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Try To See Leadership As Follows (II)

On March 03, 2009
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Leadership Y4-Titanium by Neculai Fantanaru

Give your leadership that note of harmony it needs in order for it to be convincing.

The famous American actor Henry Fonda once said: “One of the great discoveries that a man makes, one of the great surprises, is to find that he can do what he thought he could not do.” In order to rise to the level of your expectations, you need to discover how you can cultivate an orientation towards performance and progress, that is, to give your leadership that unity, that note of harmony that it needs in order for it to be convincing.

Efforts to adequately demonstrate the most natural proof of continuity in creative activities (which can help increase your professional ability) can be a failure if you do not see an increase in your interest in learning originality and innovation. For the leader must be an artist who has formed the habit of reasoning which he considers relevant in the act of creation, so that what is done by him may acquire the character of a distinct art.

Self-assessment as well as assessment done by other specialists does not help you comprehend the stage of evolution you are at and what you need to do next to achieve your dream performance, what paths you need to follow, what gaps you need to fill and where to insist to increase your value. Therefore, never rely on the recommendations of specialists, and do not seek advice from those who do not appreciate your work.

Harmony is the way in which you like to study and develop on a personal level, so that you can focus on creating the content you want to be transmitted in the coordinates of an art that highlights the strengths of your personality.

Tip: Accept the path of truth, detach yourself from that mentality that does not allow you to look deeper into yourself, that prevents you from conducting a more thorough self-assessment of your own qualities and flaws. Achieving performance involves harmonizing with the requirements of other people (through regulations and laws) – so it is vital to recognize the importance of the activities you perform to meet those requirements.

I say again. Your characteristic features are manifested in your performance. These traits show such a close connection with the actions and decisions that underlie the performance of the duties you have to perform according to the management position in which you have been nominated.

So, traits can’t be independent of your leadership. They fully reflect and harmonize your interests and efforts, the relationships between you and other people, contributing through their functionality, quality, through their positive touch to increase your professional capacity. Just as art is expressed through drawing and color, so is performance through the relationship between you and other people. They are the mirror of their own virtues and are optimized by allocating the most appropriate assessments and self-assessments.

Leadership: What criteria do you need to be guided by so that you can decide on a performance-enhancing model that meets the requirements of the results of the effort to consider yourself “the only person on earth”?

If your positive traits are not highlighted or not directly observable, if they do not match the values ​​and expectations of those around you, if they do not connect in a coherent whole, the effect will be below your expectations. This may lead to a different result than expected. Improper identification or misconfiguration of your own resources and qualities can have unexpected consequences.

Are you the victim of a misinterpretation of reality? I have learned from life that all people want to be fully recognized and accepted for who they are inside, but very few are able to master their inner self in such a way that they can become aware of life. Very few embrace art, creation and spirituality. So, try to find the way to excellence in the art of leadership, without allowing your beliefs to align with a false reality.

For example, if you dial the wrong number, someone other than who you expect will always answer, right? In much the same way, when you don’t measure your value and skill correctly, your performance will follow a different path than the one originally set. Instead of succeeding in building lasting relationships by increasing your own performance, you run the risk of establishing a wrong connection through incorrect or incomplete self-assessment. In this way you become the victim of a misinterpretation of reality – that is, you end up overestimating your value when it in fact is much smaller.

That is why it is necessary to be aware of who you are and to set development priorities. Someone noticed this and rightfully said: “Awareness is the first step toward taking the reins of life in your own hands. It helps you understand yourself and better understand those around you. It teaches you to feel, it gradually teaches you to be creative – that is, a traveler aware of one’s own journey, not just a passenger or bystander in your own life.”

In order to give value to your person, you have to open your own horizons, fully showing your attachment to the interest and willingness to improve your performance.

Try To See Leadership As Follows: everything you do in life is the same as what you have inside you: beliefs, emotions. And what you don’t find inside yourself you won’t find anywhere else. And if you really want something and you can’t find that something within you, then it is useless to look elsewhere.

At the same time, leadership needs first and foremost the greatness that arises from the loneliness with which you have linked throughout your life relationships with the artistic universe and the surrounding nature.

Just as any moral action is aimed at inner happiness, so is the recognition of one’s own abilities and their constant development contributing to the optimization of your personal and professional performance. Never find something impossible. Only the weak see everything as if through a black cloth. As time goes on, the perspective from which you look at things will change. If you strive for excellence then you will make every effort to distance yourself from that reality which is distorted by the limiting perceptions of those who stand in your way.

Many times, your only enemy is yourself.

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