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The Realm In Which We Never Get On Time (II)

On January 25, 2013, in Leadership XXL-Pack, by Neculai Fantanaru

Transform your identity into a form of self-revelation, ensuring a perfect integration of your ideals into the reality that characterizes you.

An escape from an enclosed space is apparently impossible, especially for the man who feel condemned to an absolute exile. The harsh reality become a comfortable couch of a ravaged ego, lonely, comforted only by the weak wind of change. The appearance of sheriff Ed Tom Bell was never so strange and so unrecognizable. He was obviously consumed by an inexplicable inner turmoil, like a sealed container with a content been under pressure.

He would have liked to tell the old man next to him: "Old age is a complicated realm, darker than dusk. One day, we will go together there, where no one will disturb us."

The call of another world is heard from the shadows, it is the inevitability of death, but first of all the fate of the dying flirts with the poetry of disintegration and loneliness. Ed Tom Bell`s inadaptability to an implacable reality has created a disorientation that hurt like a dagger plunged into an open wound. An unconditional acceptance of yourself, a sphere, a proper world, that had no major interests or genuine plans for the future.

He had something into his soul, a hint of regret that he wanted to hide. It seemed that he realized long ago about the relativity of human values, about the fragility of beliefs that limit the man, positioning the new foundations in relation to some established reasonable approaches.

He was not open to unexpected changes. His life was not running as he wanted, but in the pace of a monometer that was functioning according to strict laws. The reality was in conflict with his nature. In the last hour, it still could be observed that discipline and that soldierly spirit, who made the dualism of his life, both of them pushed up to a sublime heroism.

The wave sleeps, quiet. Among the ruffles, by a gentle wind pulled, are floating fondly the last remnants of what was once a man. *

Leadership: Can you re-value the significance that you attribute to life through an unconditional acceptance of your own person, without becoming the cumulus of all experiences experienced at a time of reflection?

The man, who puts unconditionally into the service of an existence that is proven to be full of uncertainties, spied in some places by nonsense, in the framework of a dominant orientation towards the end, it may not establish poignancy vales over the fruition of a deep thinking. Be Careful. The thinking that cancels itself, the thinking that misunderstands itself, it cannot perform objectively within the facts, but it feeds with the representation of an "episodical" character of the situational existence.

Such kind of thinking, confronted by the adaptation to a life that is fulfilled by the acceptance of suffering and discontent, continually relates only to what the worst could happen in present and future. And the significance that you attribute to the life and the orientation that you give to the knowledge based on experience represents the two fundamental components of the development process that provides leadership a full and permanent support.

The leadership that proves its relevance in ignoring or treating this life experience dominated by prejudices, superstitions and constraints, evolves only through a process of complex reasoning and pleading until self-conviction of the need for change. But not of the guilt for misunderstanding the determinations which give to the happenings a touch of causality.

The transition from a closed and conservative mentality to one of "anticipate and improve" is done by linking the analysis of the causes of the phenomenon of "guilt of failed situations in life" with the rigorous and well-defined definition of a new variable of jubilation: "free your consciousness of passions".

Identity is a form of self-revelation, established under the sign of the questions "Who am I?" and "Who can I be?" that can cause a deflection of the direction of life. And leadership is closely related to the integration of the efforts to improve the quality of life. The need for self-acceptance correlated with the self-image lies behind all our decisions and actions, and their understanding could have a major impact in optimizing the interpretation that we assign to the results obtained by perceiving the reality from the angle of a mind that seeks measure and balance in everything.

A large number of needs, apparently distinct may create confusion, while managing them can be exhausting in a certain existential plan. The factor that you should follow when you are preparing to make the leap towards the great evolution of your own self, in the context of the life combining with the vision, it is called "The Awakening of Mind".

Well, the awakening of mind is partially the diary of searching the meaning of life and partially an exploration of the fundamentals of defining the identity that feels besieged by the limits of a resignation due to the depletion of your own ideals. And the leadership it is not formed only as a prestigious form of moral force, but as an evidence of the ideal towards which you ascend, continually requiring to be satisfied by an act of assumed willingness - to rebuild your own self and the world around you.

The unconditional acceptance of one’s own person is in the form of the cause that you serve from the point of view of a withdrawal in yourself, from which you have to pass a more intense concern for the imposition of solid living principles from which you cannot abdicate in any situation.

The Realm In Which We Never Get On Time renders the particularity of the reality called "life" put into the sign of doubt. Only responding to the content of "who I am" or "how I am", you will be able to enclose your attitude and personality traits into the area of leadership which extends over accepting the circumstances that brought you up to a certain point. Many times this point is called "Abandon".

* Note: "No Country for Old Men (2007)"


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