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The Perfect Handler Of Metaphors

On August 23, 2014, in Leadership V8, by Neculai Fantanaru

Self-evaluate your experience regularly, practicing the meticulosity required for the realization of your vision.

When the removal of the factory director in a stroller was being filmed, Serghei Eisenstein wanted to use a metaphor, likening the director with a toad. The director asked for the toad, filming was stopped. Everyone went on a desperate expedition to the pond in search for a toad.

A props member had to enter, in that cold October day, waist-deep in water. Everything proved useless though, because Eisenstein refused all the toads that were brought to him. He found them to be too small, or didn’t like the way they looked. Toad after toad was being brought, but the refusal was categorical: "It won’t work ! It’s small ! Catch another one !"

Someone went to the zoo, but not even there could they find something suitable. Eventually the toad was found. But too late, it was dark and the toad had to be discarded. Everyone began to get mad, but Eisenstein remained implacable. What interested him was the realization of his idea, not the difficulties arising in its path.

These events evoke the meticulous attention to the smallest details necessary for the director’s vision. *

Leadership: Does your creation discover its meaning and veracity through a vision that promotes the model of "open science" attributed to the impetus of experiencing a vision that includes the fruitfulness of the meaningful contexts of "pure visuality"?

The reasons for the development of professional experience, in support of the process of identifying new creative practices, meaning the possibility of demanding more from yourself and others, are easily understood. At high levels of well-contoured message management, in terms of using an exceptional visuality, the dominating power of science is stimulated especially by using the patterns of recognizing new "rarities" by capitalizing the "background" of existing scarce resources.

Regarding adherence to art, the rarities are the "metaphor" ingredients or any other form of expressing ideas, which give startup power to innovation projects, made available by those circumstances that attract a noticeable increase in the degree of promoting valuing perspectives of creation. And leadership can be attained by the practical realization of an exceptional montage, of the prototype type, including ideas, concepts and principles underlying the creation fueled by vision.

The pure visuality of an external reality is achieved by the distribution of living elements that become integrated into a more profound, deep, emotional, fascinating or thrilling artistic image, stupor or melancholy. In other words, pure visuality is characterized by the objectivity of telling an event that has happened for a long time, but explained by your own experience and vision of life.

Leadership: Can you capture the reality that is configured using symbolic systems correlated with a vision that cannot be discarded by emotions and inhibitions?

Science, as a platform of furthering the process of creation resulting solely from an enlightened mind, depends exclusively on the new elements in the structure of the filler material and the ways of interacting with environmental factors, which must be gradually introduced in an advanced version of assessing experience and individual performance.

You can say that you are on track to achieve performance in leadership when the new elements are validated by a wide range of perspectives to the process of establishing a masterpiece, a viable and exemplary model of art.

Symbolic systems, correlated with a vision that cannot be discarded by emotions and inhibitions, include those background elements that can animate the setting of real events. And in leadership, elements such as the “scabby toad” can offer a broad insight into character traits such as: boldness and prudence, confidence and doubt, etc.

The "open science" model includes practices and research, initiated and maintained by those who are worthy of being followed by the care they show to any form of organization, promotion, materialization of innovative impetuous creation. The creation of these promoters – genuine artisans – is based and enhances its value on numerous attempts and explorations, which are meant to materialize our vision of the model of "open science". Thus, the attempts contributed efficiently to the implementation of the vision, in an understandable form, full of meaning, which will be adopted by the majority.

Shaping a vision is the result of the curiosity to know and relate those events in your life that assume the purpose of the “passage of time” mechanism.

The Perfect Handler Of Metaphors is the leader who possesses the extraordinary ability of extracting the essence of what he creates with the help of vision. He finds the factors that truly motivates people to contribute to strengthening his efforts. What interests such a leader is the realization of his ideas, not the difficulties that arise in their way.

A powerful and ambitious leader self-evaluates his methods and means of implementing his vision, which must be embraced and adopted by the majority of his supporters. It is a difficult path in which the essential role is held by the explorations and systematic attempts that must be convincing and come to the aid of an "open science" type model.

* Note: Ion Barna - Eisenstein, Youth Publishing House, 1966.


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