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The Northernmost Point Of Solidarity

On March 13, 2009
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Leadership Y4-Titanium by Neculai Fantanaru

Win the devotion of the people, by aligning your values to their expectations.

I often thought of this story that one of the teachers from University has told it at one of his courses:

A great business man dies and arrives at the gates of heaven. An unexpected hope has invaded him. He yearned for the good and the beautiful.

He is met by St. Peter, who asks him:

- How you made your fortune?

Suddenly, all his hopes were crushed, unexpectedly passing from calm to anger. For, he must tell the truth, and to have the courage to face with dignity the final decision on which depended his happiness or his unhappiness.

- Well, said the man then, with a voice that would have softened even the hardened hearts, I took a small part from other people, then I invested in real estate...

- How did you get them? asked St. Peter.

- Well, you see, I "borrowed" from them ... for a longer period of time.

- And you gave your money back with interest? was the final question of St. Peter.

Leadership: Can you rely on the resemblance between what you model by your intentions and the story you imagine to hide your intentions so that you do not burden yourself with assumptions that violate the presumption of innocence?

We base our success on our own assumptions, we trust in our beliefs, even if they do not meet the values and expectations of others. Is it acceptable that the road that we cross in order to achieve our chosen goals, to bypass (or to detach) of all those who contributed directly or indirectly to our success? Finally, all sins are punished in one form or another.

The world is not infinite, and it does not end to you, but to others, to all those that have provided all their means to help you succeed. This is the message for the story above. In our becoming as leaders, we should focus our thinking and actions around a common core to which converge with the beliefs and values of the others: solidarity, freedom and justice.

We need to adopt that thinking, that attitude and those decisions based on the desire for revenge against others because in our subconscious will always remain the seed of truth that we cannot ever hide: we could not manage by oneself.

Leadership: Can you express an inner clarification that strengthens the ego in opposition to the outside world, without suffering because of the premonitory feeling of detecting an unassuming guilt and being challenged by an inability to introspect?

A character from a famous work of the writer Boleslaw Prus made the following remark: "Witless would be the one who would consider that I do not know all the weights placed on the balance scales." It is true enough ! In order to calm your ego, you must experience the fact that yes, you can bear the consequences, without suffering because of a desire you haven’t taken responsibility of. You do not have to suffer because of the premonitory feeling of detecting a guilt you’ve not taken upon yourself and being challenged by an inability to introspect.

Our success in leadership is like a balance. The rewards that we get are counterbalanced by those that we offer to others. We ought to give the interest to those that are entitled who have paved the way for our performance.

Just like at the Canon digital cameras, the "Zoom Framing Assist " function helps users to follow distant or moving subjects when using the extended zoom – in the same way, a leadership based on solidarity helps you follow your moral behavior that you have it when you use your skills and abilities in order to achieve recognition and respect of others around you.

The principles that guide your leadership are just as an unexplored territory. First, you need to investigate the path that you run towards people’s hearts, and then try to launch your career. Moreover, in your attempt to reach a higher position, always think at the "interest" that you will have to reimburse it. You will manage to win people's devotion only if you align your values to their expectations.

To express an inner clarification that consolidates the ego in opposition to the outer world, in fact, means to make a confession: “everything I manage to achieve must not be removed by the obligation to give explanations.”

The Northernmost Point Of Solidarity is the reference point by which it is measured your ability to relate to others. Take time, and try to look critically at the activities that you take, proving that you have character and a mentality based on solidarity, otherwise you will not mean anything to those around you.

Conclusion: Only one was Atlas, who could carry by oneself the Earth on his shoulders. In reality, we need to know to make us collaborators, followers and supporters, not to start by ourselves on the hard road towards performance. And, once we found them, and they accompanied us helping us achieve our goal, we should not forget to be grateful to them, and to know also to repay the obligation to them.

When choosing the right path and reliable companions, the probability to achieve our goal is very high. Furthermore, if we know to reward trust and loyalty to those who helped us, it means that we won and true friends to whom we can rely on anytime.

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