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The Truth Beyond Magic (II)

On January 26, 2015, in Personal Development, by Neculai Fantanaru

Ensure an environment of change that welcomes exceptionality, turning yourself into a programmer of new self-content.

It was a convention of a functioning that admitted a single variable: the resizing of reality under the action of forward forces that made possible the teleportation in time and space. Through magic. This transition from a fuller unit to a deep unity seemed to be wrapped in the spirals of a world that left behind nothingness and other heavens. Thus, there was the possibility of detecting the presence of God everywhere and nowhere, assumed by a meaning that covered the interval between reason and imagination.

From one moment to another, it seemed to me that I was in a different place, that I was forgetting where I was and what was happening around. Undoubtedly, I was stuck in the midst of determinations located valuably within the limits of impact laws, expressed by the equations of non-obvious clauses. No wonder I did not have any control over the situation. Ultimately, I probably would not be wrong if I said that everything eluded me. Nevertheless, I carried on before trying to end this charade close to the science fiction area, blindly immersing myself into the unreal.

"The prince, just coming back from the neighboring kingdom, looked straight into his father’s eyes and asked:

- Father, is it true that you are not an emperor, but simply a magician? I have to know the truth, the truth beyond magic. Otherwise I will kill myself.

- There is no truth beyond magic, replied the Emperor. And through his spells he calls upon death. Death appeared in the door and motioned the prince to come with it. The prince shuddered. He remembered the beautiful islands, beautiful, but unreal, and the unreal princesses, unreal, but beautiful.

- Very well, he said. I can endure everything.

- You see, my son, said the Emperor, now you are also a magician.

Leadership: Are you trying to control an "Open World" environment by capitalizing on a shared experience in a collage of the concrete and the abstract?

Leadership is an extremely important factor in the fertility of a new field of thought, but it needs approval from the self in order to take shape. Especially from the self that exists beyond direct perception, beyond the objective reality filters (which is not as comprehensive as subjective reality).

When you approve of the existence of a reality whose applicability horizon is not seen too early, it means that you recognize another variant of knowledge that interferes with the "magical matter" of the self.

Open Word, as a condition of your own transformation into the great equation of claiming to be someone else, highlights the originality that you assume by creating a new identity that can give you a certain fulfillment, pendulating between what you are capable of facing and what you are capable of possessing. And a mask you place on your own insecurities, for fear of not being vulnerable, is the beginning of an attempt to escape from an obscure universe (worldly habits, desperate, obsessed with failure).

If you want leadership to reflect and value a knowledge whose expansion will lead to the creation of a new reality, detach yourself from the immediate condition of being a prisoner of the concrete, and turn into a programmer of new self-content. Which can be achieved by designing the future of another image of power, a higher order magician capable of providing new perspectives of the world, presented as a kind of "Mission Impossible."

A few days ago, Eric Schmidt, Google’s executive president, said the internet, in its current form, will disappear. This, the new reality, which corresponds to another waiting horizon, is built from another kind of experience – one based on wonders, on magic, on the suspension of unanimously accepted laws, as a redirection of the meaning accorded to the ordinary. Do you stay in the game?

Leadership: Is your mind looking at what is more "holy" beyond the confrontation between this world and the other world?

There are hidden costs for any kind of experience distributed in a collage of concrete and abstract, but they help promote the image of your unpredictable power. The highest leadership is materialized by the power to manifest yourself as a mystery discoverer, by the power to replace the certainties of the present. By being able to stand above that average level of thought accepted by the vast majority. By being able to stand above a reality whose imperfections are fading into that ordinary perspective, which cannot in any way give the measure of an original creative intelligence.

Paraphrasing the Dutch historian, Johan Huizinga, I would say that the mind of the creative-leader cannot detach itself from the magical circle of the power play, it is looking at what is most holy. That is, to all that is most secret, covered with meanings and associations that elude any logic, any sort of realism, looking for a definitive hiding that can later appear in other people’s lives as verisimilar. As a consequence of the condition of convergence to the highest source of "enlightenment."

If it is true what someone said, that abstract and concrete are logically merging into an illogical universe – our mind, then the experiences of immersion in the unreal can recreate the image of a new neighboring world with confusion, full of mystery, but at the same time full of attractions.

A new self-content has as a correspondent the image of a personality between what is defined as "an immediate imperative of the acceptable" and what is born out of your deepening into irrefutable truths considered as "holy" in an ever-changing reality.

The Truth Beyond Magic highlights that power of thought supported by a kind of collage of concrete and abstract, which builds a new reality adapted incredibly to the film of leadership through hard work and imaginative knowledge, based on a mysterious vision that attributes uncertainty to any class of beliefs.

* Note: John Fowles, The Magus, Editura Polirom, 2002.


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