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The Trajectory Of A Bullet Lost In Uncertainty

On October 13, 2013
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Leadership Deluxe by Neculai Fantanaru

Be aware of the consequence of a deep and subtle reasoning, so that your actions do not bring functional prejudice to those around you.

Time has stopped for a moment on the third floor. Only a fraction of a second, just enough to alert the police officers. But what is this unknown force, this foreign authority defined through the ratio of two dispersions, the most awful fear and the most pressing doubt, that enter in a short respiro before covering vertiginously the distance towards the exit?

The reactions occur at extremely high speeds, their intensification being determined by the awareness of some risk factors that lead to the occurrence of an ongoing phenomenon that doesn’t seem to go beyond the limits of reason. The adrenaline is rising. And the anxiety state is blocked in the ON position, as if it were an order. Taken aback, all eyes stare at the elevator of terror. Electrons jump from a contradiction nucleus to another, coagulated with the sweat of one’s brow, which activates at the border with the impossible.

The speed of this unknown force, whose maneuver power is directly proportional with the assumed risk can’t be measured. Because its idleness can appear only following acceleration or breaking. And it can significantly grow following a concentration variation of a reactive component. Undecipherable, it seems to continuously manifest and transform based on the policemen’s reaction time.

Leadership: Can you impose yourself in an unexpected situation with a great breakthrough that seems to take the minds of others by applying it to the study of various vital manifestations of creative potential?

One can notice the growing dimension of worries towards some maximum values, accentuating anxiety. Continuous struggles, like some sharp lashes, remain constant in the immediate proximity of the uncertainty area.

Hannibal Lecter maintains interest and tension up to the anticipated event, with the precision of a bullet that comes out of the riffle of a renowned hunter – the escape he sees because of the coherent fluidity of thought. Unexpectedly, the bullet breaks against the thin wall of feeble minds, producing a tension bordering chaos. This experience is the premeditate consequence of a deep and subtle reasoning. An overthrow of every certainty that populate reality. A part of an unending chain of causes and effects.

But the great art, the coup de grace that hits its target without nobody noticing the trajectory of its behavior, is the way in which Hannibal treats this experience under the most favorable aspect. Because, most often you need to help the facts a little bit so that they mix with fiction at the cover of a private intention. In this case, a discovery that seems to contradict some universally valid principles and laws can be invoked, one that has been expected, because it has the power to shake all the destinies in its path.

Contrary to Cervates’ hero, Hannibal doesn’t comply at all with the conditions and rules of chivalry, he doesn’t give up willingly the advantages of ambiguities. Yet, he pleads in favor of an unprecedented achievement. Its transformation in an undefined shadow that no artist can catch in it graphic scheme, a shadow you have to mistake for reality.

Leadership: Do you oscillate between the extremes that can lead you to jump over the normal conventions universally accepted by a conscience of conventionality in the case of a trajectory of assimilation of practices that violate the principle of transparency?

What happens when the precision of intuition grows, or the excessive activity of imagination is exerted and you must choose more personality patterns – appropriate to the aimed objectives and corresponding from a functional point of view to the requirements of leadership?

In front of this situation, your leader status, initiated in the art of mass-manipulation, must be modified. Because if the functional dimension is doubled by a high suggestion capacity, intelligently accentuating the feeling of ambivalence, then people won’t be able to decide what way to choose. Basically, they will be caught in the trap of incision and they won’t be able to orientate their steps.

Just as between two or more items with the same functionality, an ordinary individual will choose the one that corresponds more with his esthetic taste, so will the leader, in its intent to offer an assertion possibility, choose between two or more moral and righteous alternatives that don’t comply with the most demanding standards of leadership. This, only in the situation in which they don’t simultaneously perform a movement in the opposite direction. Or, better said, when they don’t perform a double movement with a very serious opening towards the unknown, towards the compromise that can alternate the achievement of the aimed objective.

The leader is obliged in these conditions, in the middle of a new controversy to keep in mind the positive perspective of its development – often subject to a closed trajectory. The psychic phenomenon that characterizes the leader in this case is not a sensitivity that allows him to adapt to the environment, but is caused by sudden plane changes related to the triggering of unforeseen events that accelerate those manifestations of will contrary to law.

In order to lead efficiently, he mustn’t waver between the extremes that can’t make him jump over the accepted normalcy, and the maneuvering power he possesses must be directly proportional with the assumed chance. Because a growth in influence towards some negative values that continue to raise the curiosity of every man trapped in leadership’s framework, maintaining interest and tension until the anticipated event, can have repercussions on the leader’s position.

Leadership: What personality can you hide behind a double that presents in a slightly different way the possibility of giving a defining check-mate to all who challenge authority?

The road to obtaining people’s full acceptance is long and steep, especially if they continue to be situated in the immediate proximity of the uncertainty area. And this road may lead, from the first attempts to attain a double leadership valence, in the swirl of a well placed and well oriented curiosity towards a new approach of the influence process in limit situations, to a psychotic state of losing the sense of reality. Is this kind of maneuver, which gives leadership slight chances to be fully accepted, acceptable?

If you hide your personality behind a doppelganger that intervenes in the regulatory mechanism of influence with the purpose of saving the leadership match, due to the possibility of giving a defining chess to all those who contest your authority, actions, accomplishments or qualities, then all your initiatives will be regarded with suspicion.

Consequently, if you want to plead in favor of an unprecedented accomplishment and to transform yourself in an "undefined shadow" which corresponds to a relationship full of contradictions, you should also take into account the withdrawal of your position in the acceptance perimeter that your supporters are currently managing.

Authority, from the point of view of the unforeseen of a situation, seems to be a manifestation of will that places the individual at the limit between what is true and what is not, what is accepted and what is considered offensive to fairness.

The trajectory of a bullet lost in uncertainty points out the possibility that leadership could generate chaos, thus losing the notion of leadership into the abyss. A duplicitous wavering leader, but with a great suggestion capacity will generate disorientation among people. And in the end, distrust and chaotic actions.

* Note: The Silence of the Lambs (1991)


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