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The Universe Of An Artist Who's Found His Plenary Expression

On May 01, 2019, in Skills and Abilities, by Neculai Fantanaru

Shape your reality through a virtue which will show an image of your unitary and well-articulated personality that is as elaborate and as artistic as possible.

My garden is the cure of immortality, an inflorescence of spirituality that impresses through purity and positivity. Its care for is so meticulous that others would stop before starting, it joins the same work with the painter who knows how to choose with finesse and tact elements from the surrounding world to provide the stimulation of the creative potential the viewer needs to translate into an ideal world.

This living environment, which is further enhanced by artistic valence of merit, gives me the responsibility and sense that helps me distinguish that basic knowledge of beauty beyond the traditional aesthetics of the proportions of forms, tendencies and tones, beyond the rigidity of words laid out with so much force on paper.

Every morning and evening, the garden which only a very cultivated spirit could care for as a guardian of the heart, welcomes me with an atmosphere of grace, full of charm, welcoming and relaxing, at the slightest breeze of the wind wrapping me like a spell of the fantastic willing to bear the mark of a high wisdom set forth in the plan of the Divine Creation. I still want to think we much alike, that we have feelings that often coincide in different situations.

A lively and warm dialogue in a secluded area of ​​the garden should begin as soon as possible. I have to speak with each flower in part, that by this I can adorn my mind and my soul with the thoughts of God along a time predestined for two close friends.

Were I to address the garden, as I would address a painter who keeps the universe in his hands filled with color and energy, hands that build, comfort, shape and illuminate, I would only say: “Master, thank you for Invictus”. An old saying, but one specially chosen for a peace-filled mind.

Leadership: Can you highlight the “conceptual” character of representing a particular reality, that is, trying to show through an expressive image everything you know about a universe governed in its totality by the sympathetic system of correspondence with nature?

A discrete swallow chirping, a yellow leaf left alone among the blades of grass, a bee spinning around the first chrysanthemum, everything around me integrates into a magical game, like in a spell of multiple coincidences, looking at that unclear beyond the simultaneous realities of all the constituent elements of the garden.

The art of gardening is not a separate living entity. First, I face the reality of a nature that is subjected to a free will, that all living things depend on a Creator and an eternal master of the world. Then there is the reality of a dream transformation, subordinated to an overview and detail of what the landscape of the garden brings through the consciousness of the relationship between what I create with thoughts and sight, and the effect of a transfiguration of the real world into the spirit of miraculous.

Any breath of life that, in every detail of the flowers, is felt in every corner of the garden and at any moment as a temporal index of a book meant to scatter around the truth of the thinking of the wise men of the world, amplifies the feelings of a tested spirit, with endless humility, to discover the key to God’s knowledge.

The conceptual character of representing a particular reality is to answer the question: “What should your garden contain for you to enjoy its beauty in the spirit of unbroken submission to the will of God?”

Leadership: How do you care for the image of virtue and purity that proposes an exemplary way of life, in the context of an influence that joins nature to complete it with mystical meanings?

The garden is the destiny of a colorful star. I truly believe we are alike, we resonate like two smiles for delight and I want to create a comparison between it and myself, as between two paintings still smelling of fresh oil, marking the course of a symbol of the human essence unleashed by any passions or worries. Moreover, the garden gives me this impression of protective and unwavering force because of the idea of ​​being dependent on the superior intelligence of matter that includes all the impulses of the spirit of the whole Creation, that is, of God.

The manifestation of a sense of respect for life bears the mark of a special way of organizing the space that gives me calmness and the peace of mind. The virtue that totally characterizes me, the acquisition of which I coveted for centuries, is that of the man who gives the soul verticality, shielding it from regret and remorse, under whose light I breathe in another, more peaceful, destiny. Dignity is the forgiving character of God that shines through every flower and blade of grass.

Umberto Eco, my hopeful friend in discovering the hidden meanings beyond any new and lively element, did not know so well as me to achieve the sublime aesthetic experience by referring the image to the original of a painting giving the value of a text full of flavor and spirit. However, I still take into account the way he admired the gardens best shielded from the matter of suggestion:

“The gods speak to us through the medium of dreams and mysteries. That is how these gardens are. Every aspect of this terrace reproduces a mystery of alchemical art, but unfortunately, we are no longer able to read it, not even our host can. The whole garden is readable as a book, like a spell, which, in the end, is the same thing. You may, if you would know, speak in a low voice the words the garden utters, and you will be able to direct one of the many forces acting in the sublunar world. The garden is an apparatus to dominate the universe.”

Can you compare your leadership with a gardening activity able to attract attention through the dispute over “natural beauty” and “artistic beauty”, enthusiastically following a vision that you have acquired as a philosophy of life?

The most elementary form of expression of a symbol in the plane of life is achieved by inserting a conventional image into the space of a higher world, which can only be understood in the light of the circumstances in which it appeared, rather being a dialogue of the ideas of unity between Journey and Paradise, between Nature and God.

From gardening, a certain philosophy of life is available, available by exposing your own opinions and feelings to the moment, without allowing yourself excesses or imbalances. Such a philosophy can be expressed as follows: “Learn to see the things around you with as much lucidity as possible, but each time as a different experience of visualization of an artistic production that allows itself to be betrayed by the sensational, devolving into the fantastical in order to vary its appearance”.

Moreover, gardening connects the content of leadership with the personal experience of artistic creation through the “invitation” to self-observation and introspection, culminating in the exposition of their own visions of good and beauty, based on harmony between body, mind and spirit, between personality and soul, between the self and the universal spirit.

Gardening gives more freedom to the depths of the mind, diminishes aggressive behaviors, constantly provokes you in a concentration exercise, but especially facilitates that intimate adhesion to mystical suggestion: “I am one with nature.” And to leave your mark on the beauty that characterizes a world full of secrets, un mondo di meraviglie, through the work you are laying down to populate the entire garden area with imagination, is such an exhilarating experience that we can only thank God for this wonderful gift called: artistic sense.

Turning gardening into a landmark for an aesthetic analysis means embracing the art of turning a random theme into a concept of the Creator of the Beautiful to whom you would give the mental attributes of a limitless spatial spread.

The Universe Of An Artist Who's Found His Plenary Expression includes the silence of a nature unburdened by the influences of a dynamic, complex and aggressive society, and the proximity to a Creator who in his infinite intelligence and wisdom has also given us this infallible treasure, namely the love for all that is beautiful and useful for our development as a unitary and well-articulated personality.

I learned to understand the importance of the garden. I am glad that what I have learned here in my garden can be implemented in leadership and everyday life.


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