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The Universe Of The Man, Disoriented Before A Half-opened Door (I)

On December 15, 2012, in Leadership Expert, by Neculai Fantanaru

Respond to the questions set by your own progress, so that to facilitate your access to the fundamental truths about the Man and his essence in the world.

I had not planned, and I did not think that I will expose myself so much to an entire world, to a factor of confrontation. It was a reflection of the relationship that existed between me and another being, continuing through an intense surround, of essence, of what I was, in contrast to what I could become.

I felt the ground slipping under my feet. My fears more or less vague until then, had serious reasons to transform themselves into dismay. Inexplicable, I was trapped in an existential vortex, into a bevy of disturbing thoughts, into a system of doubt axes that were blocking with much impetus my optimism and enthusiasm. Hesitating, I was shakening into the shadow of an uncertainty in thinking, stirred by many confusing questions, overwhelmed by an oppressive expectation and afraid of its consequences.

Every phase of my evolution was a part of the science from everywhere, the testimony of a world that I wanted resurrected, to the extent when the science from everywhere was coming to solve the preparatory questions set by my own battle with windmills. Who was I? Where I was? Until when? I had the feeling that I had been created to fit a label that might not fit me, into an enlightened world that was imposed only by coercion, and preventively broke the desire in me to do something else with my life.

A brief exploratory moment, quick as a flash, a state of forced lucidity which, like a Prometheus chained to a huge cliff, it were devoured from me, without exception, all sources of inspiration and motivation. All the crumbs of the energy that characterized me I was leaving behind, I didn't collect them in a new bunch of the striving to validate my own person, but left them scatter on their own until sublimation.

Leadership: How do you treat the overcoming of the duality of being an object of obsession with one’s own person and being the main way to maintain a limiting state specific to a consciousness haunted by the temptation of nothingness?

Do you feel the earth slipping under your feet? Are you trapped into an existential vortex, in a system of doubt axes, which blocks your optimism and enthusiasm? Are you shakening in the shadow of an uncertainty in thinking? Are you troubled about many confusing questions, overwhelmed by an oppresive waiting and fearful of its consequences? Who are you? Where are you? Until when?

Why should you torment so much to answer these questions? Because only in this way you can understand leadership, this spiral staircase of the ascension, but also of the risks, which can be traversed only by understanding the essence, hidden and unchangeable, of the human nature. A look „from the inside", that reflection of the confused spirit that experiments new reality states, they’re necessary for better following the way in which the obligation of ensuring the transformation that succeeds the incommensurable greatness line is fulfilled.

My only proof of greatness was that I never felt lost, abandoned, in all that confrontation between what altered my reality and what represented me as style, vision and spirit. The wearing of such a greatness on my shoulders, in opposition to any sign of laziness that constantly haunted my mind, my thoughts and my soul, is the proof of the faith of rejecting any weakness of reason before the impenetrable forces of nothingness.

The nothingness is reduced to crossing the life experience you do not accept as a guarantee of your entry in that order of spirit that can help you redefine your view of one’s own person, of the system of values, and the boundaries of that relationship. It can be said that you are an object of obsession with one’s own person when you think you are defeated by a reality that no longer belongs to you, which seems to make no sense at all, being incapable of finding your direction and motivation to continue to develop on all levels.

Leadership: What is your position on what happens to you in a "manifest yourself through the power of your individuality" situation when you need to validate the true cause of your experiences?

The good that you unlimitedly possess, and that leadership admits as a vast territory of the responsibility to what motivates you, acquired following the intense efforts of doing something important with your life, is actually the value you give to yourself and not the people around you. It’s the value given by the connection between what you were, opposite to the value given by what you can become; it’s the value given by the experience of the self won through an appreciative diversity of realist approaches.

Your nature will be continuously shaped under the influence of the society and of your own transitions towards an ever-changing reality. A bridge to a secret understanding of what defines you as a Man, which, by crossing it under the conditions imposed by your own knowledge, in understanding and quantification of the transformation process, will make it possible to answer the questions that hide many doubts and assumptions about "who you are" what is your role in the world and where you are heading.

The true cause of your experiences can be found through someone else’s intercession or self-study of your tendencies. Both ways must be remarked by discovering the vices in you, followed by the eradication of any defect by developing the quality that will destroy it, not by the struggle against evil, but by the spiritual victory over the superiority of the intelligence.

When you feel confused, it means that the dialogue with yourself has been jeopardized by that tendency of the intelligence to access a new form of manifestation of existence, alien to your own reference structure.

How do you climb the spiral stairway of your ascension? By looking back towards what seems to lack any importance, or onward towards what will never come? If you want to rise to the leadership level that supports the necessary potential to continuously achieve change, first of all, you have to identify the novelty that can grant meaning, a certain direction, a certain value to your life.

The novelty is the evidence of a world that you want to revive, it’s the condition of science to explore a reality that is permanently enriched with meaningful fascicles, granting you that uniqueness you need in order to become a great man.

The value of man is determined by the volume of truth that he can tolerate about himself in that circumstance of life that alienates him.

The universe of the man, disoriented before a half-opened door mirrors that hidden part of the science and knowledge of the "Man" that comes out while you are connected to a reality with a different meaning. A volunteer experience, a jump to a different understanding, which can allow you to progress, enriching yourself with your own knowledge, with the knowledge of life, of time, and of the human universe.

Just as painter prepares his canvas before putting the colors, even so the excellence in leadership, to be achieved, you must first allocate your own resources that may cause a change, to renew its knowledge and the science of understanding the human nature, of the Human within you, and after that of the others around you, before using them.

An open door is an invitation to enter into a sometimes unknown space, where you do not know what you should expect there and what you will find out. But once you get past it means that you are committed to face the "unknown" with the weapons of knowing the potential that you had constantly developed.


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