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The Two Exceptions Of Leadership

On October 14, 2016
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To match what you perceive through the mind in a story is directly proportional with what you do when you think no one can see you.

It was a fiction of the power of surpassing yourself, a hallucinatory experience, the beginning of a rebirth in the "divine" through a rediscovery of the mysteries of a scientific geometry. Something that struck me in particular, me, the researcher of literature dedicated to the sources generators of new creative dimensions, at times too complicated, deepened in the background noise of bewildering chimeras of ideas, steps not dared step upon by just anyone.

I myself present the symptoms of an improbable fiction. The predominant trait specific to this fiction, through which I reinvented myself, of which a certain John Fowles would say: "it remains what is left when you step forward, in a story where you do not care for the curtain", constituted the metaphor of learning that helped me access the resources necessary for change, creating something known as a "superior Ego."

I dare say that I would have given myself, without hesitation, to any "new left", to any present inexistent in other people’s minds, to conform to the treacheries of my own fantasies, inexplicably complex and completely outside immediate understanding. Outside of noticing and correlating the essential attributes of events and phenomena, I slowly left me to the mercy of an unsuspected power. No one could see me in the fiction I was projecting on the world, due to the fact that the world no longer believed in stories, and my story was about to turn into the idealization of the mysterious connection between a magician and a scientist.

Since energy can be neither created nor destroyed, only transformed, according to the first law of thermodynamics, so too can the fiction of a story in which the hero represents further proof of the necessity of his removal from the stage of the visible world, it doesn’t go hand in hand, it can only be formulated in prose, being a compensatory universe. In which I would take refuge when my inner balance was threatened by the constraints posed by reality.

Leadership: Can you discover what is beyond what can be seen or experienced directly, matching what you perceive through the mind in a story which is always reduced to a single theme?

"And now, write down the following important finding: the artist within me had defeated the gentleman inside. Through a great effort of will, I managed in these memorial notes to adapt my style to the tone of my journal. That journal no longer exists. But I considered it my artistic duty to preserve its intonations, no matter how false or brutal they would seem to me now." (Humbert Humbert from the novel "Lolita")

If you want to cherish nature and the form of the spirit, then you must remember what you write about yourself, from youth to the end of your life, in the most intimate aspects of life. Writings that have something specific in their composition: your concern for the unique way of articulating a harmony with the self that is manifested by focusing on what you are used to see and no believe.

Only one theme characterizes my story, you may have noticed: the result of the imaginative process potentiated by a satisfying creation that speaks in an almost universal language about the penetration of the Ego into a universe of duality. You will have the opportunity to see this if you read other articles written by me. And this theme reinforces the idea of a comparison between writer and creator, under the auspices of the feeling of superiority, of belonging to an avant-garde literary current: Nivexistyoss , or the Voice of the Lord in the discovery of a new world.

Leadership: Can you elevate your mind to the rank of artistic creed through a creation that is a copy of a visualization of the “Alpha” image placed in the context of an agreement with yourself?

What enhances your value as a man who constantly attacks new horizons must be the copy of a visualization placed in the context of an understanding with yourself. This copy needs to reflect, more than any other episode of your development, that part of mental life beyond what you think you are, beyond what can be seen or experienced directly. And one which you keep as a fond memory.

Mainly, it's about art, more precisely about this artistic creed: to make every effort to transpose your life into a creation that attracts all the eyes around you. Beyond the diversity of nuances and arguments that can fill your life, examining your position to what you are used to see and not believe, is of such nature to grow a new finding, a certain manifestation of your spiritual archetype, a momentary feeling that influences the way in which you react to what you perceive beyond appearances.

It isn’t for naught that I quote Romanian philosopher Gabriel Liiceanu now: "Writing is a way of focusing on what you didn’t know you knew (on what you knew without being aware of it.)"

Because to match what you perceive through your mind in a story is directly proportional to what you do when you think no one can see you. It is equally true as in the case where you know something without knowing why. And this fact, for the carrier of revealing truths, means to find yourself navigating a deep and long sleep that dominates reality.

The “Alpha” image placed in the context of an agreement with yourself designates that form of presence that the creation assures you, the crowning of which is the revelation of the source of your existence as a human being above the world through an artistic creed: to believe in what your imagination provides.

The Two Exceptions Of Leadership could be the following: to wake up to reality without remembering yourself, or to remember yourself without waking up to reality. A single aspect is sure in both cases: you need to adapt your style of being to the tones of your own reset, no matter how false or true they are.

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