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The Reality From The Human Underground World (II)

On June 15, 2012, in Skills and Abilities, by Neculai Fantanaru

Endow your leadership skills with the resources necessary for change, without losing contact with your Ego.

A deep mystery inhabited alien and sinister in the depths of my soul, attractive like a feeling. No one and nothing had the right to approach it. The thought of trying to conquer the unconquered territory, aroused in me the feeling that I had been released from the fiercest detention. I was boosted by a new challenge. I rebounded strongly with a throb of life energy and lease of life.

Magic, the highest line of the connection with a timeless space of a private eternity, enclosed by a dynamic reality, eternally alive, simultaneously spiritual and material fit easily in my life. Streams of images, hypostases, revelatory findings darted everywhere, like from a network with living water springs flowing constantly, and from which I could suffice my soul and aspirations.

The yellow flames of my indomitable will to understand in what way to highlight the light of a universal causality, purified by filter of the most severe judgments, were expanding rapidly around me. In every single thing that I touched or saw, in every outing that I did, I was discovering a new reality which made ​​me more and more curious, a new continent, a fierce ground for exploration. As if I was dominated by a supreme form of energy, which propagates in every fiber of my being. I was completely under it, like a slave who obeys orders.

I felt that I can communicate at an energetic level, non-verbally, with all the things that came out on my way. The mirror, camera, the books, all that existed around me suddenly gain life, a new meaning, a new valence. Moreover, all that was particularly modern jumped to my aid. Thanks to technology, everything turned around, caught a new form, everything was running in new coordinates, facilitating the understanding and accepting the unknown in me.

Leadership: How long can you look at a photo by far?

To fail to keep in contact with yourself, so vital in leadership, is like continuing to look at a picture by far: you will fail to notice certain details that you could see up closely.

Just as in photo, in the sphere of psychological and spiritual dimension of man, a single thought, a single strain of moment could cause the formation of some definitive forms, of some representative snapshots just before the event itself starts.

Someone has well-noticed: in the realm of personal exploration, the true fertilization always occurs only by crossing an idea with experience. It was enough only the lightest impulse for the creative power to manifest, for my experience to enrich. Afterwards to discharge, just as passing an electric current, more intense, and deeper in all its magnitude.

I walked on the mountain road in front of me, the effort was growing, the progress slow, but steadily. Magic, the meeting place of the reality with the unreal, the highest peak of the art to create new forms of impact on human being, should be conquered. Controlled and defended. The work increased day by day and gathered more and more around me like a forest, overshadowing any perspective for me. Was it a commendable initiative? Was it a bit of happiness, or just a bunch of transient desires? A burning passion, an opportunity to evolve? A beneficial effort, or just a waste of time?

The journey you take to deepen your self-knowledge is the picture that the photographer will never do, but which you "pay" for at every type of appearance in the world when you are facing replays, stop-frames and zooms.

And the quality of the self-image you create on this journey facilitates access to understanding the meaning of assimilation of life experience in generating a new dimension of openness to the new.

In a way I was like a man who prefers first to find love, maintaining it with the most ardent passion, and only after that to redundantly make money as not to somehow afflict the soul with the idea that the person next to him prefers him only for his money.

I wanted to climb up higher and higher on the ridge of science, to be able to cover first with the magic power all views that capture the human senses, that shakes the most fertile emotions. Afterwards, to maintain all the positive and negative emotions, up to the point where any unknown can be determined. However, without tormenting my mind, without making use of any form of forgery.

Leadership: Are you called to achieve that perfection that reveals the essence of what you have learned and experienced?

The famous Russian writer Leo Tolstoy wrote in his memoirs: "What it really concerns us is not the perfection reached by someone, but the way of striving to become perfect."

Top leaders feel particularly concerned by these words. They are called to attain, such like the sculptors that immortalize in bronze or stone human faces, that perfection that reveals the essence of what you have learned and lived.

The magic that triggers a "learning by feeling and by direct perception" experience is the application of the lessons learned during your becoming under a convention through which you commit yourself to give up what keeps you caught in the mirage of a false predestination to discover a new reality called "My World."

From "magic" to leadership, the leaders’ road of development and improvement is long and hard. Between these moments of "creation" in loneliness, when the thin creek of manifesting their productive potential winds between the most lofty boulders of uncertainty, or the lack of a clear direction, is carried out an extremely difficult work, crucial for achieving excellence.

It all depends on how you manage to maintain these qualities, virtues, values, small arrangements of roles and behaviors, so that the "magic" to not be consumed or wasted in vain. Moreover, alongside, obviously and eminently, we are interested in your professional ethics, the level of knowledge, your condition of a "magician" in the light of his torch, of the inspiration, thought, communication, responsibility.

Listening to the guidance of life means to reach that height of manifestation of one’s own individuality in order to realize the self.

The desire to deepen, to experience your own desires and feelings will help you identify the ultimate goal in life – to be useful, honorable, magnificent, to make the difference between what you experience at an inner level and what you experience at a level of learning experience accumulated along the way.

The reality of the human underground world brings into the field of attention the attempt of searching and finding some answers to the oldest question, not yet completely elucidated: "Who am I ?"

To understand the complexity of human being, to have an influence on those around you, first get to know yourself very well.

For a leader, it is imperative to know entering the inner and unknown world of the human being, to cross the border of appearances. For the man, this eternal unknown, which must be discovered, is unpredictable and may jeopardize voluntary or involuntary any... leadership.


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