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The Tragedy Of Poisons

On January 13, 2018
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Assign your creation a very subtle sense, assuming the duty to overcome the limits that dare you to trigger the psychology of a form of response to your accusations.

- You have committed these crimes with a shameless skill, but you can only deceive the people who are ready to let themselves be blinded by the affection they had for you. I knew there was a poisoner in the house ever since Mrs. Saint Meran died. I was warned. After the death of Barroois, my suspicions, always awake in the bottom of my heart, have fell upon someone else, even when no crime had been committed. There is no doubt that you are the killer. That is why your crime, now known only by two people, but suspected by many, will become public. And, as I was telling you earlier, I speak to you not as a husband, but as a judge !

M. de Villefort hid her face in her hands.

- Dear me ! – she begged – please, do not let yourself be led by appearances !

- Are you a coward? Cried Villefort with contempt in his voice. It is true, I’ve noticed that poisoners are always cowards. Would you, by any chance, be a coward yourself, you, who have made your wicked plans and prepared your wicked drinks with such miraculous skill and mastery? You, who have planned out everything, have you forgotten to take one thing into account, that is, where would the carrying out of your crimes lead you? This is impossible. You have kept a gentler, more penetrating, more deadly poison than the rest for yourself, so that you may escape your deserved punishment… At least, that is what I hope !

M. de Villefort put her hands together and fell to her knees.

- I wonder if because you are four times guilty you thought you would escape your punishment? Is it because you are the wife of the one who asked for the punishment that you thought you would not receive it? No, no ! I exist to punish ! Whoever you are, the scaffold awaits the poisoner, especially if – as I said earlier – the poisoner wasn’t careful enough to keep a drop of her surest poison for herself !

Leadership: Do you recognize yourself defeated by the scenario of a break from reality in the face of certainties that reveal the hidden side of your personality?

The creation and purpose of man are estimated by the reality that he brings to the world in a way that gives him the advantage of reinventing himself, but sometimes through the way of conceiving the agreements of an unfulfilled ambition. In lawyers’ arrangements, creation can be the constituent element of a charge, tied to a play of morality that reveals the guilt of a volitional attitude.

The situation given by a blow of fate, which jeopardizes the image of the individual, can reflect more than an inverse psychology culminating in the concrete representation of a strict memory of emotions and pain. In this case, we find that psychology of violating rules of conduct that keep the individual away from the real world and the reality shared with others.

As it is written in the book, reverse psychology is a method by which one is determined to adopt a certain behavior suggesting to behave in a reverse manner. Thus, it is an interpretation of the reality that each one creates through his beliefs and thoughts, which is "squeezed" by deviating from the context of a situation, by subtle processes of effective revival of the past and exploring the personality through the building of dissociative identities.

The limits that challenge you to trigger the psychology of a form of response to accusations against someone are given by the thinking you encounter when undertaking the commitment to produce a clock effect: to be discreet, easy to read, fill out a certain image, to display an image corresponding to the hypostasis that you consider honorable and to "tick" when everything is working properly.

When there is an interaction between people (we see each other, we can have a conversation), we condition that understanding of the meaning of any manifestation. This involves a thorough inspection of the state that betrays itself through verbal automatisms, by the repetition of the various reasons for concern that seem to fit in the basis of certain reasons for joy or gratefulness.

But you must be very careful to track down a number of hidden clues by relating the psyche to an external criterion to itself, meaning to establish a linear dependence towards the intensity of reliving a key moment in man’s existence. This moment must capture the logical connection between thoughts exposed unclearly and motivations behind the making of a decision that have determined him to act.

Test your ability to know the complex nature of human psychology, integrating as originally as possible the most divergent aspects of reality into a set of deja-vu sensations induced by the condition of validity of beliefs and feelings that feed the Ego.

Do not forget that joys or defeats can be a challenging reaction to man’s hardest attempt: committing a deviation from the duty to always be in the service of life and truth.

The manifestation of true human nature is a discharge of the psyche into an Ego promised to a space filled with anxiety, from the doubts of an existence that can no longer be fulfilled, no matter how many sacrifices you make.

The Tragedy of Poisons has as a first consideration the identification of behaviors, values, the beliefs that create the present state, but also of emotions generated by a consequence of actions that culminate in a final act of accusation.

* Note: Alexandre Dumas - Count of Monte Cristo , Editura Tineretului, 1957.

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