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The Phantasm Of A World, Out Of Which Yours Is Only A Remnant

On May 02, 2012, in Top Leadership, by Neculai Fantanaru

Steadily maintain your noble character, by opposing yourself to any tendency of violating the limits imposed by the emotional and moral filter of the other people.

The main character in the movie "Lionheart (1990)" Lyon Gaultier deserts from the Foreign Legion and reaches the United States of America. He finds his brother between life and death, and his wife without the money for healing her husband and taking care of her child. To help her, he gets involved in illegal fighting, at the urging and under the guidance of Joshua, with which he binds a close friendship.

And Joshua was Cynthia's subordinate - "le joueur professionnel" - who kept things under control. Or at least this she wanted. She was one of those cold-blooded creatures that you were glad to have closer only when it comes to money. Extremely attractive, with the charm and the fascination of a princess, but deceitful as a snake. Being incapable of sincere feelings, of familiar wishes, she was the carrier only of her dominant heredity, faulty, certainly not noble. She does not love anybody besides her.

For such a being, attracted like a magnet only by fame, seduced only by the glitter of the money, of the luxury’s life spectacularity, she that would go over everything and everyone to find the fulfillment of her changeable desires - you cannot invite her to a romantic dinner without risk, that for one reason or another, suddenly, something will not suit her, and to burst into angry fits, and you would wake up suddenly put on "disable".

Leadership: Does the challenge of accentuating the importance of the facts that you reproach from life requires that they move to the forefront of a detachment of the perceptions of some dominant centers of interest?

At one point, Lyon makes a visit to Cynthia. She was alone, lying in bed, provocative, dressed in the most summary underwear, quiet, dreamy, as she would be immersed into a perfect world. Seeing Lyon, all her being was seized by enthusiasm; she seemed enlivened by the thought that finally, a strong man like him, a so good match, could appease her cravings.

- I will do it, says Lyon. I will continue to fight for you. But I must open an account. Do not ask me why. This is my condition. And I must leave this place. I cannot live in a luxury hotel. I must live like a fighter. This place is too comfortable for me.

And suddenly the face of the women, that previously was so sweet and gentle, was visibly changing. Her jailor’s heart increased the beats like in the rhythm of a cuckoo clock. Her so fascinating world seemed collapsed, turning into hell. Who does he think he is? How dare the miserable tell me that he leaves, without giving me what I want, without satisfying my cravings? Wounded in her own pride, the rich woman, and so influential, was never able to find kindness, any sign of understanding. She activated her fervor, depth, consideration, tact, and now she lost them, or rather abandoned them.

Modifying the attitude that defines you is the condition for determining a high percentage of doubt attributed to a lasting character that depends on the probability of achieving random events.

Armed with all the possible concentration, was sweeping with her eyes the man near her, the vile, wicked, wretched, for now Lyon was not anymore her biggest "desire", but only a cheater, a convict, a sinner. And therefore, she tries to see things as they are, with the most perfect cold blood, that is no longer attributing them a preponderant positive connotation. Some shocks causes, visible or not irreversible upheavals. Her cold anger, repulsive, which would freeze anyone, showed its teeth:

- Are you sure you leave because you have not found another woman ... something more comfortable on the street? Do not answer ! That's my business ! Mine ! (then hits the glass into the TV.) I'm sick of you ! Out ! "Get the fuck out ! " From now on our relationship will be only professional as it should have been from the start !

Leadership: What is the nature of your personality in the context of a wealth that keeps you mentally or emotionally trapped around an image used as a link between what you can offer and what you are asked for?

Without a doubt Cynthia would have had a positive influence upon Lyon, because she was a beautiful woman. But her "flaw "character, her inability to empathize, to feel, to be receptive to his potential, to his emotions, on his true character – has caught only his contempt. Finally, she has lost her money, and Lyon.

A leader like Cynthia, who always regards the garments inside out, that is blinded by any sense, handcuffed by the lust of money, must be left to consume herself some time, to spend time alone. Must be left to reflect, as a wise man, better to the essence of her character. To treat, just as a doctor treats the disease, her addiction of always being in focus; to better understand the possibility to be someone else - until the menacing flame of her thoughts, feelings and her reprehensible beliefs will be extinguished.

Only by damming those negative reactions, impulsive, unstable, that are not making place to any form of increasing the positive influence, you could dominate more time the spirit of the people, keeping alive their intention of relating to you and accepting your imperfections.

Leadership: Do you use your baggage of inborn or acquired traits to cancel out the negative effects that you can consciously bear by committing yourself to a quality that does not honor you?

The philosopher Arthur Schopenhauer said: "A good character, measured and gentle can be satisfied in strained circumstances; while the envious and the malicious one will not be satisfied, not even in the middle of all wealth."

What will be the nature of a leader’s future personality is certainly very difficult to say, for it depends on the size of his image, by the understanding of his mission, by the way he judges people, by the way he relates to the new realities, by the way he educates his own self, and by the way he manages his own reactions.

I cannot say too much about the evolution of a leader, about the transformation of his character, especially without observing him. However, I would predict, for example, that no judgment, no influence, no way of combining the elements of leadership that could increase the chance to him in achieving greatness, could not perfect the ability to establish genuine relationships and connections with the other people.

Just as a sculptor shapes his work and pours it in bronze, you have to shape your character to get the maximum results in the sphere of relations and cooperation. You will not be able to communicate deeply with people and to fit into their world if your ego does not find a strong enough echo in the hearts of others.

The lower quality, which does not honor you, is perpetuated between the confrontation with deterministic events and the apparition of the "saw teeth" effect (the more you use your authority, the more likely you are to blunt your skill of mastering your impulses and reactions).

This quality can be INFLUENCE itself !

The phantasm of a world, out of which yours is just a remnant, aims your own personality, and the way you look at the world after you were denied by the other people, after you were sent to the ground because of your own errors of feeling and judgment. You can get only a remnant from a world where other people give you, or not the acceptance to be at their head - a remnant of yourself, in a world isolated by your own Ego.

Steadily maintain your noble character, by opposing yourself to any tendency of violating the limits imposed by the emotional and moral filter of the other people.


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