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The Revealing Law Of The Magician (I)

On November 04, 2012, in Leadership Laws, by Neculai Fantanaru

Push the leadership beyond the limit of the "unimaginable" without destroying the healthy principles on which has been constituted the "Man" within you.

Nobody knew his true identity and true intentions. The magician was the type of person, who would go far enough to protect his secrets. His practices - a mosaic of subtleties and depths.

In his brain was a kind of dark come and go, a break between past, present and future. Unnatural memories, strange visions, fugitive images, interpretations from where some more realistic, others more fantastic, inner commands, prototypes of some new beginnings or endings. All kinds of changes that reflected or redirected the "whole" of the man. Roles, masks that always composed another presence, strange appearances of some characters, each of it having also its antipode.

All were floating, mixing and intercrossing awry, losing their forms, growing then beyond measure, then suddenly perishing like some scattered thoughts in the distant dark.

Suddenly, in the middle of the stage, the magician made some strange signs, as if he would have sent some mysterious messages. The spectators watched him with a boundless curiosity. He perceived their reaction long before making his magic number.

For he saw in the depth of the human psyche, until the last ramifications of their feeling, there where all their desires and expectations were brewing. He could penetrate the depths of the people’s thinking, until the assimilation of their perceptions and emotions, with the same speed as the blood crosses the veins on its way to the heart. Everything on the stage was running according to his will.

The world of the spectators was located beneath his world. As if he created it. One is the magic number that will do the trick.

Do you owe leadership with an “illusion” that changes the rational and emotional structure of other people by associating with the role of an artist who is amazed at how well he plays his role?

Many times, only the most experienced leaders can have access to the vital resources that sets in action the motivational, mental and emotional system of the "Man". The interventions in this complicated system of beliefs, in this unitary whole of emotions, values ​​and principles, usually require a "local anesthetic" in the sensitive area that is ticking. Or, even a complete reassembly of the components that make it work, at great risk of course.

Leadership is that act of magic that can transform people’s reasoning and experiences into a new measure of the continuity of a limit of creation that few can overcome. The creation aims at restoring the image of a fabulous world, at the limit between dream and reality, which then confirms your appearance in a leading role at the border between life and death. If you want to be an act of creation that everyone can applaud to, in relation to something tempting and fascinating, you must help organize your escape from an imaginary parallel space, but at the same time, one very close to the perspective of reality.

Important is the maintenance of a secret fire, of a living torch. Finding a fuel to feed it, through a mosaic of subtleties and depths, to make people partakers at the show which introduces the concept of "all-in-one-show" uniting their commitment around a substantial attitude towards the present reality.

Leadership: Are you the prisoner of a world which you can hardly perceive, by the fact that you accept to express yourself in a way that is not your own, but it makes you feel superior?

A very important part of the leadership’s self-evaluation process is the study of the "Man" within you. To step into the big world, into the great unknown of your entire Ego, who can inspire you in the creation of a genuine alternative of increasing the influence, is like the elevator door that opens only for a while, then closes without allowing the entry of somebody else.

A kind of force of attraction between the contrasting poles of your own personality that support, or on the contrary, restrict your development. A transition from "to be" to "not to be" that keeps you trapped in your own prison of the mind, transforming you into a slave of your own perceptions, ideas, clichés, to which you devoted all your life and time.

If you want to raise your leadership to the rank of "magic" if you want to handle it very well, then you must learn to deal with it: to catch the elevator at the right time, and to push the button, which controls the ascent to the top floor, but without stopping between the floors. This button must have a special security, and not to cause a blocking. Nothing should keep you captive in the space between real and imaginary, between the limits and the man, where the leadership cannot manifest itself free.

Leadership: Can you turn your splendor into a powerful source of magic that communicates to others the lucidity of not becoming its servant?

Splendor is the reason that helps you trust yourself when trying to successfully contribute to completing a bet with yourself: that you are able to adopt the position of a conqueror and stay that way for a long time. Splendor cannot be achieved through a simple game of hiding to the extreme, it cannot be attributed only to a rich imagination, but it can be induced by the multitude of accords that make up a story, through the many scenes that make up and revolutionizes the idea of ​​metamorphosis.

Magic has to be a testimony to your splendor, a revelation of a profound and unpredictable feeling, a revelation of a surprise benefit at the end of an adventure, but at the same time it must be a rapprochement of progressively revealed truth called: "I am a part of you !"

Can you explore the inner surface of a mountain without climbing it? Are you looking forward to push the leadership somewhere beyond the limit of the unimaginable? From what you knead the little assurances against any disagreements that might arise from the Man - Leader relationship? Are you getting lost in your own prison? Are you getting lost in a space, where the reality gradually departs of the leadership’s science? Are you trying to create from leadership a world that would be situated beneath your world?

Being an exceptional magician means dedicating your entire life to an idea that defies the boundaries of the unanimously accepted understanding, placing all your knowledge in a unique setting that gives you the opportunity to more leisurely and intensely enjoy the stupefaction of the spectators who do not know what to believe anymore.

Conclusion: A leader is a model, which in his turn generates models. For having a great power of influence on other people, you must first be recognized as a role model. You must possess that ability not to deviate from the healthy and positive principles, on which was constituted your Ego, but also that skill to predict people's reactions to the actions undertaken by you.

No, it is not magic and not even illusion; it is a hard work, permanent, first of all, with yourself.


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