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The Number One Tool Of Leadership

On August 22, 2019
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Leadership XS-Analytics by Neculai Fantanaru

Learn to take upon yourself the moments when the other is not aligned with one's self, and to metamorphose them into life experiences that begin with the intensity of the emotion you transmit to someone in a circumstance beyond their will.

I found a story yesterday on the website It’s about a scientist from Phoenix, Arizona, who wanted to test a theory. He needed a volunteer who had nothing to lose. He eventually found him, a death row convict in St. John’s Penitentiary from Louis, Missouri.

The scientist proposed to the convict the following: to participate in a scientific experiment that consisted of performing a small sting, in order for his blood to flow slowly to the last drop. He explained to the volunteer that he had minimal chances of survival, but his death would be without suffering or pain anyway; he wouldn’t even notice.

The convicted man agreed, because dying this way was better than dying in the electric chair. They put him on a stretcher and tied his body so that he could not move. Then they made a small cut on his wrist and put a small aluminum jar under his hand.

The cut was superficial, only to the first layers of skin, but it was enough for him to believe that his veins had actually been cut. Under the bed, a bottle of serum was placed with a small valve that regulated the passage of the liquid, in the form of drops in the jar under his hand. The convict could hear the drip and count every drop of what he thought was his blood.

The scientist, without the convict seeing him, closed the valve so that the drip gradually decreased, with the intention that he would believe that his blood ran out.

As the minutes passed, his face lost more and more of its color. His heart rate increased and made him lose air in his lungs. When despair reached its peak, the scientist closed the valve completely and then the convict suffered a heart attack and died.

The scientist has managed to show that the human mind strictly observes everything it perceives and what the individual accepts, either positively or negatively, acting on our entire mental and physical part. At the same time, this story leaves us with a very interesting lesson. The scientist gave man a chance at life, but apparently condemned, the man lost it.

Leadership: Does the intensity of the feelings that your authority generates have a strong impact on all forms of manifestation of people who are not afraid to experience a new thrill in order to get rid of any pain?

The number one tool of leadership is your transposition into the feelings of others, as a means of exposing an image that opens the horizons, but without creating an unreal world. This does not mean limiting your scientific activity to the unbearable feelings of others, denying them the small “reliefs” of the moment. But in order to find yourself in people’s feelings, to feel their feelings in your soul, to guide their feelings in the direction you want, you have to present them with an image that does not abolish reality, but widens and deepens it beyond its imaginary incarnations.

In fact, leadership aims at human interaction with an image induced in consciousness and soul, having a special importance in intellectual stimulation and in broadening one’s horizon. The greatest impact is achieved by the leader, or the scientist who manages to capture all the details of a sensational life story to give the man a complete picture of an exceptional character. And the most sensational life story is the confrontation of man with the self.

It must go to the point of maximum tension where it is hardly possible for man to live his life, where the pure reflection of the free spirit is found, free to illuminate the beginning, and to give back to man all the feelings he can experience when in the presence of an exceptional man.

What should reassure people (and guide them in their feelings) is to expand the possibility of life on an emotional level, improvising a metamorphosis between the human body and the environment. Be a director, learn to improvise a metamorphosis between the social events that take place over time and the potential for maximum action of people, so as to help harmonize their feelings with what happens in the environment.

What I am saying now with such confidence, you yourself will be able to turn into reality with the authority of your own experience. There are others who seek in a life experience precisely the things that seem impossible to them in their feelings by saying “it is done, I have unmasked you”, while others seek the challenge before the expiry of life duration.

Leadership is the test you are subjected to when you yourself subject other people to the same intermediate test that betrays your weakness: “the need to believe in something to the end.”

The Number One Tool Of Leadership is the experience of trying to speed up manifestation at a time when someone considers themselves lost, but which should not have a boomerang effect on the conscience that tells you that you have not done well. It is better to give man an opportunity to reflect on the past than to subject him to a scientific experiment that puts his nerves and emotions to the test.

Be able to transpose yourself into the feelings of those around you before you yourself are the sinking ship.

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