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Traveller Towards Infinity

On February 10, 2010, in Top Leadership, by Neculai Fantanaru

Show a strong leadership attitude, by making always a step forward towards greater horizons.

Motivated by daring ideas, brave until the end, vigorous in work, animated by the will to fulfill their dreams, ambitious, tenacious and optimistic, some people have been rushed to unknown destinations - far away and risky. To get where no one has ever gone, to do what they have promised and what no one else has ever managed to do, that being their greatest reward and joy.

That is why, the actions of these bold seekers of new horizons, predestined to fulfill certain missions, fated to impose their stunning visions, will remain eternal. Only those who tenaciously follow their objectives, with an acute sense of time and personal mission, with a lot of conviction and determination, will be able to highlight the most precious qualities and cultivate sympathy among other people.

Leadership: Is the destination you tend towards the infinite that you do not see, but the one that God has sprinkled in you?

Humanity will never forget the great explorer and scientist Fridtjof Nansen, who was always ready to face things with a dose of unimaginable great courage. His accomplishments surpassed any imagination. He was passionate about winter sports. He made himself noticed pretty quickly in the world, the skis bringing him true glory in sports. At only 17 years, he was a champion of Norway.

However, for a man with a powerful will and great ideals, one award, one medal is not enough. As evidence, for 12 years in a row he won all cross-country skiing competitions. He was also a world champion in speed skating.

For a man like Nansen, daring, inventive and adventurous, the sports could not overshadow his other aspirations. Always proving firmness and inspiration, he always set other goals, more and more high, more ambitions, and more difficult to achieve. So, he set another unimaginable record. He was the first who succeeded to cross Greenland by ski, a harsh and an unexplored country at that time. His glory travelled round the globe.

But, as always, his extraordinary merits could not stop him and continued with other high goals. The thirst for adventure gave him no peace. With an unequalled courage, determination and love of life, afterwards, he set another goal, higher, more ambitious, and more difficult to reach: to cross the North Pole. Together with his crew aboard the ship Fram, he succeeded to sail along the coasts of Asia, where the skeptics had foreseen great difficulties. Then, by skis, together with his friend Johansen, he managed to reach the northernmost point that was ever reached. Nansen's great feat became famous for all around the globe once again.

Infinity is the gift given to man by God for the accomplishments that individualize him, by rewarding his efforts with the freedom to rise above his own limits.

Leadership: Can you ensure yourself visibility and greater control while climbing, in the various agreements with the conditions of valorising your potential?

A generally valid protection against the avalanche of favorable initiatives for evolution is the search for more comprehensive interaction patterns with change "from top to bottom"

In other words, it is not enough to rise to what you can become, through the ideals that you continually serve, much more important is how you orient your will while descending.

However, with increased visibility and control when climbing, in various agreements with the terms of valuing your leadership potential, which always asks its ownership of the abilities to explore infinity, in the sense of understanding the monumental, but especially in the sense of a new and different life dynamics, you will open new perspectives to leadership.

This can happen only by individualizing your own experience and through the interpretation of what lies beyond the appearances, beyond the impossible, beyond the current situation. Who are you really and what you can become through the art of showing yourself strong and unstoppable?

If you search for a long time to climb the steps of infinity, you can reach great inner control, keeping aloof from discouragement, so that external factors do not affect you in any way. However, the opposite is also true. But I think that most people are far from "the external independence", but rather attached to that "inner balance" that does not allow them to evolve to the topmost level.

Can you evolve towards your version of "being", which brings you maximum satisfaction and supplement your personal value with new performance elements?

Leadership: Do you establish your starting position in a race with no return, aligning yourself with the following direction of reference: "Infinity is the peak that will always rise in the eyes of those who try to encompass it"?

Nansen was the type of competent and brave leader. He always went further, and further, permanently setting new goals. He never allowed himself to stay inactive, as the rest would have made him even more tired. He became the ambassador of Norway in England; he became noted as professor of oceanography at the Academy of Sciences in Christiania. He became involved in many humanitarian campaigns, such as aiding the Armenian refugees in Turkey, he became Commissioner, he wrote various books, which have travelled round the world, he made a complex study of the maritime currents and movement of the glaciers in the Polar Basin and many more.

Until he was 70 years old, until the very last minute, Nansen always went ahead ! Always forward ! His life can be summarized in an ever-lasting run for his goals, an ever-lasting competition with himself, an endless desire for adventure, and an endless series of goals and hopes apparently impossible to reach.

Someone noted very well once: „Infinity is the peak that will always go higher in the eyes of those who want to encompass it." The people who are very strong connected to a mentality of accomplishments, based on optimism and perseverance, will always be looking for new challenges, for a lifetime. Too bad that life is too short for a long story, isn't it?

A man of great deeds shows his respect for what motivates him inwardly, even if he does not know well where he is heading and what awaits him !

Only a man unyielding in fulfilling his dreams can get where nobody has ever been before. Only a man pushed by huge ambitions, which pulsates energy, can make his way to fame and glory. Only a traveler to infinity is able to start the adventure of his lifetime and always open, until the very last moment, new doors.

Are you such a person? Do you demonstrate a strong attitude in leadership by the commitment that you take, that of always opening new doors to a world that you will discover little by little? Are you are a seeker of new horizons, predestined to fulfill certain missions, fated to impose their absolutely extraordinary visions? Are you distinguishing yourself by the obvious concern that you have towards your time? Where do your achievements stop?

Leadership is the vision from which the greatness of going over a too ambitious distance towards excellence takes shape, in the much too short time that life gives you.

Conclusion: We are all travellers in this life, we have high goals and ideals. Nevertheless, how many of us will be able to permanently open new doors to unknown realms?

Show a strong leadership attitude, by making always a step forward towards greater horizons.


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