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The Art Focused Around A Single Drop Of Blood

On July 27, 2021, in Successful Leadership, by Neculai Fantanaru

An artist is always caught between two different, and yet similar, worlds when he concentrates his efforts on asserting his creation.

I don’t know if you’ve ever looked in the eyes, for a moment, a being whose gaze you can’t get out of your mind, and even looking at it carefully you would realize that it’s someone other than you ever thought it would be. I tell you this because I looked at myself in the mirror, more changed than usual, believing myself to be a kind of Atreyu face to face with the Enchanted Mirror, big and cloudy, where he could see himself vaguely, trying to pass through it (if only he dared enough to do so).

Only here do things get really complicated !

Indeed, I let myself be guided by a lucid calculation, taking into account all the things I knew and did not know about myself, a mathematical and image calculation, comparable to holding the conversation in front of a mirror that goes across times without altering their essence, somewhat similar to the monologue of an artist who feeds on the euphoria of his creation in an attempt to find that Genexyrthus(the reference point to which times, human destinies converge).

The gaze is a special work “tool” of the artist that can provide the eyes with a new vision of what it means to visualize the aesthetic that is manifested in everything. Or looking at himself, the artist sees himself centered around a curious self, open to the new, amazed by an image that flickers in front of the truths of the world.

This moment surprises me completely. Especially now, when the mirror seems to spread a more and more diffuse light, from all directions, but of low intensity, imitating the light of a candle. It is clear that I have eyes only for myself when I look at myself in another version of myself, as a symbol of self-knowledge and wisdom, which requires the placement of a mystical gate between reality and illusion. Why would I have eyes for someone that does not resemble me?

Leadership: Is the image that composes you the image that inspires you to be yourself in a world that is constantly trying to survive through the story?

And that’s why I looked at myself with different eyes than I usually do, trying to go deeper into the maze of the enchanted mirror. Because in front of my straight, deep and sensitizing gaze, the entrance into a kind of self-search loop unfolds beyond the daily limitations, beyond the inherent tumult of life, beyond the masks of conventional roles with which I had often come to identify.

More interesting is the fact that in front of the mirror there is a soul so pure, sincere, creative, unique only by its way of transmitting to the mind an impulse associated with a change of image that is intensely felt by the psyche. Of course, the things I see and notice when I look at myself in the mirror are imperceptible to the ordinary person’s eye, especially when it comes to a magic mirror like the one in “The NeverEnding Story”:

“I can’t tell you anything about it from my own observation, only what I’ve gathered from various reports. In fact, this mirror is a gate that is both open and closed. It looks silly, doesn’t it? Maybe it would be more appropriate. “Let’s say it’s neither closed nor open. Although it’s just as creepy. In short, it’s a large mirror, or something like that, even though it’s neither glass nor metal. In any case, when you are in front of it, you see yourself – but not as in an ordinary mirror, of course. You do not see the outward appearance, but the true inner being, as in reality, the one who wants to go through the gate must enter into himself – to put it that way.”

Leadership: Does the exercise of seeing beyond one’s own horizon involve accepting a reflection that constitutes the size of a space that loses its material attributes?

As you can see, I have come to present a realistic setting in a fiction of immanent metaphorical representations. For if I consider looking in the mirror as a transition to another plane of reality, spiritual and immaterial, it is because only in this way could be forged the image of an anterior and posterior duration of a feature film in which the natural surpasses the imagination, and keep you breathless.

In turn, the mirror looks at me as if it sees itself reflected in a double of its own, which helps it capture my image and transmit it to the matrix of a linear transformation, where the image is converted into warmer or grayer tones. Or to highlight this look of the mirror is an attempt to awaken the affective disposition of the eyes which comprise the artistic side of beauty only with the soul of a narrator outside the strict universe which he evokes with emotion, sincerity, much warmth, giving him his high esteem.

Please understand. The mirror has neither the idea of eternity nor that of the immensity of space, but only the narrator can brilliantly provide him with a feeder of meanings in a metaphorical, spiritual and charming language. And the operation of transposing man into a mirror image is the matrix of an unmistakable stylistic imprint.

I also say that a simple mirror can decisively influence your condition. I feel certain feelings of joy in the moment, remembering that I tried to see through the mirror glass my own double lined in a parallel universe, both to understand the difference between what I think I already know with my mind, and the true knowledge that comes from the cohesion with the essence of a visual idea and an ideal vision.

Leadership contains the way you see yourself in a spatial-temporal mirror, the only one able to reflect the nature of your self treated as an exit variable from an exterior that offers no admittance for inner life.

The Sight Of Eyes Secretly Observing Themselves is identical with the sight of an artist who knows how to impose his vision by producing visual expressions well integrated into the reality of the present time.

This artist is always caught between two different worlds, and yet similar, between two transforming infinities that crowd into each other, synchronizing in a symbiosis lasting eons, striving for an absolute materialism that can blind the reason of the normal man in front of the truth on who discovers it about himself.

Have you ever been amazed by your own reaction in a situation where the image that composes you is the image that inspires you to be yourself in a world that is constantly trying to survive through storytelling?


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