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The Right Man At The Right Place

On March 25, 2009
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Leadership sX-Experience by Neculai Fantanaru

Increase your personal value, by showing a genuine concern towards your potential to make things work.

It is told that the manager of an oil company was faced once with a major difficulty, requiring an urgent solution. The company had to invest 3.5 billion dollars for starting a refinery that not long ago was devastated by a huge earthquake. For he could not go personally, the manager had to appeal to a reliable person that would negotiate with the banks in his absence for obtaining a loan.

He immediately contacted by telephone the only employee he trusted, and told him: "I need you for a very important job. It is a task for which few are suitable, but you were made for it. You will do whatever I say and you will not put questions ! "

The negotiation was successful because that employee followed precisely the manager’s indications. Not long after, he was placed in the position of assistant manager.

Leadership: Are your capabilities complemented by the practical verifiability approach in terms of establishing a closeness to an image that represents you through a superior experience of connecting to an inevitable conformism?

Even if the respective employee did not have any experience in negotiation, the manager appealed to his help because he had very much confidence in him. The manager intuited very well who is the most suitable person for that task, and he was not wrong. By the choice made, he proved that not always the employees who occupy some positions or who have a certain experience are the best placed to meet the requirements for the fulfillment of certain tasks.

An inevitable conformism is a step forward due to the trust bestowed upon you by someone in support of a cause that was never yours to begin with.

When the leader entrusts certain tasks to an employee, he has the responsibility to follow them up and to accomplish them. The most competent leaders intuit which are their employees’ skills and what they are they capable to do, that is why, in order to obtain excellent results they choose ably the persons capable of solving the most important problems. In some situations, it is possible that an employee from a medium position to face certain tasks better than one who holds a senior position.

The abilities of the respective employee had the endorsement of practical verifiability. His potential of acting and to succeed, which generated the manager’s confidence, represented his own "signature" that validated his value. Some of the qualities, which made him admirable, were: honesty, integrity, ability to listen, ability to count on him and conscientiousness. His "signature" had a solid reputation and matched the character searched by the manager.

You could also support your image through a "signature" to be distinguished by something fundamental - such as, competence, professionalism and responsibility. This signature reveals your personality, the list of your character traits, and highlights your practical skills of action, not the theoretical ones. Your progress to the top starts from this signature that is for many an unattainable argument, and namely, the verifiability. In other words, your performance will be verified by others for not being questioned.

Leadership: Can you offer a convincing demonstration of continuity in estimating the value that others appreciate without revealing the basic component of the difference between what defines you permanently and what defines you when you dress a certain way?

The managers cannot ignore an employee who is always active, dedicated, enthusiast, which involves himself with the whole being in the work he makes, and who is always ready, at any time, to amend his efforts for the good of the company. Conversely, they search these kind of people who are willing and able to complete their work tasks in due time, regardless of the volume of work. (These employees who always put things in motion are the best seen in the company, and often they are the highest paid.)

Hence, for career advancement it is necessary to win the trust of the manager, and the easiest way for this, is to show that you are able to accomplish the work tasks of which you are responsible. If you will always be the right man at the right place, you will have a lot of chances to grow in the eyes of the manager, who will undoubtedly appeal to you more often. It will not take long until you will be advanced into a leading position.

Just as originality was always recognized among the main notes of art, so your potential to be brilliant will be recognized by everyone, especially by the top people, only if your practical skills match their requirements and can be used in different situations. The basic component of the difference between what defines you permanently and what defines you when you dress a certain way is the consistency of the impeccable image claim you resonate with at any time.

Are your practical skills meeting the demands of the top people on what you can do without being pushed back?

The Right Man At The Right Place highlights the concordance between two entities that, although belonging to different levels of experience and skill, need close cooperation to move forward.

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