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The Soul's Closets

On March 18, 2011, in Leadership That Lasts, by Neculai Fantanaru

The people's conception about you is supported by the deep meaning that they give to you and your leadership.

You keep waiting for the answer that never comes. Your deepest desires remain unfulfilled, because they slip down in the background when it comes to your flourishing career. You're like a passenger who's alone on the way to a highly sought, impressive, appreciated, but gloomy and sad destination. Your life resembles a "hopeful" movie, but nobody watches it, and the movie theatre always remains empty – because it has action, but it lacks romance.

It's also the case of multimillionaire Edward Lewis – the main character in the movie "Pretty woman (1990)", which I've told you about in my previous articles. His life was rather an unceasing come and go. Always caught in the midst of the struggle for the better, which could have lead him closer to reaching his high ideals, he had no time to worry about maintaining a truly satisfying personal life.

But that was until he met Vivian Ward, a luxury prostitute, whom he hired as a call-girl. Although at first their relationship was strictly professional, in time, has transformed into a beautiful friendship. Discussing more and more one with the other about their lives and how they became the persons they were – she, a prostitute, and he, a businessman, talking about their dreams, their failures, but also their achievements, they got to know one another better.

Leadership: Do you validate every experience you live through what you are out there when you lean towards the sweet-sour taste of living at "chance" or at a "whole" level?

If you understand people, you have the power to change them. Edward's soul was like an empty house, where the memorable inscription: "I'm not home" was hanging on the front door. But falling under the spell of Vivian's feelings and in love with her, his soul was once again awakened to life. His pending ended. She was the answer to all his questions, revealing him a new aspect of life, a new world in which love and devotion were the most worthy and beautiful virtues.

Vivian's opinion about Edward changed when she realized who he really was. He was a good man, who really devoted himself to his career, aiming to the highest tops, but who had lost almost all his cheerfulness and happiness. She understood all his feelings, anxieties and "secrets" and realized his mood; even if he tried to express something else, she understood all his meanings and thus knew what string to pull in order to sensitize and completely change him.

To live by chance means to not pay attention to the things that attract you, to not experience them in a meaningful manner or one close to your soul. While living life at the "whole" level means paying attention to the things that define you or to those you feel that you identify with, it is to put yourself in a role that, to your liking, you will try to materialize your desires, being less motivated by the desire for power and fame.

People's conception about you is supported by the deep meaning that they give to you and your leadership. Leadership is like a tree the roots of which are anchored in people's hearts.

Leadership: Can you think of yourself as your "double", without complying with a personal image that disturbs the soul?

The general theory of leadership, of the genesis and structure it is based on, which I enounced on numerous occasions, always involves in its dynamics the existence or inexistence of reports, criteria, evidence, circumstances and serious reasons for change, which are common and powerful taken as reference. It may prove an ideal reagent to measure the smoothness and adequacy of each person to the requirements of his own state of life, in a society increasingly devoid of promoting true values.

The osmosis between different levels of commitment and involvement, to ensure the resources needed for emotional, not just material survival and development, stopping you from advancing on the road of wandering, will allow you to discover in yourself answers to serious questions raised about creating a new setup of unity of your own being and existence.

If you think of yourself as a kind of your "double", a magical force of radical combat of narrow ideas about life, pulling down the real concreteness of the emergence of phenomena of consciousness from the ensemble of unfitting conditions to be great in deed and in thought, you can understand the great importance that you need to give to present life time.

This "double" of yours, this look in the mirror of another reflection gives you the key to internal issues that you have avoided for years in a row, better focusing your attention on qualities that you hide deep within yourself. Your double is the experience you are experiencing through an Alter-Ego that registers longings, revelations, comforts, revealing different facets of your soul that inspire you to be better, more patient and tolerant in your relationship with other people.

The most admirable virtue of the leader is intimately connected with the willingness to devote yourself to a spiritual life that seeks materialization in hanging on to the so-called "transition agreements" between what constitutes you as a more grandiose version of your Self and what it represents you as an entity of humanity.

In the novel "Manon Lescaut", the abbot Prevost said a very nice things that remained stuck in my memory: "Nothing is more admirable and gives a higher price to virtue than the confidence with which you knock on the door of some people's hearts, whose honest character you al ready know."

You can determine the issue of a mutual trust if you often interact with people and only if you're spiritually fulfilled. If you possess the appropriate personal qualities, if you resemble a lot with those around you when it comes to mentality, honesty and commitment, they will get close to you and will become increasingly willing to follow you. In order to exist in people's hearts, you must deeply anchor into their reality, values and feelings.

The beneficial reality where a leader has to anchor his feelings, feeding from the accumulated lessons of life lived by the motto: "Forgive me for existing, can I do something for you so that it will be good for both of us?"

The soul's closets control the quality of your leadership and protect you from your worst enemies: stress, fatigue, depression, anxiety, etc. They possess enough power to help you focus on the most important aspects of your life that, because a full professional life, you may have forgotten. They help you find yourself in everything that you do, in the people that surround you. They help you regain yourself, providing you a shelter, in case of danger.

The results of a quality leadership also depend on the mutual feelings that develop as a result of a longer collaboration, because we are talking about people, and not about robots. A career cannot be accomplished as long as people are not sentimentally fulfilled.


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