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The Unsettling Immobility Of Jack Crawford

On November 21, 2013, in Leadership N6-Celsius, by Neculai Fantanaru

Test your ability to practice an opening towards new self-knowledge horizons, so that your evolution won’t be placed under the auspices of a somber ending.

The storm of exasperation unleashes with an unstoppable force over Jack Crawford, leader of the "Behavioral Science Unit"within the FBI. An inner shake is followed by the formidable noise of the friction between elements and the energy gathered in the only stage of the fight against negative thoughts. They’re there because of the inability to cope with the tricky case of "Buffalo Bill." This unseen, unknown criminal is looking for new victims. And all the blame is put on the shoulders of the person leading the investigation.

The whole evolution and performance of Jack Crawford seems to be placed under the auspices of a somber ending. Is he still the qualified person for this mission to identify the sick human type who brings disadvantages to society? Can he still reach in the unreachable and set the oscillations of manifestations and behavioral formulae for the murderous ghost who shamelessly haunts, with its intrigues, with its uncommon force, every single place?

All of Crawford’s skills in forensics and in profilage basé sur l'analyse de l'esprit seem to be locked down in three manuscripts, always reread and reevaluated: the Bible of facts, the Bible of clues and the Bible of their art, revealing first and foremost the distinct industry of his instincts, of the solutions he adopted and their effects. But these Bibles must be constantly interpreted, eliminating the untruths or accidental mistakes. Because nothing connects in this case. Just like a scholar of the art, he must gather, classify, mix, and distill the isolated elements, thus practicing some sort of chemistry of solutions and combinations.

When Buffalo Bill strikes in the middle of the night, everything shakes in Crawford. He seems to be touched by a red iron, feeling a shiver through his whole body. The news falls like an axe above his head. The words of general Alexander Suvorov seem to pound in his mine: "I don’t know any other way of recognizing the enemy, except going to him and beating him up!"But where is the enemy hiding? Who is he, actually?

Leadership: Can you increase the impact between what you expect to provide to your reality and what is offered to you integrated into the struggle with yourself in terms of experiencing an extended state of consciousness?

Experiencing an extended state of consciousness means experiencing the events directly as if you were the one triggering them and suffering from them. The only thing that makes you wonder “where all the problems and troubles come from” is the impact of reality on your mind that can create the impression of madness.

In the confusing game of searching, Crawford is taken over by an unstoppable panic, as if he would be waiting terrified for a cataclysm. He seems to be caught in the jaws of the burdensome approaches of psychological aspects. Only by connecting in parallel more high precision "resistors" on the circuit between promptitude, severity and pragmatism, he can would be able to point his investigation in the right direction. And reach some relevant conclusions.

Devastating ! In the subterraneans of his mind there are changes of the stimuli concentration which no longer ensure the dosage of ideas for solving the case. The nucleus of his internal functioning system can no longer use new resources. All the necessary information for regulating functionality seems to degenerate. His capacities are gathered in an autonomous region, losing their vitality. Confronted with the confusing vitality, he’d prefer an admission of clear facts, trying to think independently, to be responsible and to trust his own strength.

But he can’t fulfill this imperfect road of research. And then, the fight takes place inside of him. There is a rupture between two ways of „being"which can’t be so easily repaired. A hollow in the wall of science. A discrepancy between two distinct manners to approach psychology and human personality. Confused, Crawford seems to enter an uncontrollable spiral of the capacity to shed light and rebuild his own efficiency resources, needed in order to support the application of his experience.

Leadership: Do you allow your functioning system to go in "Standby" mode on the line of the supreme power of discernment to see the transience of the world and human futility through a single dominant subject?

Jack Crawford’s consciousness manifests against the backdrop of trying to discern between the nefarious discernment of his research and the impact of a leaked message from reality that he is experiencing intensely: “You can’t be certain of what you find out !”

The dominant subject testing and almost overwhelming him is not catching Buffalo Bill, but escaping from the darkness of the human mind that he experiences as an existential blockade.

By making profiles based on the analysis of mid and through a combination of criteria, one can measure the extent to which each rule is powered by the progress mechanism of man. In this case, leadership targets that certain situation which can intervene during the match between man and himself. When the contradictions between external requests and internal possibilities, by activating them, impede the development of potential and the formation of those strategies which could support intellective activities.

Automatically starting the process to change or to rehabilitate the assembly of particularities which make you a unique being, especially when your functioning system goes in "Standby", is mostly a chore and a tiresome inner work. Because in this case there is no approach that can keep the perception of unity, the elements which contribute to the structure of thinking can’t be places in a continuous development area. That’s why your entire performance and evolution is placed under the auspices of a somber ending.

The British coach and author, Julian Russell, pointed out that: "The minds of leaders always search for new ways to exploit their distinct abilities. But they don’t turn mental agility into a resource one can turn to when things aren’t exactly going the right way."

This is just a small part of what defines leaders, and it doesn’t always apply. Because it doesn’t bear the complexity implied by prevention and protection activities in the stage of battle, difficult to overcome, against negative thoughts owed to the inability to deal with the inner reality.

Leadership is that part of human existence that is carried out under the pressure of conviction that everything you try to know about how the world works and its most praiseworthy aspects is in fact the reflection in the mirror of the authority you represent.

The Unsettling Immobility Of Jack Crawford refers to the lack of that concordant flexibility with the unforeseen situations that continue by taking new forms with negative impact on carrying on with a normal existence.

Preventing any hit below the belt means being permanently one step ahead of your inner opponent – by continuous personal professional development, but also by developing synthesis and analysis abilities. And, when possible, also by developing that ability to anticipate any operational regression and any psychical "attack".

* Note: The Silence of the Lambs (1991)


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