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Thoughts In The Corners Of Memory (II)

On July 02, 2022
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Leadership sX-Experience by Neculai Fantanaru

It's one thing to sing from the "pain" of a general trend, it's quite another to know how to make art ... even from a grain of sand !

Perfection is the secret geometry of form and background, in no case a color thrown at random.

The one who stands is always overtaken by the one who steps forward. And the one who takes a giant step forward is always a representative of science.

So few are determined enough and protected by providence to discover the Infinite Perfection, but also what the invisible, the abysmal, the labyrinth of the human condition makes visible, ethical and aesthetic.

There is a level at which, when you reach it, you are no longer interested in small games. You want to play only the big games according to your worth !

While some grow old and disappear into the void, as if they never existed, others rejuvenate and secure their immortality !

If you don't rush to do a certain thing on time, you risk not enjoying the benefits that result from it.

The great revelation of art is to see what everyone else misses !

If we looked carefully at everything that surrounds us, we would realize that we live surrounded by art.

Be a peerless ignoramus, until the universe opens a secret door for you. Enter it without any fear, and then you will understand everything.

Those who maintain the infinite, and those who do not know the secrets of the infinite. Eternal life in the universe. A universe well integrated into all universes.

"The only way to educate a real man is to give him the opportunity to seek, work and provide for himself what is necessary." Tagore, Rabindranath

Following an inner call is the revelation of a God who gave life to man to reflect and support the evolution of his science.

you always have something to learn from such gloomy weather: don't be a cloudy cloud that creeps forward with ill will.

The beginning of a great failure is to appear too soon in the limelight. The fact that you have a glimmer of the moment does not mean that you are a genius, but it is only an encouragement to go in search of a new and pure world.

One of the most important lessons I have learned so far is that you will never learn leadership by reading personal development books. First activate your creativity and personal affirmation function !

God is the interface between faith and science. It represents the confidence in accomplishing a goal close to the limit of the impossible, but you must have the discernment to choose the right moment and the right means to achieve it.

This is also a special kind of closeness. Not all at once, whoop, whoop. Approach the right person slowly, without your presence feeling disturbing. Like a cat. That's right. Elegant, unhurried, easy, a little at a time, without elbowing, without stepping on people's feet in this crowd, without insisting...

If the old are getting lost more and more each day, it is because the universe is hastening the time for the young to completely change the mindset of the world.

To be old, so old that you do not recognize your old age, its ignorance and impotence in the face of the laws of chance.

Dream... and never stop dreaming. And the universe will change a whole world, just for you.

The discussion of the concept of art can be concluded with a simple question: what is the perspective starting from the act of creation?

Beauty cannot be anything more than what it was originally given by nature to be.

Among artistic successes whose merits do not belong to us, we must distinguish artistic failures to which we do not pay attention.

Some grow old and die, some grow young and live forever.

You will not gain your freedom in Heaven until you attain perfection on Earth. Big Science is the only way.

You will remain a prisoner of "that's how it was written" until you are able to write your own escape from the book you didn't write.

The real job is learned years after you finish college.

From everything you create try to make a masterpiece, otherwise your creation will remain just a composition without a melodic line.

It's something you feel intuitively, wanting to be a faculty of the soul that knows things before they take any form.

What you experience in front of a mirror makes the mirror effect increase its intensity.

Thinking in agreement with feeling is the framework of a peace of consciousness that makes you forget that time passes.

The word gazer is similar to the gaze of the eye following an image reflected in a mirror.

To rule the word in such a way that it rules a whole world. In the beginning was the word.

Art without the artistic word would have meant a world devoid of sensitivity. You will understand all the secrets of art only when you are able to build your own secrets.

The simplest LEAD for a company that sells dresses: "Think of me the way you think of yourself".

A great soul recognizes its greatness only in front of its double.

The only and most important condition to truly understand art is to be a Creator.

To make art a science, so that the artistic part of your creation opens the key to new emotions, approaches and interpretations.

The great alchemists are those who know how to make Alchemy out of everything.

Great people are the little people who have patiently worked their way to greatness.

