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Two Rivals In The Same Throne

On March 20, 2009
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Leadership Y4-Titanium by Neculai Fantanaru

Learn to manage well yourself by putting your inner strength in the service of values that would not jeopardize your own development.

Kevin Lomax. He has not escaped of the torture moment, but could think freely about what expected him. He knew that nothing was further clarified between him and John Milton, who, indirectly, in unseen ways, chased him, drained him of all moral and spiritual force that protected him, and continually tormented him only to draw him by his side and to integrate him in the game where he was in authority.

However, all it was just an extension, an extension for it is not known how long captivity, of the period of change of his own individuality from a fighting one to keep intact his strong Christian beliefs, even representative I would say, in the one whose motivations embedded greed and thirst for power. Kevin was like condemned to flee, and John Milton to follow him around, and force him to interfere in the destiny of his very strong company, but dubious.

If you watched the movie “The Devil's Advocate (1997) ” then surely you remember the nightmare through which passed Kevin Lomax.

As a result of adverse influences of John Milton and his associates that progressively removed his faith, Kevin was surrounded by a permanent state of tension, anxiety, inside discomfort that was manifested through a mixture of fear, mistrust, insecurity, suspicion carried highs. He was filled with bitterness, of that agony, the pain that comes from the heart, which grinds you and increases more and more therewith the defacement of your own beliefs and values that supports your entire character.

Leadership: Is the result of your decisions the resemblance between “what manifests in sight” and “what is hidden in sight”, with the stipulation that your life experience is enriched by random events that you cannot control?

A man rises by himself and falls all by himself. The balance of your inside universe contributes to the stability of your leadership. To separate yourself from your own values and beliefs because of foreign influences lead to loss of moral power, can even crush you inwardly, and can bring you to the threshold of despair and finally to your spiritual and existential decay.

As someone once said: “What it is not seen it is more important than what is seen, and what it is not said it is more important than what it is said.“ What it is not seen it is your conscience that tells you what's wrong and what’s good for you, it lets you create your life as you want it. If your beliefs that supports your entire being are removed, then you will be in conflict with yourself, you will not align anymore with your true values, to what it is important to you, and you will fail.

Leadership: Can you project a picture of the future against the meaningful background of a life that you live by the results of the thinking of others without reconciling yourself?

Kevin Lomax's temporary failure was due to damage to his principles and morality from the moment when he has employed at the strong company led by John Milton. Since then, he has unwittingly entered a competition with his own individuality, between his positive and negative side, a competition in which the trophy could be “Success” or “Failure”

To really reach a high level of the art of leadership, strive to find the first way to trigger that sophisticated mechanism of defense against influences that are not welcomed, which not fully support your ideals, which do not cease in the cause to move away from your ethical principles. Care of your self first, your moral health before finding your way to success.

Find your way to successful performance by protecting yourself from any negative influences that might depart you from the principles of professional ethics, from the healthy concepts and true human values that you've learned. Learn to manage well yourself putting your inner strength in the service of values that would not jeopardize your own development, and that would serve you as a basis for taking the best decisions.

To reconcile with yourself means to see with the eye of the heart what the eye of the mind says, without falling into the trap of one’s own weakness for “pleasure”, in order to become powerless.

How far can you see with the eye of the heart and with the eye of the mind?

Two Rivals In The Same Throne express the idea of a distinction between your two inner forces fighting for supremacy, those forces that make your behaviors and attitudes, and that can lead you to success or to failure. The first force is based on some positive moral values. But, another force, more subtle and more damaging, produces in you an imbalance between your ability to focus on your own individuality and your ability to cope with any attempt that comes your way.

These two forces always compete against each other in order to motivate you or discourage you. Do your best not to hinder the solid values that support your character, not to fall under the influence of negative force. Just as a qualitative screen convinces only with a clear image – in the same way, a strong character convinces only by a clear understanding of his values and beliefs, and an absolute commitment to them.

Conclusion: The battle between “good” and “evil” happens in every one of us. During the lifetime, each one of us is passing through trials in which can triumph “good” or “evil”. It depends on human nature, how deeply are rooted his principles and beliefs, how vulnerable and corruptible he is, for “good” to prevail.

Sometimes this triumph of “good” do not bring you a fulminant rise, do not bring you exorbitant material benefits, but it leaves you to live quietly, at peace with yourself and inwardly satisfied that you do not have contributed to the perpetuation of “evil” in society. So, it is up to you, whether you get a leader or not, to get high or to fall.

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