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The Sorcerer (IV)

On August 21, 2010, in Leadership Magic, by Neculai Fantanaru

Learn how to direct "the change", to be able to add considerable value to the role that you take.

The Count of Monte Cristo was very clever in building his strategy. He was able to observe the soul and the nature of his enemies, reading their intentions as easily as a general can read a war plan. He lured them into his magical scheme, full of traps, sliding like a ghost into their lives, always haunting their consciousness, seeding confusion and anger into their souls, thus outworning them of all power before destroying them.

The sorcerer was a human being, but his formidable powers almost transformed him into a God. He was a character wrapped up in mystery, thus protecting himself well against any attempt to undermine his power. He skillfully used a false name to hide his true identity, keeping his innocent appearance. But his spells were as effective as arrows, strong enough to pierce the shield of his enemies. All of them were weak and unable to penetrate the muddy area of his magic and remove the sufferings he skillfully threw on them.

Leadership: Is the effect of increasing your performance being value by a perfectly symmetrical composition of destiny, justifying your position to add new measures to your duty to promote power?

The sorcerer had the power to control his enemies, instilling fear in them, as well as fascination with his actions and his mysterious behavior. Everyone felt trapped in, unable to escape, no matter how much they would struggle. Everything around them completely collapsed, their attitude being rather skeptical regarding the future. With every step, they felt deep down the strong fear that their end was approaching, like some scared, trapped mice. They couldn't see the cobweb of deceit and lies that the sorcerer wove around them, and that put them in a deadly danger.

Everything truly matched really well. The sorcerer was a very skilled diversionist. He managed to gather the noose around his enemies, who didn't find the strength to make a stand. All his perseverance paid off. Everything happened exactly as predicted, by the strategy he had built with great skill and mastery, with gentleness and patience. It was an endless string of events, facts, symbols, masks, mysterious appearances, change of situations, all giving the impression they lead to a wrong way. But, strangely, there was a mysterious connection among all these, which served to achieve his goals.

The perfectly symmetrical composition of destiny, in order to be complete, must have a broader sense of organization of the Divine work, by going into the world on a mission. The Count had become a sort of employee of a mission where escape requirements are a little more difficulty to accomplish, because he first had to play a game called: "Party for Your Rights", which made his mind contribute and made him always be wary of where the pieces are placed in a mysterious setting, emotion and suspense.

Leadership: Do you shape your identity according to the criteria of your own approaches, in a distorted or transparent manner?

Someone who evolves in rough environments will have a dominant capital close to the culture of "debt settlement" which will ensure his intimidating success, dependent on the virtues of authority that is opposed to the hidden vices that false morality can induce. The culture of debt settlement is somehow in conflict with the positive leading style, but it enforces better the norms required by the thinking that self-analyzes. This way, the reaction to different challenges becomes much more powerful and more complex.

Someone who grants value to leadership, answering more efficiently to external demands and challenges, can generate rejection attitudes when it comes to presenting himself to the world as a defender of values. Which actually reflects his division into two sides: one distorted (when reality does not match your ideal or your image) and the other transparent (in so far as you making your actions and plans known). But it also reflects the opposition between what is valuable in him and what is totally invaluable.

A kind of rational superiority half built, a little vulnerable that excludes almost entirely the inferior elements of personal identity, due to an approach that allows false access to a possible true understanding of life, but that strengthens the ability to make things happen according to his will.

The approaches that you adopt when it comes to controlling access to superiority say something about your own attitude by giving criteria of ordering the dispersed value elements, by placing them in a broader configuration. This way, personal approaches aren’t related only with the future built out of too much self, but also with the present build out of the inability to object to a negative reformation, out of the powerlessness to oppose the proud desires of self-fulfillment.

And moral leadership is in disagreement with the winding intentions to treat with hostility everything that happens to you or with the attempts to cultivate confusions around the idea of "Self". Still, leadership never excludes from the success equation the strategy and capacity of shifting the events in favor of personal ascension.

Leadership: Can you put into motion the events in your favor, remaining faithful to actions that only optimize their winnings by multiplying the stake of the game?

The strange events that followed were only the result of a sorcerer. Things changed in the life of his enemies in no time, before they could get used to the idea. Although days have never resembled one another, however, the sorcerer managed, by one of those impenetrable mysteries, to do so that his enemies should get used to the idea that everything repeats itself – thus, he distracted their attention from what really happened around them – but everything happened for a reason.

The unlimited will of Count of Monte Cristo, combined with his faultless flair, started moving mysterious forces – ways to deceive and confuse the enemies, conspiring against them a spell so powerful that they, unable to guess his intentions, forced by circumstances and stricken by wonder, haven't opposed any resistance. He was the master of that chain of events that rapidly succeeded, day and night, and his procedures were undetectable.

For your success in leadership to be absolute, you must become a sorcerer, just like the Count of Monte Cristo. You must know how to direct chance, to lead the course of events in your favor, by the strategy that you built with great skill and mastery, gentleness and patience. You must put in motion those mysterious forces which can make possible all your "wonders".

But for that, you must be as meticulous as possible in selecting the ways of action you must follow and never act randomly, even if you can create that illusion. Also, you must rely only on concise and measurable data, not just on your flair. Keep in mind that the slightest accident, the tiniest inability can rapidly destroy any strategy, no matter how well it would be set in order.

The stake in the wizard’s game is to take control by transforming the complex intuitive material of "signs of an open mystery" into a natural psychological side construct.

Conclusion: An excellent leader knows how to run the event (this is the true art in leadership), but carefully, he never leads randomly.

His strategy is always set in order, and whatever may seem accidental is never like that, this meaning that he has the ability to conceive, namely to provide the results of his actions, and also the ability to quickly orient, taking the appropriate measures in situations that change the initial plan.

The careful analysis of causes and their effects, the prompt intervention whenever there is a deviation of the initial plan, are essential.

* Note: Alexandre Dumas - The Count of Monte Cristo, Youth Publishing House, 1957.


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