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The Particularities Of Science

On July 27, 2016
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You cannot give value to your own reaction to reality, without proving the infinite value of your resistance in the face of its unknowns.

The epidemic is spreading rapidly, more and more individuals are stuck in a sort of partial death, a state of unification with the most aggressive of evils, as malignant as a subtle cancer to which you are unaware you’ve been infected of until you transform into an undead being. The virus continues to remain just as ciphered, unstoppable, an evil among all things that are done under the sun , whose unusual effect becomes so pressing that no one could hide it or deny it.

Only a wandering soul gazes with serene eyes towards the place where he knows he will never go to – in hell, because he himself is the antidote to this plague that transforms any being into a ferocious animal. Only Garry Lane, an investigator, a brave soul of this guilt ridden fate, only this scholar that in the bottom of his heart believes in the great sovereignty of knowledge, has the right to find key challenges in formulating the unknowns of a world diseased by an unprecedented factor.

But before engaging into battle all of his powers of reason, of the most efficient of attention and analysis, he has to choose between two major decisions: the adamant decision to live on for a medical purpose "to find the cure", or to forever live diseased, damned, equal to an "undead being created through the reanimation of a human corpse".

In the reality of a fallen world, only the chemist that manifests himself through The Particularities of knowledge, through the prism of a diagnostic algorithm based on the complex analysis of the profile of those dodged by the virus, and also by revealing the formula of a complex organic structure, determined from a blood sample taken from his own organism seeded with a reaction catalyst, has he any chance of survival and leadership. *

Leadership: Do you make sure the imagine you’re opening over the challenges in your life has a high value, using the "On" or "Off" function in the field of experience to be above your own nature?

He who walks the sinuous path of the battle between two capital decisions, under their alleged contradictory existence, owes responsibility both to himself and to the world, without making one’s self vulnerable. Such an individual subjects himself to the process of rational thinking, analysis and insight, which make him see things and situations differently, helping him find a balance in that which entails identifying the elements that determine a certain attitude and a particular certainty.

Providing personal power in an optimal response form to psychological effects and identity divergences, by adjusting the mirror of reality (where a certain comparison to the secondary elements of the investigated cause appears) is one of the variants of ascension to leadership. Psychology is a part of identity that says: "Worship not a reality from which vision and your influence over it have been omitted."

The center frame in which you are captured in the middle of things, sets you into one of the two majors decisions: the relentless determination to live on for a purpose, or to forever live as a victim. The leader does not recognize himself for the purpose he has set in the midst of devastating events, but in the maturity and creativity with which he makes the major decisions: to embark on the foreground of a life that, using all of its world, transcends all its legalities.

To be above your own nature means to make from the perspective of living at the limit of some unique, real and intense experiences, the awareness of a new dignity and confidence of deliberate and thorough propagation towards the ideals of a happier future. Let us consider what is the nature of the being situated at the limit of unforeseen perspectives, so that we can discover in any experience lived to the maximum the potential of a new consciousness, willing to evolve, in this way increasing our confidence and dignity towards the real values of life.

The experience of being above your own nature belongs to the higher being by the fact that the events to which the progress of your prediction science relates are experienced at the level of feeling and consciousness.

However, the center frame also reveals a winning of your essential by experimenting a state of compatibility or incompatibility with the uncertain present, and brings forth a phenomenon often ignored by practitioners of leadership: you cannot give a certain value to your own reaction concerning reality, without showing the infinite value of your resistance in the face of its unknowns.

The image you open over the challenges in your life can have a high value by using the "On" function when you express yourself with confidence by The Particularities of knowledge that can improve the response given by decision factors. Probably, the challenges of life are the image of an openness to the future that can bring out the high truth of science, as if “what you discover is only a small part of the gigantic mountain that you have to move out of the way.”

Or, that very same image can have a high value by using the "Off" function when you’re not able to anticipate its base effect, or when its effect doesn’t bring into contact all of your capacities: first of all, the reasoning of serving yourself with the conditions of development and replicability of the general effect, in order to lead yourself towards a different trajectory of your course of life.

Leadership means assuming the conclusions of negative life experiences from the perspective of intense, authentic living, of a superior being who knows how to turn science into a balanced, calm, rational attitude in any situation.

The Particularities Of Science are coherently expressive only in relation to the whole of impulses, feelings, desires and ideas, often found in discordance, in the face of an unavoidable reality.

* Note: World War Z

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