stimulation from the space of fantasy (which can only be saved through culture).

Leadership: Is there a debate regarding your creation about the meanings of reality that the concept of “content dimensions” serves, in the sense of a precondition in the process of individuation?

This was followed by the second part of the foray into another, truly “explosive” universe, which once discovered gave me additional satisfactions, surprises, and intellectual favors. Over time, I learned the science of writing as well as when I played a game of chess: I learned to express my views through the extremely varied ways of moving the pieces, specific to a technical process of orientation in space.

From the perspective of the science of writing, this presupposes above all a total reconsideration of the possibilities of receiving a mental self-image that could engage each sense and all the senses together, especially the visual one, in order to perceive the inner, invisible springs of this masterpiece called: “brief foray into a universe doubled in black and white.”

Chess, like music or painting, is unique in the facets of multiple intelligence that I consider a condition of intelligence, a final cause in how to draw attention to the ambivalence of writing and produce the connection with the universe. Even better, moving the focus to the essence of a deeply figurative work is considered passive, but full of pitfalls: it does not put any pressure on the color of a harmonious emotion, but on your spirit, so that your thoughts travel wide and long.

Indeed, writing is the destination of my creation. It can be transformed into a truly memorable experience, into an instrument of probing the ego, into the field of confrontation between the most varied feelings, being an initiatory test of knowledge in a moment of “enlightenment”. As you take on the experience of a reality outside the self, but similar to the self, you are like a pawn which, as it progresses, creates a weakness: you become more sincere, but more and more critical of yourself.

Leadership: Does the importance you attach to your creation result from a comparison of the concept of Self with the evolution of the concept of “remind yourself in the case of an out-of-region move”?

And so, carefully, with small steps and measured in number, I entered the space of my reflection, in her intimacy, in her philosophy, in her majesty, only to finally find, with one last rebellion against the reality that directs my soul, that in fact I do not exist as an isolated individual, but belong to an experience of the same type, although in completely different mental frames.

Therefore, I require a different number of perspectives on my whole being in order to opt for a unity of a static nature, inherent in an idealistic image. Is it not so? After all, I think like an artist whose art consists precisely in hiding information that would hurt others’ feelings, thus presenting everything in the light of an image that gives him security and fulfillment.

The promotion of the pawn comes with a lethal chess. So, be careful how you display your own feelings in words !

After all, I felt the first trap of chess right in the opening of the game: I can win an important central pawn, but that means letting the king be discovered. Basically, multiple threats. What a serious mistake ! And I still have the courage to write about it. Why? Because writing says a lot about my mistakes, how to admit my guilt. To not blame anyone else !

Exactly. In writing, you have to behave like a chess player: think about your movements in advance, be able to control someone’s feelings, but at the same time be as cold as a machine – especially when it comes to positioning feelings at different points in the protection zone. Therefore, the evolution of the concept of “remind yourself in the case of an out-of-region move” is based on that look turned to the inside of the being, at the point where you try to face a world you have to conquer.

The concept of “content dimensions” is a flexible solution to locate content on several dimensions.

For example, the content of your creation could be located not only in a single version of reality captured by a writer, but it could have a content element that changes depending on the position of your being in the guise of “an intellect that fights itself”.

Chess is always the result of a confrontation with yourself. So is writing.

Writing Is The Mirror Of The Soul because every word you put on paper is usually the expression of what is going on inside you at a time when you feel the need for a change perceived through discreet subjectivity and objective lyricism.

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