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The Promoter Of Formidableness

On October 29, 2009, in Total leadership, by Neculai Fantanaru

Highlight your character traits, by finding those patterns, trends and contrasts, which integrate the full "picture" of your leadership.

The work of an artist, like that of a painter, is not that easy as one may think. It requires passion, talent, patience, a creative imagination, perspective and sense of color and shape. A painter is not just an artist that handles oil and moist colors. Besides, he is a fine observer that doesn't neglect details; and a good listener. He has a very educated taste. He gets inspired by every little scent, afterglow, sound and emotion, every song he listens to, every place he visits.

He enjoys the ability of bonding things apparently unimportant. Colorless. Senseless. When he contemplates them, he finds within the heart of beauty and zest. And the evanescent. The most important is the ability of exhausting the core, in order to serve it. To fit it to his own flat. Yes, that's right. When it comes to painting, we allude to a "sui generis" world that requires a chosen craft with a native affinity to beauty and creativity.

The deepest desire of a true artist is to paint something that has not been painted. He grinds alone, to dare to do what nobody else has not done before. He isn't satisfied with the old-line of colors and shapes; he's always on the pursuit of novelty.

Sometimes, he doesn't adventure himself into blabbing his ideas. Because, no matter how gifted he would be, he's always dissatisfied with himself and his paintings. Often, inspiration leaves him, the drawing refuses to take the shape that he wants to give it, the dust of his colors drains his throat, his hands keep shaking, his eyes are tearful of so many sleepless nights. However: formidable. Ultimately, he achieves to give life to a true work of art.

Leadership: What is the result of the relationship between the creation environment and the form of manifestation of your character character?

Almost any human character investigation will find a relationship between the form of manifestation and the living and creation environment, even in maximum difficulty circumstances. An environment considered under-privileged can’t ensure the minimum requirements of shaping the character, in order to effectively valorize the "offer" of the will to continue on the road of self-overcoming, which forks in the coverage of the whole perceptive universe, in a superficial or pronounced way.

Improving your artistic experience, which stands behind the choice of creating something outstanding related to your attitude towards what you consider to be a great challenge, can determine a positive prolonged effect of intellectual development –the more creating the environment, the stronger it inspires and motivates.

The own inspiration language, which validates the experience, if accepted as an individual adaptation pattern in a specific culture, as model of an analysis of the present, it’s closer to becoming a "helper" for the clarification of the ascension perspectives towards another existence level or purpose. This only if it’s used in a favorable development environment, which facilitates the shaping of an understanding more or less different through a sum of own exclusive ideas.

"The Formidable" represents a point of maximum intellectual altitude, introducing through itself new reference values which you can reach only through your own strength, through an artistic sense that leaders discover gradually: the inclination towards research and experiment, in favor of surprising the novelty.

The promotion of the artistic experience, which advocates the assumption of the artist’s condition as a genius, has as a primary element the opportunity of man to self-evaluate through the creation experienced through a personal experience. A living that cannot lack that instinctive knowledge that uses the unlimited field of subjective reasoning.

Just like an artist, the leader creates a world of his own.

Leadership is an art. And the one who leads people and motivates them to fulfill their duties in order to mount into their chosen career has to be an artist, a formidable artist, one that would astound everyone with his unusual qualities, his special virtues, his dazzling performances, and then to point them towards the direction chosen by himself. A clear direction, safe, fair, concordant with people's long-term interest.

It is strenuous to be in the forefront of people. You need to order all your values and to create your own path, your personal cosmogony, just like a painter, to create your own reality, to have it your way, but to leave the door open for others to enjoy it as well. You must formulate a new vision of the future, through which you express your desire to renovate that great something in others: the impulse to act through free expression of opinion, the impulse to work with more professionalism, to practice their job with greater enthusiasm to finally get to have a very high social status.

Just as the deepest desire of a true artist is to paint something that has not been painted, so the biggest desire of a leader is to highlight those traits of character that would contribute to the evolution of his leadership.

There's nothing more transcendent, but to get close to people, to motivate them to join your "world", to cause them to cling after your own personality and echoing your style, your mentality, your character traits to enliven something prodigious. Something that, if possible, would endure evanescence just like a painting. That is the meaning of being a formidable leader.

The essence of a formidable composition that turns art into a means of communicating your own feelings and experiences, expressed through the use of plastic language elements, requires a combination of several different worlds into one called "human beauty".

An imaginary world, a world of uninterrupted expression, a world of forms taking with them the subject of the work, a world of stories told through color and shape, a world of experiencing new experiences and a world of the man-symbol relationship seen through an original vision.

And, now, the bad news. You cannot invest little and win the big pot. You can only benefit if you accomplish your tasks with responsibility and passion, if you got the skills and, especially, if you are willing to invest more in your work. If you intend to lead a limited or extended team, without possessing those qualities that make them better, you will not be able to gain the team's solidarity, you will not be able to refer them to a common path in order to achieve the purposed goal.

The painter can create a masterpiece out of nothing because he knows how to reproduce "perfection" by reviewing his ideas, by learning new stuff, by mixing the colors in established proportions. He finds patterns, streams, contrasts.

Are you a master in your field? Can you find patterns, trends and contrasts that would complete the full "picture" of your leadership, which would polish your image and tint your qualities?

The complete picture of leadership includes the memory reference points of life experiences, transposed in a new format, customized through a universal language called: "Self Portrait".

In order to vivify something, you must be oriented towards people and their needs, you must have communication skills, to have a nice presence, entrepreneurship, and not at least, you must have the ability to build different action scenarios. You have to find those patterns, trends and contrasts of the action, of thought and behavior to motivate and help people to move easier.

You cannot become a formidable leader if you are not able to initiate and to support long-term positive changes among art.


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