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The Two Protrusions Of Leadership

On September 25, 2016
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Awaken the uprising of those around, while also proving to them your superiority in the extent and depth of thinking.

His personality was charming. He liked making others laugh, but while also proving his superiority in the extent and depth of thinking. His extraordinary and profound fantasy for innovation in creation fascinated all those who knew him then. They are traits that have remained with him up to his death.

He dominates all those around him. A first contact with him awakened the uprising of the interlocutor. Those who had the strength of getting to know him closely were won over by his charm. Ultimately, it was not about infatuation. Very well aware of his value, his relationship with those around stemmed from that premise that became an objective fact. For his genius, intuited and discovered by enlightened minds ever since as being a fact, his name had become a superlative of creative power.

He knew it and wasn’t hiding it out of embarrassment. He accepted this lucidly and objectively. The very fact irritated many. And it seems that neither then, nor later, Eisenstein didn’t coddle and didn’t take this irritation into account. On the contrary.

Leadership: Can you pretend respect through the image displayed by the "Defying" function, without displaying any other image by accessing the link "Follow Me"?

Considering the saying "Be yourself and you will come to know who is your friend", in the transition from the phase of self-assessment to that of development, we can reach the case of exploiting the perceptions of others by maximizing the value of our own being. Which leads to the depiction of an addict of a certain atmosphere of splendor, of a certain emotion that you can control for the purpose of highlighting your dominant traits.

The image of a leader must embrace the status of “superlative of creative power”, so that people are amazed by the vastness of an extraordinary thought, to be both fascinated and frightened, so as to create an alarming situation. It is the only situation that attracts the most attention.

You must replace your image with a way of making up the personality structure that allows for adaptation to any sort of external pressure, without having it so that through this you endanger your uppermost side of identity. The ultimate endeavor is to be a man deeply rooted in the soil of superiority, in the depth and depth of thought.

Superiority is, at times, the way in which you can demonstrate your value through the lens of the fascination you manifest to the contrary of the world’s expectations.

In this case, your concern should crystallize the supreme audacity of maintaining your impact, this form of completeness that leaves no room for regrets, without seeking explanations and arguments based on recent changes of the reality of those around. The traits that remain your own until the end of your life must denote a certain vision of yourself, a certain image, a certain opinion, that no matter what you do – you do it because it is to your liking, not to the liking of others, and is for the benefit of science, not for the benefit of a person who needs help to assert himself.

A leader knows how to present himself in the position of a "boy full if himself", and doesn’t hide it out of embarrassment. He accepts this lucidly and objectively. The very fact irritates many. But he doesn’t coddle and does not take this irritation into account. On the contrary.

In this way, you become a superlative of creative power. To create from yourself an unusual image, to pretend respect through the image displayed by the "Defying" function, without displaying any other image by accessing the link "Follow Me", often awaking an uprising in the interlocutor and yet, despite all this, he is won over, this equates to a leap into the void from a height that doesn’t "break your legs" upon impact.

On the contrary, sometimes it transforms you into a superior man, confident and endowed with many gifts from God. You must be an exceptional case.

To arouse the revolt of those around you is to show that you possess an ability that no one else has, and that this ability works at full capacity without imposing certain measures on it and without being affected by any selfish passion.

The Two Protrusions Of Leadership are represented by two distinct types of personality: one that awakens an uprising in those around and one that perfectly knows its value, its relationship with those around stemming from this premise that has become an objective fact.

* Note - Ion Barna - Eisenstein , Youth Publishing House, 1966.

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