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Towards His New Night Was One Without End

On October 30, 2016
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Try to induce a significant force necessary to ensure the control of a new direction in life, placing yourself in a mediator position: between the surprises of life and the pressure of an excessive morality.

I had a curious, ruddy need, that dominant to relive my stay alongside the mandatory condition of my creative personality, my essential nature, in a foreign world where communication was very difficult. I seemed deep in total darkness, a darkness of understanding that flew over that part of creation that I considered accessible to all, but which proved to be more and more an obstacle for those who had not invested enough time in the study and practice of Kabbalah.

A new positioning under the sign of respect for the question of the origin of my reserves vis-à-vis superior knowledge was given to me as pure reason, ignored so often by that conviction of the inner reality that makes you believe that you are always in a different situation, and implicitly, in a different place.

And only this knowledge, reflecting the aspiration to what is inadmissible to be known, was prefigurated at the horizon of my expectations piled in a spectacular leap to what the German philosopher Karl Jaspers called Transcendence.

The life of a creator is the sum of knowledge that you sincerely expose in front of a mirror that reflects divine perfection. I had entered an acute phase of existence, in an enigmatic delusion, when I gave up any hope of dedicating myself to taking responsibility for everything that surrounded me. Only in order to follow a "third wave" type of concept that defied life and death, present and future, vigilance and slumber.

And if this mortal world would lay the foundations for certain categories of existence, and if the definition of existence as the basis of things leads to a static view of reality, then perhaps I could put myself in the position of the initiator of a metaphysics of finality between law and nonlaw.

Leadership: Do you commit to overcoming the end of a perspective limitation in a wider context of development through the notion of "role" attributed to a Creator who leaves his imprint of intelligence at all levels of perception of life?

Reader, do you remember what comfort the Count of Monte Cristo sent to that young man, Maximilien, who had entered the darkness of worldly mischief, when one of the fates of destiny made him doubt the goodness of God? Towards his new night was an endless one, fed more forcefully by a saint of bright darkness:

"You do not have to look to the dead, Maximilien, but beyond – showing him the sky. You, child, who still doesn’t know what the promise of a great man is, I have told you twenty times that if you still want death, I'll help you die ! Goodbye ! "

Needless to reproduce the fight against this point of view, an experience of knowledge that cannot secure its borders, valid for determining the orientation towards a given situation that cannot be tested by any admissible evidence. The count was not only a great connoisseur of the problems of the human soul, gaining an increased power over the personality of many people, but he was also a creator of unexpected events, proceeding according to the method of divine perfection, like a magician who, having special powers, can perform all kinds of wonders.

Great knowledge is the attribute of divine perfection that determines the course of events, implying that mystique of transcendence which is nothing but a reinterpretation of the meaning of life. But which is also a joyful experience – the joy of having made a great step, if not even the most important step towards self-becoming, and even the flowering of personality with a vital need: overcoming the end of a limitation of perspective in a broader context of development through the notion of role.

Leadership: Can you bring your creation to the level of impact on events by facilitating the interaction between the moments that trigger emotions and increase the connection to the divine essence?

A creator has the role of bringing his creation to the level of impact on events, so as to facilitate a better interaction between the moments that trigger emotions and increase the connection to the divine essence. Role, in the sense of leadership that honors and disarms, ultimately by promoting the most effective way to influence and direct the process of personality formation, lies in the present convergence condition, where three different realms meet:

A realm of astonishing extremes and contrasts, untouched by the passage of time. A realm of knowledge. And a realm of the deepest emotions, overwhelming by the experiments experienced by the average individual.

A man of superiority is A Destiny and A Merit. One Cause and One Consequence. In most cases, he is placed in a mediator position: between the surprises of life and the pressure of an excessive morality, being the catalyst of the perception of what is condemnable, being the only being with perspectives of detachment from the immediate condition and with the perspective of designing a certain learning in the future.

At the same time, the main part of the role is that conviction of the inner reality that makes you think that you are always in a different situation, implicitly in another place. According to this belief, of course in an era of challenges, the only factor in the development of superiority is to induce the idea that everything outside of you is a reflection of what you have not yet accepted from yourself.

Sometimes, in order to make a transfer of personality, you must first be that part of the personality rejected by the other people, whom they must attach to in time to formulate their own personality theory.

We know that a creator is of divine essence when the immensity of his knowledge reflects on events, so that everything that happens around him is part of an embodiment that takes the place of reality.

But let us not forget that too great an alteration of reality leads to a decrease of morality understood as pure and unalterable ideality, above the accidentality of the condition of Creator.

Towards His New Night Was One Without End suggests man’s desire to know what is unacceptable, unattainable, but whose symbolic intrigue induces a significant force necessary to ensure the control of a new direction in life.

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