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The Way Of The Magician

On March 21, 2010
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Leadership Plus by Neculai Fantanaru

Integrate yourself into the performance circle, canceling the natural limitations imposed by the parameters of the development of a meaning that always stands at the edge of the significance of an impeccably played role.

A hidden voice tells me that it was more than a coincidence my re-encounter with the master magician. He still had that sharp look, which seems to be reading deep down your soul. I could see in him gathered the entire human knowledge, all its secrets. You could see from a distance that he was a man with the formidable power to change things, an unusual man who guessed everything, who knew everything, who penetrated the most intimate thoughts of all people.

We talked a few long hours, the magician being pleasantly surprised that I remembered so much about him. Curious by nature, I put him a lot of questions, maybe in this way I could find the secret of his profession, the secret of a magician. And I found out.

The mystery from behind the glance of the scene. The magician looked aThe mystery from behind the glance of the scene. T me full of confidence, he lowered his voice so nobody around us could hear us talking and said to me:

- A magician who does not have the skills to arouse the curiosity of the spectators and influence them by his own will, going into their minds, cannot be successful in his career. Most viewers believe in miracles and impossible things, which can be made, so, that is why, in order for the act to be perfect, he must temporarily suspend reality. Otherwise, the audience won't like any illusion, they will prove to be unimpressed, and will applaud without enthusiasm.

He made a short pause, examined me with his eyes and mind to see if I am really paying attention to him, then continued:

- I'm not a magician, but an actor playing the role of a magician. I am an artist who learned how to realize special effects by his art. The key to my success lies only in knowing the physical phenomena underlying the optical perception, in the dexterity of my hands, in the speed and accuracy I perform every magic trick. The more I maintain the illusion, the more "the magic" is considered better.

Leadership: Do you benefit from all the privileges of power, no matter the way in which you are perceived?

The power of a magician to perform apparently impossible tricks, subtly influencing, through mystical ways, apparently supernatural, the thoughts and beliefs of people illustrates the way in which leadership overcomes tradition borders of promotion. It illustrates the way in which the elaboration function of granting a new meaning to the experience lived by people around you, through a conditioning tendency, is exclusively fulfilled by artists, in the face of a world redimensioned by new realities.

I am not at all surprised that this identity reconfiguration towards an all-comprising accomplishment of putting into practice, in a controlled environment, all the advanced shaping and manipulating techniques, actually shares some characteristics of the work of art.

The work of art is the way through which the artist manifests his gift of improvising and accomplishment; it is a lesson of determinism, in the complex of phenomena that form together the field of practical experiences. The latter receives an important meaning, with a high number of receiving and reaction valences, by becoming a way to disclose a new conscience that burns under the sign of an impact force in front of those that learn to adapt to a new reality.

To benefit from all the privileges of power is to express that creative side that measures your value at the same time as committing a deviation from reality, so that the public tries to look simultaneously at two distinct parts of the same individual.

In other words, the work of art is a way to form some representations about the world of objects and phenomena of a reality that makes all the more obvious the idea according to which everything is possible if you really try to obtain the impossible of possible.

Leadership is the winning option of a psychological experiment that tests the power of understanding of some people through some well determined quantities of chiaroscuro that have emerged in the form of thought styles that completely surprise, thus obtaining some exceptional performances.

That is why cultivating the capacity to perceive a work of art by taking over variations of some very attractive themes and aspects, from the superior height of your own creative culture is maybe the most profitable investment, because no matter the way in which you’re perceived, you benefit from all the privileges of power. This means that you remain loyal to your own intellectual superiority.

Leadership: Can you express the hidden side of your being, without leaving any particular aspect of your "show" to chance?

Leadership is a "game" based on rules and skills, where only those truly deserving will be able to obtain exceptional results and will be able to advance to a higher level. It is a "game" in which you must look for perfection even if you will never be able to reach it. It is a "game" in which, if you do not practice continuously, you can fail, despite the excellent performancthat you have proven up to the present. Do not forget that you cannot leave for chance any particular aspect of your "show".

Just as the feeling without intelligence is blind, so you become blind and the quality of your performance suffers if you accept that natural limitations imposed by the dimension of your talent. You can always be better than you think you are. The decision to go to the limit will help your potential to reach a level where others are not able.

Have you made an inventory of your skills? Can you do things that others are not able to do? What is the trait that sets the tone for your performance? Do you show a genuine care for the elements that increases your leadership ability? Or, somehow you are heading to an area for which you do not have inclinations?

The way you are perceived by people depends on your understanding of the aesthetic dimension of the creative act.

Just as the intelligence without feeling is cold and has no dynamic force, so your leadership potential will not have a dynamic force if you have not created to yourself a lever that would increase to the maximum your efficiency - once the lever is your commitment to improving the conditions in which you validate your potential to transfigure a certain reality.

These conditions are responsible for diverting attention to something other than what is seen and the actual focusing on the creative act that is being made in plain sight at one point, but just when everyone is paying attention elsewhere.

Is there a way to become a master of leadership? Yes, there is a way, but it is not simple at all. In leadership, achieving a craftsmanship requires a constant training, a lot of effort and much sacrifice, because the talent is not enough. You may be endowed with a special talent, with rare virtues, and altogether be surpassed by someone more vivid and productive. Perseverance and serious effort always beat talent.

The hidden side of your being has as a dominant variable the weight of encompassing in one act of creation two special things: the attention displayed to the plans of an artistic game and the natural tendency of the mind to go in the direction of the currents caused by the associations of ideas and the original correlations that the experimentation of illusion arouses.

The way of the magician is nothing else but the way you must follow in leadership in order to increase your performances. In a world like ours, where there is a fierce competition, only those who will follow the way of improvement, development of dexterities and, generally, continuous improvement in all aspects, will succeed in making themselves noticed in a special way !

David Copperfield, the most famous magician of all times, the one who made the Statue of Liberty to disappear, best captured this truth: "The real secret of magic lies in performance."

How do you enhance your performance so you can increase your value?

Can the meaning you attribute to your role be split between the desire of being one with reality and the loyalty for the creation of illusion?

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