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The Picture Of Your Own Value

On March 28, 2010, in Total leadership, by Neculai Fantanaru

Give people the opportunity to find the deep meaning of your creation, so it is not misinterpreted.

A special occasion has compelled me to want to have a talk with the one I consider a great artist. In a simple little room, but which seemed to me, I don't know why, fairly funny, maybe because of the four paintings mounted in a special way on one of the walls, the master concentrated his attention on finishing his latest creation, representing a scene from the Greek mythology, a scene full of life and expressiveness requiring a special technique.

I was looking at his painting with the same attention I had looked at his other paintings, on other occasions. You could see in him an unusual desire to do something spectacular, something that nobody has ever done, something that would be well-seen in society, and which would stay in people's memory. He would very easily and creatively transpose his own thoughts and feelings through the painting in which a variety of colors were concentrated, lively and dynamic colors, as well as the eternal white and black.

He could render with much talent the features of the characters with their natural coloring; the faces were very expressive, the features seemed to be exact, the eyes, the hands, the feet, the constitution, the clothing being attentively detailed with shadows and lights. I have never seen such passion for painting, for beauty and novelty.

People do not see you. They see your “painting”.

Prompted by interest, I asked him:

- The impact of your paintings on others is the one you expected?

The master looked at me, a loving smile appeared on his face, as if he had long wanted someone to ask him that. He answered:

- An artist is noticed and admired by the paintings he makes, by the virtuosity with which he reproduces reality; by the way he knows how to convey an impression or a feeling. When people look at me, they don't see me; they see my paintings, the art I produce. The expressiveness and the beauty of them, the message and emotion they convey, the force of colors, contrasts and shapes represented, be they abstract or realistic, show the extent of craftsmanship I have reached in the field of this art. My paintings are creations which prove whether I am endowed with a lot of talent or not, and if yes, how am I different from other painters. Nevertheless, you need a lot of inspiration, talent, technique and a complete work, for those who look at my creations to consider me a really exceptional painter.

Leadership: Does the choice of a sense of existence increase as a preference in the science you apply in shaping a perfect brand experience in relation to the requirements of a revealing art?

This is the most important lesson that you, as a leader, must learn it. It is the golden lesson that you must learn during all your life: people will never see you, but they will see the “painting” you made.

The painting is the sum of all your qualities and skills, as well as defects and imperfections. It reflects the talent you have been gifted with, and which you must bring forward. Reflects the skills you fulfill all your tasks with, with which you plan and reach your goals. Reflects your passion for the art of leadership, for perfection, but also reflects the way you are different from all others, by a unique style, efficient and balanced.

On the other hand, it might also reflects the incompetence you prove in leadership over time, with all its defects: with the negligence you treat people, irresponsibility, your carelessness, your lethargy and many others. The painting is, in one word, your value.

A revealing art has within its composition that knowledge that open you up to the unlimited scope of an experience of renewing the means of expression, referring to the building of harmonious connections between all the innovations that you try to manufacturer and the content of meaning that receives various forms depending on the imagination and culture you promote.

To become a better leader means making an exceptional painting from all points of view. The more nuanced is your painting, the more expressive and original, the more you will be appreciated and higher considered by those around you. You can add huge value to your leadership only if you have inspiration, vision, and potential and if you have the unusual will to obtain maximum performance.

Leadership: Can you elaborate a new formula of your uniqueness in relation to exceptional?

In relation to exceptional, bringing with it a new formula of your uniqueness, taking into account the leadership domain, the picture would be defined –not just as a landmark of your value, but also as a necessary presence in private life, a joining to a deep reality, which objectively exists beyond you, beyond the perceptions that others have of you.

This reality is designed to ensure that necessary cohesion between you, the artist within a creation and affirmation space, and the world of idealistic expectations of people outside this area, which can also be yours in a mirror that deletes the unsightly or deformed details.

The painting brings up the type of static, but very flexible object concerning what prints in people’s minds, expressiveness or shadelessness in a wide area of meanings.

A very important role in shaping a perfect brand experience has the development of a new formula of uniqueness in relation to the exceptional one. Referring to the fact that what you are attempting to convey through the image must first be a guide for the one who wants to know and explore the unknown, then a journey of self-reliance in a world of difficult adaptation, and, in end, a space of encounter with God.

Tomorrow’s world of knowledge and understanding has high hopes for the general meaning of the painting, which the individual can invest the world with. And rightly so. For before becoming a leader, the individual plunges into an anonymity that lacks scale, a reality perceived only inwardly, so in a certain impersonal area of existence, where access to a new conscience, free from any restraints, seems to be strict and problematic. No wonder you can’t anticipate the form your ideal takes or every one of your virtues when your objectivity is challenged.

Through this painting, specific to self-concept, you will always ensure extra aesthetic character to your value. Tomorrow’s world has high hopes for the possibilities of spreading the art of being an “artist”, valuing your efforts to be different regarding the presence of intellectual and volitive aspects, which positively influence tastes, to repudiate gaudy image production.

The art of being an artist is based on the revelation you experience through the image projected over the world, finding the expression in the sense of creation that the reason for a new way of manifesting through the need for self -expression and the passing through the filler the sensibility of a symbolic chroma.

Conclusion: Do your best to get to a high level of performance. Your value is reflected by the "painting" you make. Just as a painter searches for the most appropriate means of expression, so you have to search for the most appropriate means to demonstrate your precious qualities – harnessing them by creating a personal "painting", as more complex and realistic.

Leaving something behind you, something that would remain in people's memory, something that would take your organization to another level of quality, better and more beneficial, demonstrates your value as a leader.

Your value is reflected by the "painting" made by you.


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