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Things Have Changed (I)

On August 31, 2015, in Successful Leadership, by Neculai Fantanaru

Develop your identity by reaching the freedom of to be, thinking about what you care about even if the things change.

Suddenly, a particular disturbance of the self, it had developed during a new cycle of production of a virtue place in performing that deafening dialogue, which almost marked my destiny. Between two distinct perspectives: one of a dizzying height, and one of a fictional character over some real events that must be overcome. Everything seemed puzzling. I noted with amazement that I came closer to the place that I left. "This place ain't doing me any good".

I do not want to say absurd or surprising things coming from my own interior, just as a writer does, when he is inspired by a strong sense of identity, and reveals it secretly throughout the novel, as a response given to his philosophical position. But rather, I want to see how they manifest on their own, these things that just are supposed to be, and are expressed only through the forms of art, when the place at which I program my existence, acquiring a certain epistemic appreciation, becomes endowed with reason and significance. "I'm locked in tight, I'm out of range".

The man, this rigid circuit to pass through by the knowledge being in a field of ruling forces, this proactive soul served by the reproductive organs of a boundless bliss, that nothing can pick it off, like a weed in the way of destiny, had passed once through a dark tunnel, being prone to a form of protest, "I used to care, but things have changed".

Slowly, it has been established a dialogue between what simply happens outside my will and what I was thinking about me as being someone else, from where I could inspire myself with confidence. A dialogue, whose resort and guide was my own freedom of to be, to give account only to the reason on which is relied that disposal of the ability to create a new profile, just as it happens when a writer is looking to integrate his vision of the world in a novel full of suspense. I was, as they say: "A worried man with a worried mind."

Leadership: Do you intensify your attempts to control instincts and inclinations towards a certain reason, as being true cornerstones on building a "now" of which to be proud?

The identity that you develop by reaching the freedom of to be, by making from leadership a connection between knowledge, vision and the will to create a new life experience - all of them focused toward a suitable place in which to find refuge, eliminates those changes in thinking which do not have considerable impact on the direction that you want to print to your change and philosophy.

The best leaders are intensifying their attempts to control instincts and inclinations towards a ration of type "think about what you care about, even if the things change" one that pretends to bring a good feeling. Instincts and inclinations, carriers of some deep past feelings in ulterior times and a superior capacity of processing of everything that defines these artisans of change, including both the quality, but also defects, are true cornerstones on building a "now" of which they can be proud.

By fact that you manage to think of you as being someone else, from where you can inspire with confidence in a time of searching, recovering, and self-reconciliation, you can live your life as required by the categorical imperative of change.

But being someone else requires a high price. It means to give account to the reason on which is relied that disposal of the will to create a new profile of the perception to self-correct through the consumption of experiences that marks you in depth.

The perception, as someone stated on the web, represents a big leap in knowledge that depends on how you select, organize and interpret information intercepted from the external environment. In leadership, to create a new profile of perception is equivalent to investing in yourself everything that you find out behind you, in your past, through the efforts to overcome some states or through the efforts to maintain your status quo.

"Now" must be the stage where you recognize yourself as belonging to an absolutely new vision of existence and reality that will facilitate the discovery of your meaning from the perspective of an openness to the need of being someone else.

This vision includes the dimension of things that make you proud of yourself and differentiate you from the rest of the world.

Things Have Changed emphasizes that power of the change, the impulse that you need in order to become someone else, thereby establishing what distinguishes a self-centered thinking and a thinking focused on account of some events that must be overcome.

It depends on you how you value your opportunities to exploit the synergies between these two thinking so that to get an identity to represent you as a grander version of your Self.

* Note: Bob Dylan - Things Have Changed


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