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The Phenomenology Of Art

On February 12, 2015, in Leadership Plus, by Neculai Fantanaru

Enrich your leadership with new meanings of expression, communication and new models of reasoning, finding those angles of approach that are compatible with different levels of power and control.

I had to struggle to defeat myself, to the limit of thoughts and ideas scattered every day in shriveled phrases, by going through the two circuits of potential significance: Q1 positive and Q2 negative. Two circuits connected in parallel by a filament arc within the brain, at the boundary between accuracy and tolerated error, neighboring the virtual world’s anticipation flow. They each sent to each other – like a mirage in the desert – unreal imagery, curious contrasts that removed the idea of ​​any evolution or permanence.

Perpetually, these circuits alternated by an electrifying inspiration stream produced a magnetic inductance that cuts the high frequencies of background ideas, flattening them through a distribution of loads that possess high vibrational energy. Without stopping, the ideas poured through the open door of the subconscious with the speed of an arrow sent in the direction of a three-dimensional grid connected to a space crammed between the visible and the invisible, fed by the power of interrogative lucidity.

Obviously. The trajectory of my art intersected with science. In the end, I seemed to be enclosed in a horizon of fiction commanded by the intensity of often incoherent thoughts that characterized my style and performance from the angle of second order thinking of philosophical reflexivity – organ of the great crystallized body, the most expensive pearl of the sphere of creation. I was whimpering in a strange room, the space of a changing immensity, driven by the visionary spirit of the physicist who rationalizes his theories and remains in the perimeter of tangible and concrete evidence.

The great physicist Isaak Pomeranchuk was concerned with the theory of phenomena that could reveal the deepest properties of the physical world. I am concerned about the application of the method of making science by using fecund meanings and metaphors. With their help, the thinker artist managed to deepen bright splits into the ideal world of abstract composition – in a realistic manner. And vice versa.

Leadership: Is your work’s importance determined by the extent to which it exceeds an outside receptivity?

Russian physicist Arkady Migdal said: "Both in figurative art and non-figurative art, the importance of a work is determined by the extent that it exceeds the limits of an external receptivity, of the depth of the parts it’s made out of."

The dimension of the art you set up, analyzed from the point of view of the elements of meaning attributed to new variants of what you know or perceive, must be so inspirational that it gives depth, authenticity and intensity to the meanings you communicate – either by word of mouth, in writing or by personal example.

Receptivity is about what you cultivate in people’s minds and the feedback you receive, but it is distinguished by the power of the lucidity to delineate the appearance from the essence, the concrete abstract. The understanding of new notions and concepts does not occur immediately because the capacity of people is limited, but it cultivates the predilection for the individual, manifested in science, revealing itself as a source of novelty – creation experiences and representations of different worlds.

In many ways, we can represent in the field of leadership new meanings of expression, communication and new models of reasoning – through what we experience, but especially through what is revealed to us through study, creation and vision. The methods of approaching the science and knowledge that we create will continue to act and develop into more important approaches – as a bridge to new evolution perspectives.

Outer Receptivity aims at other people’s trait of being aware of what is happening in the perimeter of your authenticity reflected in the imagining of new expressions of evolution. This expressions, in their turn, allegorically capture those realities manifested in the sphere of knowledge, ideal and emotional, with which you feel life and the world in an unrecognizable hypostasis of feeling.

For example, we can communicate what is maintained in the tangible perimeter, conclusions drawn from the research. But we can equally promote unrealistic imagery, hypotheses, curious contrasts that remove the idea of ​​any evolution or permanence. It depends on what we want to express and the power that we get this way.

No matter what we try to inspire to those around, ideas or perspectives within communication schemes that make information one of the essential foundations of development as long as they open new points of interest and new horizons means we have power.

The power to penetrate an area that hosts the vision of going out of the ordinary, embracing that artistic form that triggers exploratory curiosity without accepting or rejecting abstract reasoning.

Leadership: Can you exploit an infinite number of lives amidst a fleeting world?

"To exploit an infinite number of lives amidst a fleeting world" is a metaphor that highlights the connection that is formed between the foundation of a value judgment and explanation of a phenomenon of depth dealt with in an innovative way, but from subjective and objective standpoints. A sort of blending of abstract compositions translated in a realistic manner, with the intention of opening the way to the philosophy of science and the new possibilities of updating the creative potential.

Great art – the effort of the mind to obtain an unlimited number of thoughts transformed into elements of originality – is complemented by new hypotheses and special considerations on the perception of this philosophy.

Through the idea of ​​abstract reasoning, using a succession of elements with different meanings, independent of direct experience, you manage to some extent to give expression to a new content of ideas and concepts. It is important that their presentation allows for further processing.

The Great Work or "The art that broadens the horizon of knowledge" consists of what you are trying to reveal from the image of your personality so that the reality you resonate with is ideal in a context of the type: any reflection is accepted, as long as the final result is coherent.

The Phenomenology Of Art highlights the role of creation that often transforms reality, but establishes the vision of escaping the ordinary. This involves accelerating the process of clarifying concepts embedded in "personal work" that are compatible with different levels of power and control.


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