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The Pen And The Brush In The Sphere Of The Sanctifying Creation

On October 29, 2020
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Leadership Y4-Titanium by Neculai Fantanaru

Art gave me the chance to play a game called Immortality. I gave art a chance to balance the weight of the game by adding the divine mode.

The pen with which I write my life brought to my attention the purity of immaterial things transformed into immortal works of art, being himself a learned and profound philosopher who looks at the world by the slight rotation of the brush in the rainbow of more and more bold colors. Nor could I have been easily convinced of the existence of immaterial things if the pen itself had not been a way of seeing beyond appearances and perceiving reality beyond illusion.

Likewise, from a writing of living that belongs entirely to the moment of great interpretive force, the artist is inspired by light and intrinsic pictorial values which, with the help of the brush, ensure the value of beauty that is really imposed by itself and for itself. By a firm will to win the sky, by trying to explain the rainbow as a natural phenomenon of nature, the brush is led on the same path as writing, in the timeless direction of the heart of all ages, receiving that life of creation beyond sight, in the future of an illusion about the world.

I myself managed to order the brush to do what the pen had promised before: to get rid of the material appearance, in order to obtain an expression or a metaphor of purity. According to the understanding power of an artist, which is above all understanding, it is most correct for the brush to use the glory and beauty of beautiful writing, so that its enlivening may be a blessing of pure spirits.

The purer the pen and the brush will be in expressing emotions beyond the present bearable, the more I will see reality with different eyes than I see it now. The pen will produce similar influences on the brush when a charming corner of nature urges me to different reports of the concomitant order, so that both are contemplated as a representation of the divine. And I think that’s why I’m immortal, because my pen, acting as a brush full of inspiration, manages to bring to life a reality beyond visible appearances, and at the same time manages to reproduce an image from another world, a colorful enchantment, full of symbols.

My spiritual eye will finally open.

Leadership: Is your power to remain in the present relationship with the sublime act of Creation a way to penetrate the depths of a reality that cultivates more space in the visual field than in the field of a common theme?

According to the face and the resemblance of the brush, the pen also works, in the sanctification of an expression that goes beyond the formalism of the patterns, the inertia of the patterns, determining astrologically an effect of light reflection beyond forms, beyond thought and stars. When both are in conjunction with the luminous or illuminated planets, the sun or the moon, even as far as the so-called “government of the universe”, the pen and brush can gain a certain brilliance by mirroring a tangible reality that marks three-dimensional minds.

By this I mean that an artist is not a true artist until he embraces writing as a brushstroke, from the evolution of the universal movement. And both, touching very well the subject of Creation faced with the beauty of an imaginary world, integrated in the juvenile reality, manage to embrace “Divine Grace” at the point where the “Eyes of Horus” open the window of life of an ageless age to a new state of defining living through transfiguration, transformation and resurrection.

According to this aspect, light absorption is achieved by using pale colors, but also by invoking the existence of a cursive, neat and orderly writing that conveys emotion, memory, molding and shaping the interior of a sphere of symbols and meanings resulting from a fund of vitality and positive energy. Yes, that’s right, I am immortal in that my Creation extends to the amazing and varied things God has done within me, thanks to a brush that always contains other certainties about reality, disguised as works of art.

Both the pen and the brush give me wings and the power to strive for perfection, to remain in the present relationship with the sublime act of Creation, as a kind of code to penetrate further into the depths of a reality that cultivates more space in the visual field than in the field of a common theme such as “emotion as benefit”.

Rather, what is seen in my writing, and what mirrors the brush in its delicate shape and appearance, falls under the theme “Nothing changes until you change.”

Leadership: Can you live the experience of a part of yourself, experiencing the fulfillment of the destiny of an entire creation that has its point of support in understanding an abstract image?

We can mention here about the existence of a rose, drawn in the likeness of a woman with a work of art, being admired and shaped in the words of a painting that expresses the essence of the human soul caught in disturbing life situations. I am immortal in the fact that I gave life to a rose, thanks to the pen that mobilized to understand and soften the brush that is the object of a mind-boggling Creation, meant to express the free spirit of the “Creator of Worlds” who knew how to imagine them, to draw them and design them physically.

Well, even the pen has a weakness for painting, because the brush can prove to be above writing, being largely visual, that is, complemented cerebrally with previous images of a self detached from matter. Or being immortal in expression through metaphors and symbols, becoming vulnerable only to the celestial powers, the pen is articulated according to the inner tendencies of the artist to express his depth by embracing the brush that has become an alternative symbol of the Renaissance.

I realize that it is not enough to be an artist of writing to embrace painting, but I must also be the subjective reflection of the objective world in the brain of a star, similar to the Sun, which reshapes by color rays the raw image of nature. And I believe that this is the destiny of my creation that I must fulfill by meeting writing with painting: the opportunity to facilitate the understanding of an abstract image that is equivalent to the discovery of an identity between essence and existence, between appearance and reality.

Leadership, in the first phase of the Great Work, is the act of communicating through an artistic message an intellectual attitude that persists on a spiritual level, allowing the artist to identify with the Creator of Eternal Worlds.

The Pen And The Brush In The Sphere Of The Sanctifying Creation are the divine instruments used by an artist whose spiritual force can only be known through the prism of the fact that it shelters the feelings of a sensitive conscience.

Above all, a sanctifying creation attributes to the artist a large part of the scope of the concept of “all in one”, especially if we consider the pen as a recording of the movements of the brush on the easel, and if we consider the brush as performing the magic of conversion handwriting in complex symbols of faith.

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