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The Simplicity Of The Hidden

On December 16, 2013, in Leadership GT-Accent, by Neculai Fantanaru

Discover the defining element, creator of new perspectives, so that you may broaden your horizons of your understanding of man.

- Everything you want to know about Buffalo Bill you can find in the pages from the file. The first principle, Clarice. Simplicity. Read Marcus Aurelius. Of each particular thing, ask, what is it in itself? What is its nature? What does he do, this man you seek? What is the first thing he’s after? What needs does he fulfill by killing?

- Anger. Social acceptance. Sexual frustration, Clarice answers skeptically.

- No ! He covets. That is his nature. And how do we begin to covet, Clarice? We begin by coveting what we see every day.

Eureka ! The light-bulb turns on, shines suddenly and blindingly when the filaments traversed by continuous current begin to heat up. In a single moment the random turbulence effect with deformities is nullified. The fuses that plait the crown of reason are re-lit by this blazing argument that needs no demonstration – abscondita simplicitas.This positive point of reference, not taken into account, generates the explosion of mentality from which a new impulse is born, a new instinct.

Leadership: Are you prepared to experience a Self that is unable to manifest itself so strongly that it signals any kind of change, in the context of a particular impulse to form an authentic reasoning?

The laws of physics manifest themselves with maximum depth in the case of Clarice Starling. When a system of forces act upon a body, it activates, it leaves the state of idleness. Same as in a hastily developed film reel, her mind frees itself from the slavery of reason that cannot make way to any efficient approach. As if it was traversed by a continuous current generating intense light, used as a source of mobilization of a new intellectual energy. Instantaneously, she is struck by the defining element creator of new perspectives.

Despite the reassurances given by intuition, information and meticulous analysis of the given case, Clarice never knew what to count on regarding what she truly thought. The pieces of information succeeded themselves backwards, irregularly, like some waves that move at approximately unequal intervals when the sea seems more agitated.

In order to reach common ground, through a fine process of reflection and filtration of information, to discover the truth behind the murders, Clarice should have reinvented her way of thinking. But she didn’t possess the essential property of the mind initially – that of discerning in depth the disparate elements from a complex whole. She didn’t know how to make the necessary connections, on the grounds of a solid principle.

Leadership: Can you remain dependent on a single defining frame of mind through a non-critical self-exploration to expand the tightest sphere of content between accessibility and relevance?

This was well-said by someone on a website: “The true self can be put together through a non-critical exploration of the self, by accepting what was, for too long a time, hidden, locked, ducked.”

In Clarice’s case, she must reveal that part of herself that identifies with the criminal’s thinking, so that the relevance of her role in relation to events can gain vision and coherence. Here one must consider the accessibility of one’s image, the introspection achieved through the probing of the intimate self, the search for answers to the existential problems that she herself has encountered over time.

Stepping into the unknown you extend the area of self-knowledge, but before the unknown you have to climb up a higher more stable step, that no matter how paradoxical it might seem, plays the most important role in building the vision during the transition of applying innovative approaches. It is that stage of "profit", the most important support of research, the most cohesive scope of the content link between accessibility, relevance, complexity and performance.

Place your pattern of thinking in a position accessible to leadership in trying to ascend more frequently towards the peaks of the most significant achievements. If you stay loyal to only one defining framework you will not be able to undo the negative effects of applying some wrong reasoning. Remember that often the positive reference point, not taken into account, can generate that explosion of mentality that gives birth to a new impulse, a new instinct.

And this point must be characterized by a balance of all assets and liabilities used for preparing various types of reasoning, that can be logically taken all the way only by adopting the philosophy of simplicity. Thus, through the experience of the reality in your immediate vicinity, by introducing to the research formula an "advanced search" which gives you immediate access to a high level of thinking, understanding and knowledge of people.

Leadership: Do you find the courage to throw yourself into life, to know it directly, at the risk of changing the entire orientation of your psychic life?

When the sun sets behind the walls, the light dims more and more. By this I want to emphasize the assumed importance of leadership, fenced by the impossibility to approach more or less profound perspectives regarding man through sober thinking.

The area of true excellence in this field, lit by intuition, information and thorough analysis of human types, where the alternative of combining some plus-minus attributes could mean the nullification of any truth or any clues that lead to finding the truth, could always shrink back until almost complete disappearance.

Therefore, if you want to obtain optimal results in the activity of controlling your area of influence, then try to find that defining element creator of new perspectives, so as to expand your horizons of human knowledge. The whole diversity of psychology has as a source of nourishment the habit of always being connected to something outside the self, which can lead to difficulties in connecting to one’s own inner experiences, and as a result, to poor management of states of sadness, anger, gratitude or astonishment.

This element stands in the face of the reason for its own behavior in the face of a major unforeseen fact, facing a destiny that could somehow crush your life aspirations in relation to the psychological well-being, and it is: the courage to stop when you feel that if you go any further, you will lose yourself on the road. The courage to accept yourself as you are, even if for others you are a much weaker man than the role you intend to assume. The courage to throw yourself into life, to know it directly, with the risk of changing your entire orientation of psychic life.

But, the question that arises is this: are you interested in the problems of psychology and do you want to witness the truths in which man lives or that he traverses at certain points in life?

The mental life of a leader conforms to the idea of ​​self-evaluation in a whole range of influencing factors that are at war with the origins of hard-to-justify facts – in the perimeter of the tendency to give up that little cut of reality that defines you as a shadow of someone else’s image.

The Simplicity Of The Hidden approaches the constituent elements of life without separating them from the context of the reality that reveals to you a different side of your personality, by resemblance with a thinking that denies itself. It means having control over essential issues concerning the relationship with people through a simple analysis that allows quick and effective actions.

* Note: The Silence of the Lambs (1991)


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