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Wheels Of Leadership

On January 15, 2009, in Successful Leadership, by Neculai Fantanaru

Always maintain a balance in your leadership, showing your best interest to the "maintenance service" of your potential at full capacity.

Once, I had in my room an extraordinarily beautiful clock. It was an old clock, with ebony wood frame and pendulum. It was impossible for my friends not to observe it when they came to my room. In fact, it was so beautiful and interesting, that everyone asked me where I bought it from and if I don’t wish to sell it. That clock was very dear to me and that is why I still remember it fondly.

But one day, the clock suddenly stopped, seemingly for no reason. The wheels were in good condition and well jointed, but springs had lost all elasticity. I tried many times to replace them, I carefully removed them and remounted them with even more care, but the wheels remained immobile. Finally, I didn’t have any choice and went to a watchmaker. I explained the situation to the craftsman, I told him that I disassembled it many times, but with no result. The craftsman carefully looked a few minutes at the clock.

- Yeah. I know what the problem is.

- What is it? I immediately asked.

- Young man, to find out the problem, you must first understand the functioning mechanism of the clock. Then, all you have to do is to adjust the appropriate components to certain parameters. You have changed the springs, but didn’t put the pendulum in a balanced position because you didn’t know the principles of physics underlying the operation of the clock.

Leadership: What parts do you need to adjust to achieve your potential, so that you do not trigger anxiety symptoms at different times in your evolution?

In each of us, there are wheels that we cannot see, but that give us the inspiration and creativity that we need to function better, to find solutions to the problems we deal with. Sometimes, however, it may happen for the wheels that put in motion our strategies and plans of action to become stuck. When this happens, will we know what pieces to adjust so that we reach again our full potential and give rise to bold thoughts and new, interesting and achievable ideas?

One of the most important "pieces" that you have to adjust to achieve your potential is the ability to change what prevents you from being yourself under the trend of excessive thought based on innovative research and reflection.

Another piece is distancing from the sublime that comes from nowhere – which floods your brain with images, moods and sensations beyond your personality. Or it could be approaching a status of master masterpiece that have the ambition of a masterpiece, but not of a job well done.

Do you feel an interest for the phenomenon of maintaining your leadership potential at full capacity? Do you carefully follow your leadership development? If your potential would suffer a "failure", could you adjust that key-component to certain parameters, to make it "tick" again?

Any type of leadership we would practice, no matter how well regulated, it will suffer small changes over time due to factors not initially taken into account or for reasons beyond us. Therefore, it requires permanent review (of each strategy and adaptation to new conditions imposed, as well as to constraints that arise). A leader must prove malleability, flexibility, adaptability and possess extensive and varied knowledge to put his leadership in the balance position.

Leadership: What makes you animated by the pursuit of self-improvement as to avoid fleeing in a comfortable sleep?

Just as clocks, inspiration gives us the strength lost by its oscillations. Inspiration is the mechanism linking strategies that we build and their practical realization. Our leadership will be adjusted with absolute precision if, occasionally, we make a slight adjustment of the way we perceive things and the way we address and fix each "failure" that may occur. And if we let inspiration wear itself, all the wheels of the subconscious that provide us with solutions will be damaged, as well.

American writer Frank Tibolt said with conviction: "Action always generates inspiration".

If we are passive and seek refuge in a comfortable inactivity, it is possible for the wheels that put in motion our ability of thought and innovation to rust and for us to remain behind. Therefore, at any time, we must be willing to become as good, creative and professional as possible. If we do this and we are willing to leave our comfort zone, we will be able to always function at full capacity.

The aspiration to self-improvement is a creative expression around what you want from the future, which turns into a new reality or a better one, according to the selection of a "song" that makes you more energetic. It is impossible to possess the sense of an existence based on results and performance if you fight your own interiority, with no other constraint than that of the authenticity of a "piece."

The psychology behind leadership is based on the potential of capitalizing extra-attention on the components of the clock, which matches the set of rules designed to determine how to form a new theory of knowledge.

The wheels inside the leadership mechanism are the sure means that propel your forward. As a leader, you must ensure that all the wheels of your potential are greased together even in normal operating conditions, you must always make sure that they meet certain parameters – for them not to block. Therefore, your entire leadership mechanism will work continuously, without creaking or stop.

Always maintain your leadership in balance, showing your best interest to the "maintenance service" of your potential at full capacity.


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