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The Sorcerer (VI)

On Septembrie 06, 2010, in Leadership Magic, by Neculai Fantanaru

Learn to realize miracles with all the means made available by intelligence, for your impact with the excellence in leadership to be at maximum.

The Count was carefully watching the crowd that was attending Valentina's funeral. He succeeded, with an ability only he knew, worthy only of a magician with hidden, unsuspected powers, to make everybody believe that the girl really died. He created, with a tremendous mastery, this “illusion”. But he knew the girl was actually alive.

He continued to look around. Anxiety consumed him more and more, because Valentina's lover, Maximilien, who was truly in love with her, slipped out from the crowd and disappeared. The Count, who had read forehand what was happening deep inside the young man's heart, also left the crowd, in order to find him.

The last battle with pain. The Count went to Maximilien's home, and even when he was about to end his life, seized by an endless bitterness, the Count quickly entered his room, stopping him from such a reckless gesture.

- My friend, the Count said with an unspeakably gentle voice, don't make hasty decisions.


- Who could prevent me? For all my hope is crushed, my heart is broken, my life has faded, around me is nothing but mourning and disgust, the earth has changed into ashes and any human voice tears me apart. I would rather die, because, otherwise, I would lose my mind, I would go crazy... You, who said he had all the means given by intelligence, all the powers of matter, you, who play or, better said, who act to play the role of Fate, didn't have at least the power to give a counter-poison to a poisoned young woman. My alleged benefactor, savior of all people, be happy, you shall see your friend dying. Then, with the laughter of madness on his lips, he rushed for the second time to the guns.

Leadership: The way in which your ensemble of privileges respond to the demands of destiny forces and hazard, provides an intuitive and natural way of conforming to a control structure with motivational transmission functions?

A sorcerer, who has supernatural powers, also has full rights over life and death. The destinies of those around him are in his hands.

A burning flame erupted from the Count's throat into his eyes. Feeling his heart melting in his chest, decided for the first time to leave aside his iron, cold, immovable, untouchable mask that he always showed out of caution, for nobody to be able to discover his true identity, for nobody to guess and parry his plans of revenge. He sublimely transfigured into a divine being.

- Listen to me, my friend – I can call you that because, without knowing it, you've been my friend for 11 years. God is my witness that I wanted to hide my entire life the secret from my heart. But now I realize I can't do that. You see, I am the one who saved your father's life, one day he wanted to kill himself, just like you want to kill yourself today; I am the man who sent the bag to your sister and The Pharaoh to your father, I am Edmond Dantes on the knees of whom, when you were just a boy, you played, and whom you all believed to be dead.

Suddenly, Maximilien's wonderful nature completely returned.

- Maximilien, you must live ! Hope. Do not put an end to your life, because a day will come when you will be happy and you will bless life. Please, do trust me. I promise you, I swear to you, if by this time, next month, you won't be the happiest creature in the world, I'll sit you myself in front of loaded guns and a cup with the most dangerous poison. But promise to me, instead, to wait until then and live.

Leadership: Do you approach people in terms of the concept of “diversity of the changing circumstances of life”, by analyzing the importance of considering the consequences of customizing an external power?

Put your masks aside and show your true identity so that people know what really lies in your heart. Because you can't escape of what we call, with a very uncertain term, “conscience”, in the case that, because of your masks, those around you will suffer. As a leader, your duty is to maintain the optimism in everything they do, in every step they wish to undertake.

For that, you must be able, like Count of Monte Cristo, who saved Maximilien and his beloved one, Valentine, from death, restoring their happiness, to receive your role of benefactor.

But you must be endowed with that sharp mind, like the Count, able to examine everything in detail. To foresee when people seem to lack perspective and no longer have the power to believe in themselves, to fill that inner emptiness that reflects on their work, on their creative, entrepreneurial spirit, on their own will, turning them into defenseless creatures.

An external power that nourishes your mind and leads your life is an effective capacity, an ability to express and realize your will as a mandatory condition for accessing a consciousness of God’s reality.

Leadership: Do you have the power to achieve wonders with all available means of intelligence?

As a leader, you must learn a very special way of seeing things, namely to observe not only the people's specific behavior, but to carefully dissect their feelings, above all. You can recognize everything in a man by the way he behaves, waits, hesitates, by his gestures and statements. You must carefully observe a man, maybe an entire hour or an entire day, to watch his gestures, his sparkling eyes, if he hadn't lost his enthusiasm and self-confidence, and finally, if he goes with the feeling of triumph.

Your task as a leader isn't to prolong people's sufferings but, with the joy a father shows to every member of his family, help them put themselves together and make a step toward the future. Remember that, through your position, and having all the means provided by intelligence, you have the power to make wonders.

Leadership is what you create through your personal commitment to changing things and the conjuncture of events that configures a world of limits, of “less”, of approximation.

Conclusion: As a leader, you must be a fine observer of human behavior and even of human emotions and see the changes that make their being to stagnate; you must be able to bring at least a little tranquility into people's souls in times of need, presenting things in an optimistic form, but without being… a seller of illusions.

Learn to realize miracles with all the means made available by that penetrating intelligence, obtained through training the human resources, for your impact with the excellence in leadership to be at maximum.

* Note: Alexandre Dumas - The Count of Monte Cristo, Editura Tineretului, 1957.


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