Great Science is only for people who recognize their greatness in the field of creation.

The Great Science can be experienced in the same direct way in which you experience what is related to Creation and the Creator.

Art is the lost symbol of Great Science.

Whoever understands art from the perspective of the creator cancels his condition of being finished.

Art deserves a view of infinity through the beauty of creation of great depth.

Only the one blessed with the gift of practicing a special art, has the power to change a science and push it forward.

Only those who take science to another level can be called knowledgeable, but not omniscient.

Tell me in which direction science has moved because of you, and then we can talk about God.

Art is the intensity with which you perceive an image before translating it into creation.

There are two kinds of people: those who change the world and those who are changed by the world.

A single man can change a whole world, only if he makes that world the organ of a single whole.

Those who want a lot go in the direction where their value is recognized. Those who want little do not have the value that attracts more value.

He who does little understands little.

The beautiful can only be brought out by someone beautiful, with a good soul.

Only those who know are entitled to talk about things that no one knows.

Science is the illustration of greatness in the plane of immortality.

I started writing the first book strictly related to futuristic art. I haven't decided on the title yet. It is a shame that such an advanced science that I have acquired over time is not condensed into a volume that strongly individualizes my experience and talent.

A man can change an entire world only through the power of Great Science.

Even the rain speaks to you in other voices, you just have to understand it.

Great science belongs to the angels, or to those who know how to live forever.

Fire, water, sky and earth are meant to come to the aid of the one who knows how to include them in a single Creation.

Great Science bows to the one who knows how to handle it best.

You meet an old man who all his life did not understand what Creation is, but who identifies with wisdom. Hilarious, isn't it?

Don't think that you will be late somewhere, because no matter how fast you arrive, you will always be too late.

Why stand out in the crowd? Let your heart beat with a state of intense joy... Maybe it's nicer to choose a quiet place, where you can see everyone very well.


When someone suggests "let's write a book together", you instantly realize the level of knowledge of the person concerned.

A true thinker does not need anyone's help to shape a literary work, no matter how laborious it may be. This is because he is aware of his abilities, in which resides an imagination of great originality.

Have you ever heard of a Victor Hugo proposing to Alexandre Dumas to collaborate on the publication of a book, even though they were born in the same year and in the same country and even though they lived only a few streets away from each other?

The great titans never mix their gifts with each other, no matter how close they are.

P.S. When you are made such a tasteless proposal, remind the individual that:



There is no competition in leadership. You have to be so good in one area that everyone else stops comparing themselves to you. Your triumph will be secured without fighting a single battle, without shedding a single drop of blood !

You win precisely because you have no competitors ! You keep your direction forward and all the roads open in front of you without encountering any barriers.

If you are trying to compete with someone, or if there is even one person in the world capable of competing with you, it means that you have not come very far with the science of leadership.

P.S. I was never a violent man. I liked winning without starting a fight.


And I just saw myself with a former university professor. How are you? What other achievements do you have in the field of science?

"Well, nothing..."

My conclusion came instantly: A man who does not change the coordinates of a science from one day to the next, he will never be able to call himself an erudite.

That's why a nation goes downhill, because it has too many teachers and too few scholars !


I do what I do, when you don't know what I do,
And if I keep doing it, without you knowing what I'm doing,
Then I'll keep doing it, because you won't find out what I'm doing anyway.
And doing only what I like,
You not knowing what I like so much,
I'll let you guess why I like doing what I like.
That your heart may smile upon learning the truth: I am what you like me to do,
Even if you don't know that everything I do, I do only for you.


Do not run away from obstacles, they can lead you to success if you know how to avoid them. You either run away from them, or you avoid them, right? However, both options are for weak people. Only the strong overcome any obstacles, but they never avoid them or run away from them. Don’t run away from obstacles, you should know what this means: if you keep saying you practice athletics, well, obstacles are like an athletics test. Many lose the race there. After you run, you have to jump, otherwise, whatever comes your way, you have to face it, you’re sure to end up better in personal confusion. I apologize if the text was difficult to understand, I know for sure what I wanted to convey.

So many people take pride in material wealth, but none move their thinking in the light of science. What they lack is the power of the glorious work that endures forever. We die every day with a little of what we wanted and didn’t succeed, with something of what we read and see that it doesn’t happen to us. Like it or not, we live from books and with the unconditional support of the people around us. Life is like a roulette: you spin it, but surely it knows how many times it spins until it stops.

Every night the darkness repeats, the sun always rises. Nothing changes. Here is the difference. Darkness has its role, if you lived the day you were programmed to. It’s bad when it comes and you don’t have what you want.

Don’t expect the stars to grant your wishes when you want them to. It would mean that God would submit to you completely. I mean, you think you just clap your hands, and immediately God obeys you like Aladdin’s lamp? Do you really think this thinking will pay off? So the stars send you luck when He sees fit, and you have to be on your toes and not miss that moment.

Never forget this: luck comes when God wants it, not when you want it. You will never be in a position to set conditions and terms for the One who controls fate.

But that’s how many people are, angry, arrogant, because their wishes don’t come true exactly when they want them. This is because they put themselves first, and ignore any divine act. Selfishness is the true problem of the world.

Whoever has knowledge, takes science further. He who has no knowledge gets nowhere.

The universe always spiritually binds the truly good in various fields. All heaven and earth come to the aid of him who masters the Great Science better than anyone.

Only artists make art. And you can be an artist in anything you set your mind to, only if you manage to bring everything to the level of art, even to avoid, with intuition, unpleasant situations.

To trust the stars, first seek to understand the science of astrology, the science of navigation, the science of maps, the science of topography, and the connections of cartography with other sciences. Otherwise you will not understand anything.

Some say astrology is not a science. But understanding automatically implies access to science. How can you predict the future if you do not know the movement of the stars in the firmament? Can you talk about something you don’t know? I did not say that everyone understands astrology, but that astrology is not a science. But understanding automatically implies access to science. How can you predict the future if you do not know the movement of the stars in the firmament? Can you talk about something you don’t know?

Whoever trusts in the stars is free to trust in green horses as well, each one chooses how to carry forward the science of tomorrow. You talk about science as if you were in the top ten scientists. Those who are really scientists go and reach high peaks and make discoveries. The simple folk learns more about them when they no longer exist, but they are consecrated. Did I say that one is not free to believe anything? Besides, I addressed only those who think like me, and who approach the process of scientific exploration. Do you explore science while running? Really?

Fortunately for me, I didn’t do ballet, I practiced athletics, I earn my living as a result of this aspect. I admit that I do not consider that I have anything to do with science. For this reason alone, no one measures their watch by how many running steps I take. I remain of the opinion that science is a field not just anyone can get in, and those who get there don’t have time to talk about it morning, noon and night. I think you are missing a detail: I did performance sports, athletics, I work in the field of sports, I spend and have spent a lot of time, I’m the last person you should talk to about this.

Who said that I have to hold conferences about sports here… possibly post my diplomas in the field? The fact that you post the time in which you cover distances does not mean that you are a sportsman. There is a saying: horses also run. Yes, of course. Even the horses take part in riding contests and equestrian competitions. I think they have sport in their blood, something more like people. But every time science does everything. Running well involves how you breathe, at what time and level differences you change the way you breathe, how and when you increase your pace, when and how you move your arms, when and how you lift your knees, how you hydrate, what salts you take to keep warm and cold, how you should go uphill on one terrain or another, when you should increase your pace, when you should step up your rhythm, etc. Otherwise you are not performing at all. There is a science to everything.

As you say, we can keep writing to ourselves. At this rate, someone has to stop us. Please spend some time among performance athletes, and you will see what they talk about all day and all night. You started the topic about sports, it can be seen that you write a lot about your sports life , and in this case how can I be the last person you need to talk to about it? (Especially when you say more than anyone about sports).


The man who possesses superior spiritual power is the one whose science traverses a part of the infinite in the macrocosm.

Whoever contributes to the progress of science constantly finds something new to discover and show. He who has no knowledge discovers nothing and has nothing to show.

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